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Hello February! It’s like yesterday that we were welcoming the brand New Year with a BANG! Now, it’s the second month of the year…. it’s the “L ♥ V E Month” and every loving couple are looking forward to a sumptuous dinner date come February 14 – Hearts Day! What about you? What’s so special in this month? In our family, we have three members who are celebrating their natal day. 1. Heintje aka Bong – February 11 – He is my gay brother who isn’t with us for more than a decade now. He’s working in the USA as a Ballroom Dance Instructor. He’s been helping the family for many years, but stopped communicating with us, including our parents last year, without any word or explanation. From then on, he never send my parents their allowances. Anyway, despite of everything, we are praying that he’s okay and still blessed. […]

To those who want to know a little bit of @charmingchel , here are some questions that I’ve answered from a 5 Question Challenge that I’ve participated in another writing site a year ago. Here it goes : 1. What is your favorite television show? A Filipino TV Series entitled “FOREVERMORE”. It’s just a feel good love story, a romantic comedy shot in the beautiful mountains of Cordillera, portrayed by not so famous young artists, but directed by a very talented and blockbuster female director. And the result, it was well-loved and adored by millions of viewers nationwide and it’s one of the toprating TV drama on Primetime Television here in our country. 2. What is your preferred cuisine? Of course, I love Filipino. Everything that is Filipino, specifically Chicken-Pork Adobo, Valenciana (Visayan Style), Pochero and more. 3. What is the worst household chore? I hate to wash clothes eventhough […]

FILIPINOS are really fond of watching Korean Novelas or Korean Dramas. I, for one was already hooked to it since 2004. My parents and other members of the family would watch it together on TV or on a Disc Player. It’s been years already, but still we are craving for more awesome stories to share during gatherings and for sure, it will last for a long time, its part of our our system, its our daily routine, so to speak. But only this year that I started to love watching korean dramas ONLINE e.g.,, good, dailymotion etc… Actually, because of “WHEN A MAN FALLS IN LOVE, “, starring Song Seung Hung , a KD which was shown on Philippine Primetime late last year via ABS-CBN and ended early this year. My eagerness to know the ending, a friend abroad suggested me to watch it online and I […]

It’s far long been the problem of every FILIPINO Subscriber in the entire archipelago. We are spending and paying too much of our internet connection, but we are having this long time difficulty connecting with friends, families, colleagues, new acquaintances all over the globe. Our money is not worth the services they’re rendering us. A lot of inconveniences that we have encountered and suffered all these years. In a hearing of the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce & Entrepreneurship recently, One Philippine Senator voiced out a common concern about unreliable and expensive internet in our country. She shared her frustration about poor internet in her home and office, too. Representatives from PLDT-SMART, GLOBE and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) were there to their defense. According to them, Congestion, oversubscription, physical problem in the space, inadequate infrastructure were noted as common reason why we experience poor services. A lot […]

We all thought that if we RENEW our Passport, we will not have a hard time doing so. But, based on my last experience, it’s still the same, as if it’s my first time to apply for it. We have to undergo and encounter the application procedures, same as first timers. We cannot just proceed to the Department of Foreign Affairs and renew our Passport. Here are the following Steps to follow: 1. ONLINE APPOINTMENT – We have to fill-in some forms online. Afterwhich, choose the desired time and date you want to apply/renew your passport. As I’ve noted, it’s a “first come, first serve” selection, the date and time are mostly filled with so many applicants. If so, search for an open and available dates at your convenient time. Submit it. Wait for a notification of your Reference Numbers and a link of your application form at your email […]

Here in the Philippines, we have 3 telecommunications giants namely Smart, Sun Cellular and Globe. For the past years, I’ve been a loyal GLOBE Subscriber. Though, I’ve also encountered problems with this company, but I still prefer them than the others. They have a lot of promos and affordable plans that I’ve been using for many years already. Like for example the SUPERSURF PLAN that I’m using for my online internet connections. I used this GLOBE TATTOO STICK and would subscribe for SUPERSURF200 which lasts for 5 days or sometimes SUPERSURF999 for the whole month. If I don’t have enough money, I’m just contented with SUPERSURF50 for one day internet usage. But, I need to be sure that I don’t watch too much videos on Youtube for it eats up s lot of my load and if I consumed my daily data usage, a notice will pop on my screen […]

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