New Journey with You :)

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I woke up amazed by Your glory

Happy to know that you already wrote my story

Story about my life that I don’t have to worry

Thank you for calling me your own fully


Amazing, awesome is your love

I want to shout your name and to you I come

I am blessed yesterday, today and beyond

You are so sweet and I know you are not far

My heart must be steady

While waiting for you, I must be ready

Because you are my Heavenly Father and this is reality

With you, I am starting my new journey 🙂

An Adventure :)

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Yesterday was an adventure. After work, we (my friends and colleague) decided to go to the mall (SM Cebu). I have to buy another shoes because something happened ( I was not able to choose right away. Upon choosing, I was practical. Then I chose the “duralite” product. I was smiling the time that we went out from the mall but suddenly while looking for a jeepney, “ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” was my expression. Because the road was like a parking lot. The cars, jeepney, etc were not moving and if they move, maybe every after 5 mins or 6. The worst was the water rain keeps on touching my skin and don’t want to say goodbye at that moment. I want to put them inside a bottle but I can’t help it. So my colleague/ friend and I decided to just go with the rainfall flow.

After 30 minutes of waiting for an empty jeepney, we decided to walk. Yesssssssssss! Walk. Believe me or not, it was my first time to walk from SM to JY Square. We were walking without complaining. That was the best part. We were just smiling and thought positively. Our journey was like we were in the very depth of the ocean. We were trying to escape using our whole strength without complaining and just enjoyed every single moment of suffering because we know that it was just a challenge.

Before sleeping, I realized that God is teaching me to be more patient in this world. I don’t have to worry because He is with me all throughout my days.

Reminded by this verse from the Bible:

” Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” -Matthew 6:34-

Something so important :)

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September is about to end and my favorite month is fast approaching. October is an important month to me. I don’t want to say the exact detail right now. Maybe I will reveal it at the right time. 🙂

My heart is jumping like a kid and my mind is singing a new song while waiting for October. I know that you are curious of why I am excited for October (don’t worry)

Yeahhhhhhhh.,!! I will just update you soon.:)

Rainbow :)

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A rainbow is a promise
A promise of God
That no matter what happens
He is always with us

After the storms and strong wind
He is always there to give us hope
Hope that will never last
That you can bring ’till eternity

It can gives you a peaceful heart
That will always remind your soul
To always wait and be hopeful
And just steady your heart and smile 🙂

Christmas Songs :)

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Since December is fast approaching, I decided to listen to Christmas songs. I started listening last Saturday. I felt happy and felt the meaning of the songs. I was also reminded the reason why we have to celebrate Christmas day.

My weekend was all about listening and singing Christmas songs. I spent my weekend teaching and playing with the children from the southern part of Cebu. The place is a little bit far from the city. But I always find peace in that place.

Unexpected gift from a Friend :)

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Every Friday, I always visit my university to meet the members of the organization that I am part of. I am part of the organization for more than 5 years now. From being a student to a mature young professional now, I am still proud to be part of the organization named LIFEBOX.- preparing students for LIFE. Since I am a young professional now, I am helping the organization through meeting the members and checking them if they are okay with their studies.

Last Friday, there was this one student that I have to talk because I am her “life coach”. After a month of being busy from her school activities, finally we’ve met. I hugged her right away and gave her a cake for her snacks and I saw her that she was hiding something behind her. I was really surprised because she gave me a card.That was an unexpected gift from a friend. I was really happy reading the message from the card. One of my love languages is words. So I really appreciate her gift. Most of all I found it so sweet because the card is not something that she bought but she really made it for me.

I always thank God because I am surrounded with the right people- God- fearing people and loving people .:)

I hope that you have your sweet friends too 🙂



6-Day- Journey :)

2 Thoughts

I know this is rare
I just want to make this clear
I am doing this without fear
I know that happiness is always near

This is a challenge
I know that something will change
But I must stand still and must nit be shaken
I must not feel alone because I have my own gear

Working six days a week is something new
I know that I am one of those few
I want to do this not just for my family
But most of all, Only for You 🙂

Desert :)

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I was trying to escape
I don’t want Him to see that I was ashamed
I tried to use Him for my own fame
But yet He don’t want me to live insane

I felt the heat of the sun
And my eyes were suffering because of the sand
The sand were like monsters who keeps on attacking me
But still you never left me and until now you are holding my hand

I felt lost like I was in a desert
I tried to call for someone at first
But no other name answered
ONLY YOU- my ever beloved Heavenly Father 🙂

I’m Forever Thankful :)

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Thank you for the unfailing love
Thank you for your kindness
Thank you for the life you gave
Thank you for salvation

Thank you for loving my soul
No one else can give me strength like you do
I sometimes embrace the world
And wanna break the wall on my own

Still you showed me the way
And you don’t want me to go away
I want to be with you because You are the only way
That’s why saying thank you is one of the best things that I can do for you 🙂

Temporary World :)

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We must remember that what we have right now in this world are just temporary and very limited. But I can sense that some people nowadays are living in this world as if it’s forever.

We must always remind ourselves that we are living in this world temporarily. Never embrace and love what the world is offering and can offer. We have to remember that the end is yet to come. We don’t know the exact day, but we have to be prepared for God’s second coming. Yes! Some people found this as a religious thing but for me, this is reality.

Time will come that all of us will go home -HEAVEN ( I am excited for this). While waiting for Him, we have to enjoy His unending love and enjoy how great He is in our lives. So, what are you waiting for? Start inviting God to enter in your life (be serious about this).