Beth Moore’s Breaking Free—Introduction–A Journey of Freedom

This blog is based on a Bible Study I took. It is called Breaking Free written by Beth Moore. At the end of each chapter there are questions relating to the chapter, which I answered. While these are my observations I made about myself throughout the study, I believe they can help people who are struggling in their walk in faith with God.

This is an excellent Bible Study for women from every walk of life and the book and workbook can be purchase at your local Christian bookstore and online.

I hope you enjoy what I have written and hope it helps you as well.

Question 1. What issues hold believers captive and hinder the abundant life God intends?

God let His Son Jesus to live on the earth, minister to many and died of the cross for our sins. In other words He sent His son so the captives were sent free.

While many people believe that the captives are the spiritually lost, even many Christians are in bondage. What makes it worse is many of them do not know that they are prisoners. As Beth Moore states: “A Christian is held captive by anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God planned for him or her” (Moore).

In today’s society, there are many issues that hold Christians captive and hinder the abundant life that God intends for them. These vary from believer to believer, because each individual is unique. Some of these issues include problems with the marriage, financial problems, health issues and social issues. This is just a partial list; there may be thousands throughout the Christian world.

My biggest issue includes money problems. While both my husband and I work full-time jobs, we are constantly struggling between pay check-trying to pay off the bills. When I am worried about a specific payment that I have to make-this week is wondering how I am going to make the final payment to my daughter’s college-I find that I cannot focus as fully on God the way I should.

While I pray to God for guidance and follow his guidelines, I still am bitter. However, I am not angry at God; I am angry at my situation, knowing it is both my fault and my husband’s that we are in this situation in the first place.

Overall my husband is a good man. We have been married for over twenty years. Not once did he ever raise a hand against me. He has also been totally faithful to me. So I cannot complain in that regards. However, as I already mentioned, the financial issues are tearing us apart. When we cannot come to an agreement on what bills to pay, we become strangers living in the same house. There are times when we can be in the same room and we hardly say two sentences to each other. While God tells me to be the Serving Wife, I find this difficult to do. This marriage difficulty also is a major hindrance to living the abundant life.

Question 2. Do you believe Christians can be oppressed by the devil? Why are why not?

We are all imperfect humans, so my answer is yes, we can be oppressed by the devil. He is there to break our Spirit, while God is there to build it up. Take a look at some of the men in the Bible. Noah drank wine and became drunk. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were deceitful. King David slept with a married woman and arranged for her husband to be killed. All these individuals were men of God. However, they were not perfect and allowed themselves to be tempted by the devil.

With our financial issues, I need to control my spending. I am usually good with doing this. When I shop for groceries, I look for bargains on meat and I am not ashamed to use coupons. When I need to get clothes, I have no problem going to the Salvation Army and other thrift stores in my area. However, I sometimes fall victim to shopping just for something that I really do not need but want. I have to some of the blame of the financial problems since I spend money on something when I could have used the same money to pay on a bill.

I also try finding an easy way of paying bills each payday. Satan tempts me to purchase those scratch-off lottery tickets, believing that I will hit it big someday. Well that someday has never come. If I counted up the amount of money I have lost, it probably could equal to about ten percent of our debt.

Question 3. What kinds of shelters do people build up to protect themselves?

Many of us define shelters as a place to hide or find comfort. Some shelters we may be thinking of are the houses we live in. How many of us have a shelter that we call home? Then there are the shelters that protect us from tornadoes and bombs. However, in the Christian world, a shelter is not really a good thing. As Beth Moore states, “instead of cooperating with God and going into a place of freedom, we hide in shelters” (Moore).

A shelter in this sense is something that we build on our own to escape a situation in life without asking God for guidance. While some of us turn to God during trying times, others will respond in a way that God does not intend for you to deal with the problem.

Some of my shelters include daydreaming and using a computer. I daydream by imagining my life is better than what it is. While it does not seem harmful, there are times when I believe in my daydreams more than reality.

I also use the computer a lot to escape. I can go on a site such as Pogo and play games for countless hours. I should be spending that time with God and making any adjustments to deal with the circumstances I am facing.

Question 4. How do shelters turn into strongholds?

When I hear the word stronghold, I think of castles during the medieval times that are protected from the enemies. I can even think of my body as a stronghold where the Holy Spirit protects me from Satan. However, when we use our own means to build a shelter and not by listening to God or obeying him, we are actually allowing Satan to form our shelters into strongholds. While it may seem that these shelters and strongholds are built for our own good, we are actually deceiving ourselves into believing the problems have gone away. In the long run, the problem has not gone away. It has actually increased in size because we rely on our own understanding and not on God’s divine wisdom.


Quotes and questions are taken from Breaking Free by Beth Moore

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