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What are the leading causes of buying used cars?

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Whether new or used cars are best for you?  Getting a new vehicle can be exciting for many people, but the debate about new or used vehicles leaves the drivers confused about which they should buy. However, buying a used car can be a tricky and time-consuming process.

Benefits of buying a new car

•    Depends on the package you have

•    Access to newest and advanced technology

•    More reliable than a used car

•    Buying a new car can give you a special incentive

Benefits of Buying Used

•    Tex and insurance premium are lower than a new car

•    You can get a premium feature at a lower cost

•    You will never face huge depreciation

•    You can get used car according to your budget and requirement

Lower Depreciation

The most significant advantage of buying a new, used car is you will not experience huge depreciation that owners of new cars experience. New cars can lose up to 20% in most countries as the name of depreciation. As you drive off the lot, the value of your car wills 20% down.

In many countries, new cars can be worth down to less than half of the original price after three years. You can avoid this by purchasing old cars.

Insurance cost

Insurance of the car also depends on the overall age of the vehicle. Older and used car are cheaper to insure in most cases. However, before buying a used car, you can also compare the insurance cost of the car.

Longer factory Warranties

As you know, the factory warranties are getting longer and longer, so if you buy a used car which is used only 2 to 3 years, it can often be under factory warranty.

Larger choice

You may not get the customization to build a car to your entire specification, but in a used car, you will also have a broader range of possible choice.

This extra feature in buying old cars takes time to finalize your dream car.

Disadvantages of buying New Car

•    The price of the new vehicle is much more than used car

•    You will pay a huge amount in the form of sales tax

•    You will face huge deprecation

•    You don’t know much about the new models

•    Spare parts cost much more than used car

•    You will pay hidden advertisement charges

However, if you buy a used car then prepare yourself for bargaining, you should also know that what you budget in buying a new car is. So you can estimate the final price by adding all costs and fees in the car price.

Inspect a car before buying it, and never stick to model. You should have flexibility in choosing a used car. If the dealer tells you the price of the vehicle, it means they are saving more than 20% in this car. In other words, you need to be very careful to buy a used car. The dealer and salesman want to earn more. You need to check the new vehicle price and retail price about the car.

Never ignore even a single scratch on your car. This information helps you to negotiate the car’s price. If you don’t have that much knowledge and time to inspect the car and settle the amount you can seek the help of auto buying consultant. These consultants can help you to find a vehicle according to your choice and requirement. Auto buying consultant can help you to inspect the car. They will also help you to documentation and legal work.

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