Unexpected gift from a Friend :)

Every Friday, I always visit my university to meet the members of the organization that I am part of. I am part of the organization for more than 5 years now. From being a student to a mature young professional now, I am still proud to be part of the organization named LIFEBOX.- preparing students for LIFE. Since I am a young professional now, I am helping the organization through meeting the members and checking them if they are okay with their studies.

Last Friday, there was this one student that I have to talk because I am her “life coach”. After a month of being busy from her school activities, finally we’ve met. I hugged her right away and gave her a cake for her snacks and I saw her that she was hiding something behind her. I was really surprised because she gave me a card.That was an unexpected gift from a friend. I was really happy reading the message from the card. One of my love languages is words. So I really appreciate her gift. Most of all I found it so sweet because the card is not something that she bought but she really made it for me.

I always thank God because I am surrounded with the right people- God- fearing people and loving people .:)

I hope that you have your sweet friends too 🙂



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