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Most young people usually know and have heard how important education is. Majority of the people that have a college education, associates or bachelors education, don’t realize how important experience is until you graduate and start looking for jobs. Even after your hired, then you realize that you don’t have the experience needed to earn Read More

There is typically a huge difference in supplementing income and extra money. Usually when someone supplements their own income they can rely on the income, it’s worth the pay, and even though it’s not their main income it is decent and reliable. Extra money may only pay every couple of months, in small amounts and, Read More

People who don’t have time use virtual assistants – Typically clients or customers are people who don’t have time, within their work week or personal lives. Sometimes the clients want the work for their own work and sometimes the clients want it for personal reasons. People who own their own business, entrepreneurs, and busy managers – A Read More

Freelance writing gigs can be a great way to make some extra money. You could try different forms of freelance writing, upfront writing, fixed prices, submitting your articles to magazines. You could potentially very slowly also achieve published articles to gain something to feature on your resume, cover letter, and linked in account. You might also Read More

Sometimes we have to make a decision to take a step back once in awhile. Anyone with a career, knows that it takes a lot of work. Even certain jobs can take a lot out of you. Sometimes you have to make an executive decision about your career, for many different reasons. Your career might Read More

Customer service oriented jobs are typically difficult and stressful at best. Call centers can be considered customer service related, at best. However, in my honest opinion call centers are by far one of the most stressful and difficult jobs to keep. Not in a way that you might consider health care jobs, but in a Read More

While this might be a little biased since I absolutely love HR, as a career to begin with. I was recently hired as a recruiter, a virtual recruiter.  First of all, you can’t take someone’s hand and walk them through everything all the time. Sometimes you have to just take a deep breath and realize Read More

I started working at Fancy Hands right out of college. After graduating with an Associates in Business Administration, I didn’t really have much experience but a college degree. I babysat, was a child care provider, did surveys, get paid to websites, and that was about it. All I could really put on my resume was Read More

The job is great overall, you get a lot of things that the majority of other jobs don’t offer. You have flexibility in the type of work you achieve each day. You could be filling out data entry spreadsheets, writing articles, blog content writing, market research, market analysis, or other type of work. You also Read More

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