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To those who want to know a little bit of @charmingchel , here are some questions that I’ve answered from a 5 Question Challenge that I’ve participated in another writing site a year ago. Here it goes : 1. What is your favorite television show? A Filipino TV Series entitled “FOREVERMORE”. It’s just a feel good love story, a romantic comedy shot in the beautiful mountains of Cordillera, portrayed by not so famous young artists, but directed by a very talented and blockbuster female director. And the result, it was well-loved and adored by millions of viewers nationwide and it’s one of the toprating TV drama on Primetime Television here in our country. 2. What is your preferred cuisine? Of course, I love Filipino. Everything that is Filipino, specifically Chicken-Pork Adobo, Valenciana (Visayan Style), Pochero and more. 3. What is the worst household chore? I hate to wash clothes eventhough […]

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