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FILIPINOS are really fond of watching Korean Novelas or Korean Dramas. I, for one was already hooked to it since 2004. My parents and other members of the family would watch it together on TV or on a Disc Player. It’s been years already, but still we are craving for more awesome stories to share during gatherings and for sure, it will last for a long time, its part of our our system, its our daily routine, so to speak. But only this year that I started to love watching korean dramas ONLINE e.g. drama.net, koreandrama.com, good drama.com, dailymotion etc… Actually, because of “WHEN A MAN FALLS IN LOVE, “, starring Song Seung Hung , a KD which was shown on Philippine Primetime late last year via ABS-CBN and ended early this year. My eagerness to know the ending, a friend abroad suggested me to watch it online and I […]

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