I Am A Silly Helper

IMG_20160802_200702946  Hi Its me Jill. My human Mom says I am a silly little helper. I am barking at the broom and mop. I am making sure the mop and broom does not get her today.  I also ran a circle around the room when she moved the couch making sure no monsters were hiding anywhere. For some reason she has decided that it is a good day to clean and move things around in the front room where my daddy dog and aunts sleep at night.  This is after she left us for a few hours this morning without pay with us very much. Human Mom said she was going yard saleing. I would have liked to see some of the yards for sale. Maybe I would have wanted one. I just know she did not bring any new yards home for me to play in.

But human Mom says it is my fault that she is cleaning and moving that room around today. She was hoping to not do it for a couple of more weeks. I dont know how it is my fault except she says because I got across the gate this afternoon.  IMG_20160810_142715818  Here I am looking over it at her four weeks ago. I am a lot taller now and finally learned to climb jump it. Hopefully soon I will be able to jump it easy like Bunny Mom and join everybody when ever I want too.  But for now I will keep practicing. I ran out with Daddy dog earlier today when human Mom let him out. She did not know I was there because she had me behind the gate. Human Mom says I wont be able to do that when she is finished with the front room. I dont know how moving things is going to stop me. I will show her that it wont.

Human Mom is telling me that it is time to get back to work now. I need to go keep her busy and laughing.

I Get To Keep My Daughter

Hi its me Bunny. Mom says she is tired of playing games with all of the people out there. They want something great for nothing anymore. So my daughter Jill is going to stay here with us. My Mom says she never has had any luck arguing with fate. Whatever that means. Mom says it means that for some unknown reason right now Jill is supposed to be part of our family, not someone elses. And Mom is not going to argue it. There was a woman supposed to be wanting to look at her Wednesday. But it is now Thursday and Mom has not heard from the woman. So Mom now says that because of needing to get Jills booster shots the price is going up and she is sure the woman wont want her then. Mom thinks the woman is hoping that if she waits long enough the price will go down and she wont have to take Jill to the vet for some time either. So Mom says a person like that dont need our baby.

Mom got us some new outfits today while she was shopping. Mine and Jills match. IMG_20160901_153028690 IMG_20160901_153231680   Isnt Jill adorable in her zombie patrol outfit? We both said we will keep an eye out for them. I have seen them on t.v.  No way am I letting them eat my family. Mom also got us a couple of new squeaky toys to play with. Of course I am trying to be stingy with them. Jill has to remember that I am the boss. I will share with her later.

Jill is eleven weeks old now and getting very ornery. But I love her anyways. Mom is constantly yelling JILL NO right now it seems. Jill wants to play with everything including shoes and Moms stuffed animals. They do look tempting to me but I know better anymore. But Jill is very smart and already learning what is ours and what is not. She is also now learning to potty outside like a big dog. But she does still make boo boos in the house. Jill also teases the cats a lot. They are starting to get mad at her and smack her on the nose.

Jill will be writing here also in the future. I wanted to introduce her to everyone and show her pretty picture off. She is wonderful and my baby.


Jack and Jill Are Growing

My babies are getting very big now. They are no longer contained in the dog box where I first had them at. So now to get away from them I have to get in one of the chairs or at night I go to bed with Mom and Dad. They have learned how to walk great and are even running very well now. They are starting to wrestle and roll around a lot. Jill likes to bite my human moms toes. Jack likes to crawl under the tv stand to sleep, which means I can not get to him. Bambi and I argue a lot now also. She will not stay away from my babies. Mom keeps telling me that Bambi will not hurt them. And it does seem like she likes them. But I still have trouble trusting her with them. Mom sent us girls outside earlier today then softened some food for the babies. She said they loved it. I was glad to know that as they will not be wanting to nurse as much now that they are eating regular food. The rotten little angels are starting to teeth and bite me. Human mom also got the some toys that she keeps put up when I am in the house. But Jack and Jill tell me that they are very fun to play with. It does look like they like them in the videos that Mom showed me. Here is Jack with his blue toy. Jill has an orange one to play with. Mom says they are like normal kids and try to steal each others toy. You can see Jack sneaking in towards Jill to try to take hers in her video. At least the toys help wear them out so that they sleep a little bit more for me.

