Why Nursing?


After high school, I knew already what I wanted, but there’s some instances in our life that we have to choose or decide what is really best for us, whether or not we are happy about it, for the sake of a better future ahead.

To be honest, I took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN, (gave up my dream to be a CPA- Certified Public Accountant or a Teacher), not because I truly like it or passionate about being one heck of a Nurse someday, but because my parents, especially my father wants me to be. He’s so determined and sure that he can afford to send me to Nursing School in a prestigious University in our place. He wants a bright future for me, hopeful that one day, I will be able to work abroad, seek a much greener pasture in the USA, UK, Australia, etc… earn more and be somebody someday.

But, I’m not really into it. I don’t picture myself, being one. I was even afraid of needles, any sharp pointed objects, the smell of the hospital, most of all, seeing blood, wounds, etc…


The main reason why I agreed upon taking up this course? Firstly, I’ll be studying in La Salle – a very known school of Nursing in Bacolod City. Secondly, most of my classmates / batchmates in high school will also take this course, same school at that. Nurses was so in-demand those days, so there’s really a great future ahead…. especially, for those lucky ones, for sure. Lastly, without thinking of it’s predicament, I was damn proud of myself having the opportunity to have this course in a well-known University. I was filled with too excitement that time.

I thought everything was easy. My first year in college was not that tough. My grades were just okay. But, during the time of my Capping, 2nd year, 2nd semester, though I had passed all my subjects in Nursing 101, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, etc… I had to stopped school due to some financial difficulties. Father can’t pay my tuition fee for that semester and so much more expenses coming that time.

=== to be continued ===

Seeing Stars


One night, he was so irritable, very loud and keeps on asking money from me…. again. He’s like Uncle Scrooge, a rich miser. Though, I’ve already gave him the pink pouch full of (fake money, hahaha), he’d told me that it’s not enough and that he wanted more. I told him, I’ll just ask from his wife later when she gets home.

A few minutes after, I found out that he’s urine bag fell on the floor. I kneeled down to attach the string to his bed. When I got up, I was caught unaware and surprised of the force of his fist on my forehead. OMG, it was really very painful. As if “I saw a star” from that sudden blow. I felt some dizziness and heaviness on my head. It was really very painful. I asked him why he did it, he told me that I wasn’t paying attention to him and that his request for money wasn’t fulfilled.

Few years back, he had also punch me at my left arm while we were changing him diapers. Well, not only me who had experienced this, but all of us, his caregivers.

But, we do understand his situation. If he’s in his right mind, he’s a very sweet, caring, lovable old man. He would always tell us to eat on time, gave us something on Christmas Day, a good pay, double pay when it’s a holiday. All those years that I’ve got to serve this person, despite of everything he has done to me, I’d learned to forgive him. I’d learned to love him like part of my family.

I left this patient 5 months before he died. When I learned he already passed away, I was really really very sad. Much as I want to visit him, to pay respect, I was in a far away place.

My experienced working and taking care of this man was really unforgettable and memorable. I would sometimes smile how I was able to deal well with him. I had more good times, than bad, I guess…

Money, money, money….


This same patient, at times had some uncontrollable behavior. It really takes a lot of patience and determination attending to this kind of person.

He would not only shout, got angry with us, his nurses and midwives, but he would sometimes recourse to hitting/punching/jabbing us, if he cannot get what he wanted or if he’s not satisfied of our explanation to him.

One night, he’s asking again money from me. We have this “Play Money”, that we hide on a pink pouch, that everytime he wanted to count it, we will immediately give it to him. His wife and daughters had decided to just provide him this play money, instead of the real ones, coz it’s dirty and it’s bad for him. Good thing he wasn’t aware that we’re giving him the fake ones.

Almost everyday, he’s asking how much money he has on his pink pouch or if his wife or daughters had already left him more money that day. We even had this record book, he called it, his blue book, wherein we put the total amount of money he has on his pouch. And he would really asked us countless of times every shift.

As we were told, we’ll just agree on everything he wanted. He’s a mentally-ill patient. He had a stroke few years back, while I wasn’t there yet and he’s bedridden for years, too. As advised by my other colleagues, we just have to follow him if we want our 12 hours duty run smoothly as possible. And it works, most of the time, if we tolerate all of his conditions, all of his requests.

For if not, you will not be able to concentrate on the things that you still have to do for him. The daily routine care, preparation of medicines and more.

One time, my co-worker told me if I could still stay more longer. Oh Yes, I will… for if not, the door is open for me or for anyone of us. If we want the job, we have to bring more patience upon entering his room. The family is rich, they can hire more healthcare workers to take care of his husband.

As A Private Duty Nurse

Chapter 1

After some years working in the hospital abroad, I’ve decided to go back home in the Philippines to work as a Private Duty Nurse. I have lots of friends who gave me some patient referrals, mostly those who lived in an exclusive subdivision in Makati City.

A co-nurse whom I’ve worked with in another patient gave me this new case, but she warned me if I could handle a mentally-ill patient. He’s bedridden for some years and taking care and managing this fellow needs a lot of patience, determination and skills. I’ve told her that I will give it a try and I was then scheduled for an interview by the wife of the patient. I was accepted immediately and will be working the next day. The pay was so high that I couldn’t resist it. I was offered the amount equivalent to my salary in Saudi Arabia. And we were paid per hour on a daily basis. Oh by the way, this co-Nurse became my sister-in-law after a year.

We were 3 Nurses here, so, I was added as a trainee first and the other 2 Nurses will be the one to evaluate me if I could continue further with this patient. We have also 2 midwives who serves as our assistant. So, 1 nurse and 1 midwife in a 12 hour-shift.

The first few days, it was really very hard and tiresome. But, I was challenged. Sometimes he’s so noisy, always shouting and calling each of his daughters at the top of his voice, asking for money. There were times that he’s so obedient and he will just follow us without any complaints and there were also times that he’s just mumbling some words, we couldn’t decipher what he wants to convey to us.

Routine daily care was tough because we have to lift him from his bed to the bathroom. Me and my assistant and a driver were the ones who did this daily. He cannot defecate by himself, so it’s the Nurse who will stimulate the rectum, by inserting 1-2 fingers unto the rectum, so that he will be able to pass out stool. There are times that he’s so uncooperative that it would take too long for us to finish our job.

==== to be continued ====

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