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We all thought that if we RENEW our Passport, we will not have a hard time doing so. But, based on my last experience, it’s still the same, as if it’s my first time to apply for it. We have to undergo and encounter the application procedures, same as first timers. We cannot just proceed to the Department of Foreign Affairs and renew our Passport. Here are the following Steps to follow: 1. ONLINE APPOINTMENT – We have to fill-in some forms online. Afterwhich, choose the desired time and date you want to apply/renew your passport. As I’ve noted, it’s a “first come, first serve” selection, the date and time are mostly filled with so many applicants. If so, search for an open and available dates at your convenient time. Submit it. Wait for a notification of your Reference Numbers and a link of your application form at your email […]

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