Bad drivers

Driving on Indian roads is not the easiest and bad drivers are many - here are some snippets from my [...]

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Horror house at the mall

The Marina Mall in Chennai has a Horror house which by itself is not very impressive or scary. What is interesting is that the toilets are located right next to it. They seem [...]

Mysore Palace – the splendour!

I recently visited Mysore and spent some time at the Mysore Palace. The first night, I was lucky to see the brilliant Mysore Palace lighting which is grand and [...]

Android core apps draining battery – resolution

On my Google Nexus 5 which was 2 years old, I found that Android Core apps was draining battery and also slowing the system. It used to take up up to 75% battery life within 6 [...]

Lessons from FIFA world cup football, 2018

All this world cup football watching finally influenced my life. I was walking down the road and a person brushed past me. As he apologised, I threw myself to the ground, did [...]


After trying and failing multiple times , my little garden patch has finally yielded some brinjals. Brinjals are also called [...]

Can you sing?

Does this quote apply to you? Just because I can't sing doesn't mean. I won't [...]

How parenting has changed!

This picture depicts how parenting has changed over the [...]

iPhone poll!

Try this fun poll on Twitter. What will the next iPhone be called - is it iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhone 64 or iPhone [...]

Name the city

Another puzzle from the Competitions by Ross [...]

Shape puzzle

I have posted this as part of the Competitions by Ross group [...]
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