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Here in the Philippines, we have 3 telecommunications giants namely Smart, Sun Cellular and Globe. For the past years, I’ve been a loyal GLOBE Subscriber. Though, I’ve also encountered problems with this company, but I still prefer them than the others. They have a lot of promos and affordable plans that I’ve been using for many years already. Like for example the SUPERSURF PLAN that I’m using for my online internet connections. I used this GLOBE TATTOO STICK and would subscribe for SUPERSURF200 which lasts for 5 days or sometimes SUPERSURF999 for the whole month. If I don’t have enough money, I’m just contented with SUPERSURF50 for one day internet usage. But, I need to be sure that I don’t watch too much videos on Youtube for it eats up s lot of my load and if I consumed my daily data usage, a notice will pop on my screen […]

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