2 Weeks Old

IMG_20160704_183621735 Here is a picture of my little girl Jill. Mom and Dad have way to much fun with our names around here. These two puppies are called Jack and Jill. Mom told me a nursery rhyme where the kids are named that. We are all named after cartoon characters.
As you can see they are growing a lot. They have both got their eyes open now. They are also starting to bark and growl when they wrestle around some. They are also being easier on me and not wanting to nurse constantly. I can now stand outside our box and just watch them sometimes. I am also a lot more comfortable about going outside to get some exercise and fresh air for myself now. Mom keeps the windows open when we are out so that I can hear them. I will know right away if they do need me. Mom says Jack is more trusting than Jill right now. Jack likes to lay on his back in her arms and get his belly scratched. Jill prefers to crawl around and try to climb Mom.
Here is a video Mom took of them yesterday. You can see they are very active. Jill has also caught up in size with her brother a lot. Mom said she could not get Jack to kick his leg while she had the camera out. That was why she was scratching him. Usually he starts kicking right away when she does that. In the next couple of weeks they will be starting to eat food like the rest of us do. They will also start romping and playing harder. That is when Mom has the most fun taking pictures and videos of them.
Its time for me to go check on them now. I hope you enjoyed watching them learning to walk as much as I do.

Mom Is Mean Mean Mean

Mom was a very mean person this afternoon. She did not even ask me my opinion. She just told me that we were all going to the vet today. You can bet I let her and Dad hear about it all of the way there. I also tried to get into the front seat and make them turn around a few times. But Mom kept blocking me. To make things worse she had my babies in a cardboard box in the floor of her blazer. I wanted them home safe in our bed. Mom said it is easier to do this to them while they are little babies. She said it hurts them a lot if we wait until they are older. I dont see why they cant keep their tails. Humans are so strange sometimes. It was fun at the vets office at first. The nice guy behind the counter weighed me and said I weigh forty six pounds. That means I have gained four pounds since last year. So when the puppies get older I need to start running more again. But then a lady came out and took my puppies to a different room. They were back there a looong looong time. I was starting to get mad and worried and they finally brought them back out. My poor babies were missing most of their tails. But they did not seem too upset. We were finally able to go back home. On the way home Mom sat in the back with me and let me feed my babies. That gave me a chance to check them over real good. They do seem to be feeling ok. They are eating very well. At one time on the way home Mom took a very tight hold of me. After she let go her and Dad were talking about someone not stopping. All I know is Mom said she was making sure I did not fall hard on my babies. We finally got back home and I was rushing Mom to get us back into the house. I am in a better mood at both Mom and Dad now that my babies are where they belong. Here is new pictures of my poor tailless babies. But they are sleeping like they are comfortable at least. DSCF1500


I Got My Daughter

DSCF1496 I had a very busy Saturday yesterday as you can see. I was busy taking care of these two little darlings. The morning started out with me needing to go to the bathroom a lot. Then I did not feel very good. Mom said if something did not change fast she was going to take me to the doctor. But first she talked me into going out back when she fed George. I started feeling better after I moved around some. Mom said she thinks my little boy, the black puppy was laying wrong inside me. Moving around did get my labor pains going more and I was happy to go back in the house. I am glad Mom knew what would help me. About an hour later I had my son. Then in less than an hour my daughter came along too. That is the blue puppy. Mom says she is already a lot like me when she is not getting her way. She likes to noisily complain about me washing her and moving her around. I dont complain like that, that but Mom says I do. They have been very good little babies so far except for my daughter being mouthy. Mom says my little boys name is Jack Daniels. He will have a home with a man that Dad knows. The man seems nice, I met him last week. She has not decided what to call my daughter yet. I know she will pick a fitting name for her. There will be lots more pictures coming soon. Mom takes a lot and videos too when they start getting around more. I need to go back with my babies now. They eat a lot at this age and are getting hungry again. I will visit more in a few days. Until thn I know they will keep me busy.

