It is the 2nd week of mid term school holiday. My boy had been having toasted bread, pancakes and sometimes oatmeal porridge for breakfast for the past week. Today, he requested for something different for a change. Everyone would get bored with the same routine breakfast, right? “How about a nutritious breakfast for a change,” I asked him He said ” Yeah! But what is it?” with a curious eyes blinking at me Yesterday, I had bought a bag of round buns which I had initially intended to make burger buns.     Coincidentally, I found a can of tuna in brine ( in the kitchen cupboard ), cucumber and a couple of red tomatoes in the fridge. Patty burgers are highly MSG and salted, pre-manufactured food isn’t an ideal […]

    I got to admit this, my family is a huge fan of dipping cream crackers into hot beverages. My grandmother ( father’s side) had started this practice. She used to break the cream crackers into halves, dip both pieces into the hot coffee and lift up one piece at a time, slurping and […]

  We had Dim Sum and Steamed Bao buns for a quick breakfast at a new food court near our residential area. Bao and Dim Sum are popular breakfast or tea time snack among the Chinese people in Malaysia and Singapore.   Just in case you aren’t familiar with  Steamed Bao bun, it is a […]

Are you running out of ideas what breakfast to prepare for your love ones in the morning? I used to wake up in the morning with a gloomy face. “What’s for breakfast?” is the first sentence that pops into my mind rather than brewing myself a cup of hot coffee. Bread. Yes, bread is a versatile ingredient that is easy […]

What is a brioche? Frankly speaking, I thought this mini buns are the same as any other burger buns! No, brioche is originally came from France, the French people made this bread with eggs and butter, soft and fluffy when you punch it down, rich and tender buttery taste, unlike the usual plain tasteless burger […]

  Whipping up a healthy breakfast in the morning does not take much time at all. If you want a power pack breakfast, try to wake up 30minutes earlier than the usual time                                 so that you  could prepare a sumptuous breakfast which may take up some preparation time. In order to cut down the hassle of cooking, baking, opt for the quick and easy electrical kitchen  appliances that are available in your kitchen.     Which of the following quick and easy breakfast do you like BEST?? Peanut Butter Toast Mayonnaise Egg Sandwich Sardine Buns Breakfast Cereal (non sugar ) with low fat milk Assorted Pancakes with your favorite jams or drizzle of honey Butter Sugar Toast, Heart Shaped Toast Tuna Sandwich( Replace tuna with ham, sardines-canned, baked salmon, left-over chicken or turkey) Half boiled eggs with a cup of warm tea/coffee Oatmeal with milk, honey, chopped fruits, sultanas, raisins or roasted nuts Vegetable / fruit salads with favorite salad dressing and chopped roast peanuts of your choice 3-in-1 hot beverage with cream crackers ( or your favorite biscuits) Assorted / homemade cookies( baked yesterday) Homemade muffins ( baked yesterday) […]

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