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My niece, Chloe will be having her JS PROM on the 24th of February. She is a Senior now and last year she had already experienced how it is to join a Grand Ball donning a long gown and dancing in a Cotillion. But before that night, we had a few weeks of preparation as to what gown she’s going to wear. Its color and design, selection of shoes and a whole lot more. We were so excited about this event of a high schooler, for during our time, we had also experienced this and had enjoyed every bit of it. Few days back, My sister and her daughter, Chloe were busy thinking of what design and color of her gown, this time around. They even consulted me (ahem) and asked my opinion. Since, our Miss Universe Pia Wurtzback wore a royal blue gown, for sure most attendees would choose […]

Hello February! It’s like yesterday that we were welcoming the brand New Year with a BANG! Now, it’s the second month of the year…. it’s the “L ♥ V E Month” and every loving couple are looking forward to a sumptuous dinner date come February 14 – Hearts Day! What about you? What’s so special in this month? In our family, we have three members who are celebrating their natal day. 1. Heintje aka Bong – February 11 – He is my gay brother who isn’t with us for more than a decade now. He’s working in the USA as a Ballroom Dance Instructor. He’s been helping the family for many years, but stopped communicating with us, including our parents last year, without any word or explanation. From then on, he never send my parents their allowances. Anyway, despite of everything, we are praying that he’s okay and still blessed. […]

To those who want to know a little bit of @charmingchel , here are some questions that I’ve answered from a 5 Question Challenge that I’ve participated in another writing site a year ago. Here it goes : 1. What is your favorite television show? A Filipino TV Series entitled “FOREVERMORE”. It’s just a feel good love story, a romantic comedy shot in the beautiful mountains of Cordillera, portrayed by not so famous young artists, but directed by a very talented and blockbuster female director. And the result, it was well-loved and adored by millions of viewers nationwide and it’s one of the toprating TV drama on Primetime Television here in our country. 2. What is your preferred cuisine? Of course, I love Filipino. Everything that is Filipino, specifically Chicken-Pork Adobo, Valenciana (Visayan Style), Pochero and more. 3. What is the worst household chore? I hate to wash clothes eventhough […]

After a month of silence, I’m back to continue what I have started in here. This is another phase in my writing journey. This time around, I’m ready to accept more challenges or even opportunities that will come my way, in this new home, together with some familiar and not so familiar bloggers. Moreso, friends in some other writing sites. I just made a short break for myself, to breathe some fresh air, to think a lot of things over, to untangle those negative vibes surrounding me…. and to move on. To all those who have known me all these years in different writing sites like Bubblews, Persona Paper, EliteVisitors/ Best Writers/ World Famous Writers, I would like everyone to know that the biggest storm that came into my life recently was when my dearly beloved husband joined our Creator last October 23, 2015. Yes, he is dead of a […]

INTRODUCTION Few days ago, while checking out some of my old things. Well, getting rid of those who are not anymore useful to me, I happen to find all of my small nursing notebooks… and oh, these were way back  in college and some during my early years as a Registered Nurse wherein I write all of my important nursing notes and daily activities. I’ve  run through some of it’s pages,  to just feel and reminisce those good old days, what had transpired in one particular moment, be it good or bad,  Then, memories came rushing unto my mind that made me smile and let’s just say it, made me a bit teary- eyed. I immediately remembered that I have registered an account in this blog site last week and that I haven’t started or posted my blog yet.  So, the diary that I’ve  written few years back can be shared in here, which of […]

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