Lessons from FIFA world cup football, 2018

All this world cup football watching finally influenced my life. I was walking down the road and a person brushed past me. As he apologised, I threw myself to the ground, did a double flip, rolled around clutching my knees and looked for the referee. #WorldCup #football #funny All this world cup football watching finally […]


After trying and failing multiple times , my little garden patch has finally yielded some brinjals. Brinjals are also called eggplants. .

Can you sing?

Does this quote apply to you? Just because I can’t sing doesn’t mean. I won’t wing! Just because I can't sing does not mean I won't sing. Retweet if this is you!! #singing #Philosophy pic.twitter.com/Laa7NoY7pJ — Cerebral Synapse (@cerebralsynapse) October 7, 2017  

How parenting has changed!

This picture depicts how parenting has changed over the years.

iPhone poll!

Try this fun poll on Twitter. What will the next iPhone be called – is it iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhone 64 or iPhone Y? The next iPhone to be released in 2018 will be called what? #iPhone #iPhoneX #iphonelaunch — Cerebral Synapse (@cerebralsynapse) September 21, 2017

Name the city

Another puzzle from the Competitions by Ross group.

Shape puzzle

I have posted this as part of the Competitions by Ross group here: https://blogjob.com/groups/competitions-by-ross-win-points/ https://blogjob.com/groups/competitions-by-ross-win-points/

Whats the name?

I saw the above riddle on Facebook and have posted it in the Competitions by Ross group. Cindy has 5 kids. The first kid name is jan. the second kid name is feb. the third kid name is March. The fourth kid name is April. What is the name of the fifth kid. READ CAREFULLY […]

Oscar hosts list by year

Hosting the Oscars is not easy and its a miracle that the academy can even come to a consensus on which person(s) should host it each year. Add to that the need for an element of suspense and exhaustive scripts, entertainment and possibly a social message. Bob Hope probably holds the record for hosting the […]

The Plank

An incident from many years ago that I blogged about. I left in the morning┬átoday to pick up B from the Railway station. As usual I cringed every time I hit a bump. I stared aghast as I found a few depressions, holes and cracks on the road that had been filled hastily with big […]

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