I Am A Silly Helper

IMG_20160802_200702946  Hi Its me Jill. My human Mom says I am a silly little helper. I am barking at the broom and mop. I am making sure the mop and broom does not get her today.  I also ran a circle around the room when she moved the couch making sure no monsters were hiding anywhere. For some reason she has decided that it is a good day to clean and move things around in the front room where my daddy dog and aunts sleep at night.  This is after she left us for a few hours this morning without pay with us very much. Human Mom said she was going yard saleing. I would have liked to see some of the yards for sale. Maybe I would have wanted one. I just know she did not bring any new yards home for me to play in.

But human Mom says it is my fault that she is cleaning and moving that room around today. She was hoping to not do it for a couple of more weeks. I dont know how it is my fault except she says because I got across the gate this afternoon.  IMG_20160810_142715818  Here I am looking over it at her four weeks ago. I am a lot taller now and finally learned to climb jump it. Hopefully soon I will be able to jump it easy like Bunny Mom and join everybody when ever I want too.  But for now I will keep practicing. I ran out with Daddy dog earlier today when human Mom let him out. She did not know I was there because she had me behind the gate. Human Mom says I wont be able to do that when she is finished with the front room. I dont know how moving things is going to stop me. I will show her that it wont.

Human Mom is telling me that it is time to get back to work now. I need to go keep her busy and laughing.

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