Yes, definitely for both adults and kids. Breakfast us the most important meal to start your day right. Unfortunately, breakfast is often skipped by school age kids and working adults due to various reasons such as overslept, homework to do or last minute appointment.   Disadvantages for skipping breakfast Little did we know that skipping […]

I was looking for fruit juice in the hypermarket today but I gave up the idea of buying any of those NO SUGAR ADDED fruit juice labels on those displayed carton boxes. Without additional sugar added to the natural sweetness they say? I cannot believe those ads. Think carefully, it does not make any sense […]

Pancakes are not plain or tasteless. You just have to use your imagination to whip up a good pancake with assorted mixture of different fruits or vegetables. Shredded potato and carrot strips are filling tubers that give you power pack energy for your breakfast. On Mother’s Day, I had made this Potato and Carrot Pancakes […]

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