Sorry I Have Not Visited

DSCF0453 Hi again. Sorry I have not visited for a few weeks. But as it is getting hotter outside I am getting grumpier. This extra weight that I have put on does not help any. My favorite place to be right now is stretched out on the kitchen floor as it is tile and cooler. I knew better than to do this again. But I thought I wanted more babies to love on. Now I dont. They are making me fat and hot and grumpy. Then Duke still wants to love and kiss on me. YUCK!! He is the cause of all of this. AGAIN!! I swear I have learned my lesson this time. Once these puppies are raised and in new homes I AM NOT falling for his sweet talk again. He will just have to try to find someone else to trick into playing with him.
At least Mom is understanding about how it is making me scared of thunder. Her or Dad cuddle me when it is storming outside. Mom said it is normal for things to affect me differently from normal. But those thunderstorms are very scary right yet. I never did like them much but they are worse now. We had a short one again this evening. Mom let me lay on her lap while she watched t.v. That helped me a lot.
I only have about two more weeks of this. Then my little bundles of misery, err I mean joy will be here. I am getting anxious to see them and cuddle them. That part is lots of fun while they are tiny. But they grow so fast. In just a few weeks they will be ready for new homes and families. I think Mom misses them more than I do when that time comes. But there is little boys and girls out there that deserve a loyal forever friend like I found in Mom and Dad.
Mom has promised to update when the puppies get here if I dont feel like it before then. But here is a picture of last years babies to get you excited too. DSCF1040

Its Thundering AGAIN!!!

DSCF0400 I know where I am sleeping tonight. I plan on being squeezed in between Mom and Dad, at least until that nasty thunder goes away. Mom told me I might as well write here tonight as I am sitting in her lap. She says a forty five pound doberman is not a good lap dog. But since I can fit there I think it is a veery good place for me to be. I cant help it if I am tall enough to kiss Mommy when she is standing up. Mom says I am being more sensitive than normal. She thinks maybe some of it is from me being pregnant. If that is it this is going to be a long month and a half yet to go. At least if we keep getting lots of storms. I hope this one goes away fast and that we dont get anymore. Wait Wait, Where do you think you are going. Mom just wiggled out from under me. That mean Mommy just left me. I CANT BELIEVE THAT SHE DID THAT. Mom just went outside because she forgot to shut the door to the duck pen. Those stupid ducks will be just fine, I am the one that needs Mommy right now. Oh good she is back. That was fast at least. And she seems to be ok too. But I think I am going to go on to bed with Dad because of that. Hopefully he will not get up and leave me even for a couple of minutes. I am sure Mom will join us before too long anyways. That is better. It seems to be getting quieter out there now. But I still plan on sleeping between the two of them tonight. I will protect them from everything else they have to protect me from thunder.

Mommy!!! Daddy!!!!


DSCF0400 A little bit before five this morning I ran to bed yelling for them. The thunder boomers were getting very loud. I hate those things and these ones had very bright flashing lights with them. I thought maybe the sky was exploding and falling down. If it was I wanted to be with my Mommy and Daddy. At first I crawled into bed against Mom and felt better. Mom woke up when I did that and petted me. That made me feel a little better until there was an extra loud thunder boomer and I heard the sky hitting the house. That is when I crawled over Mommy to get between her and Daddy. By this time I was shivering very very hard, Daddy covered me up with the blanket and Mom put her arm over me. That made me feel a lot safer. I stayed there until it got quiet outside. That is when Daddy got up. At first I went with him. But then Mom was still in bed so I went back to bed with her until she gt up. When we did, the sun was shining outside and I could see the sky is still where it belongs. I feel a little silly now about last night. Mom says it is ok. She said it did sound like we might have got some hail with the storm and that is why I thought the sky was falling. I just know it was hitting the roof hard. Since it is so bright and sunny out now, I am going to go play with Duke and my sisters. Mom has promised that she will bring us back in the house if she sees another storm coming. But Mom says it should be nice out for a big part of the day. I hope so, I dont want anymore of those loud thunder boomers.

I Got To Go Run

DSCF0453 This was me at the back door this morning. Mom finally said it was safe for me to go for a longer run. I was so happy. She let me romp all over the back yard by myself today. She even took time to go in the barn with George for a little while. I ran up the side of the pond and romped around while she was in there. I have learned to be careful after I fell into it one time. But when I heard the barn door I knew it was time to check back in with Mom. Mom did not want to take me for a long walk because of the cold wind out there. But she did say I might get to go tomorrow for a longer run and to make sure nothing is trying to sneak on the property. I have not been able to do that for about two weeks now. All those little bad critters are probably starting to think I gave up my territory. I will take care of that real fast and put them on the go again.
Duke DSCF0649 is being a pain yet. I dont want to be all lovey with him anymore. He dont care that I now need to start thinking about the new babies that will be coming. I knew he would be like this again. It just makes me want to bite his face off. I have tried to a couple of times. But he jumps back very quickly. Mom says that being a boy he does not understand. But I think he is just selfish. At least he is not as bad as he was last year.I thought I would have to strangle him then. Mom was right about that, so maybe she is right that he does not understand. As long as he starts obeying my rules again everything will be ok.