Behind the Story of Hope


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In the beginning, human beings chose to separate themselves from their loving Creator and go their own way. Hopelessness came into this world. Instead of living with a purpose, people do not know why they are here. We could live in peace and harmony with each other, but we are troubled by hatred, jealousy and hopelessness. That was the outcome of that early decision. But the scariest of all tragedies is our eternal separation from God. Today many people feel their lives are without much hope. But millions of people have found true hope in a relationship with God. How do they do it? First they discovered that they can never live up to God’s requirements. God is holy and he cannot tolerate sin. Then they heard about their chance which is Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. For everything so that we can have peace with God and to have an eternal life.

Out of love, God created for everything from the endless universe to you and me. God created man for a relationship with himself. At that time there were no wars;  there was no injustice, no sickness, and no sin. Man lived in paradise in harmony with his Creator. Then God performed the greatest act of love mankind has ever seen which is Jesus Christ, the Son of God died for our sins. But that was no the end. Jesus rose form the dead conquering death forever.

People who put their trust in Jesus Christ are given eternal life and no longer need to fear death. Jesus’ grave is the only empty grave in the world. That is the greatest hope of all, Jesus is alive and he will come back soon to fetch us to heaven  and to protect those who believe in Him from this evil world full of pains and difficulties.

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