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My niece, Chloe will be having her JS PROM on the 24th of February. She is a Senior now and last year she had already experienced how it is to join a Grand Ball donning a long gown and dancing in a Cotillion. But before that night, we had a few weeks of preparation as to what gown she’s going to wear. Its color and design, selection of shoes and a whole lot more. We were so excited about this event of a high schooler, for during our time, we had also experienced this and had enjoyed every bit of it. Few days back, My sister and her daughter, Chloe were busy thinking of what design and color of her gown, this time around. They even consulted me (ahem) and asked my opinion. Since, our Miss Universe Pia Wurtzback wore a royal blue gown, for sure most attendees would choose […]

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