Honey Panna Cotta, one of the delicious sweet dessert that I had found in the menu of a restaurant.   Recently, I found out from Martha Stewart website that Pann Cotta means “cooked cream in Italian language, a custard alike sweet dessert which is popular served in Western and Italian restaurants.   Kids love tasty treat especially sweet dessert such as jellies and custard puddings.   Hence, Honey Panna Cotta became my kids favorite custard pudding dessert instead of the usual jellies.   The best part of this recipe is, it requires 3 ingredients and does not use any water at all. No boiling but quick warming up of milk and gelatin. If you are out of gelatin, you could opt for jelly powder instead.   Honestly, it tasted more alike custard pudding with natural honey, sugarless sweet dessert ideal for everyone in the household. I wouldn’t call it a jelly.   I had made Honey Panna Cotta for my kids since the weather is hot and dry. You should try making this simple sweet dessert for your family to cool off the heat instead of gulping down cans of sodas, right?   Recipe for Honey Panna cotta   Ingredients: 500ml milk 100ml honey 30g gelatin 4 strawberries or kiwi for garnish   Instructions: Warm milk in a saucepan. Do not boil it. Add in gelatin and mix well until gelatin dissolves completely. Add in honey. Stir well. Pour the mixture into 4 jelly moulds .Chill in the fridge until firm. Before serving, remove the Panna Cotta out of the mould with a plastic knife.b Place it on a flat plate. Drizzle honey over the edges and garnish with slices of fresh strawberries beside it.   If you wanted to have a bigger share, pour the mixture into small ceramic cups or bowls. If you prefer other tropical fruits such as banana, mangoes or oranges, have a go! Remember to cover the custard pudding with a lid in order to prevent the surface from drying up.   Copyright allrights reserved and photos by peachpurple  

  Need a healthy breakfast? How about a yummy breakfast made from egg rolls, spicy chicken floss and mashed tuna flakes? This is an awesome ready to make breakfast recipe which I had homemade this morning. Initially, I had bought this at the Lavendar bakery outlet which costed RM3.50 = USD $0.90 ( very expensive […]

It is the 2nd week of mid term school holiday. My boy had been having toasted bread, pancakes and sometimes oatmeal porridge for breakfast for the past week. Today, he requested for something different for a change. Everyone would get bored with the same routine breakfast, right? “How about a nutritious breakfast for a change,” I asked him He said ” Yeah! But what is it?” with a curious eyes blinking at me Yesterday, I had bought a bag of round buns which I had initially intended to make burger buns.     Coincidentally, I found a can of tuna in brine ( in the kitchen cupboard ), cucumber and a couple of red tomatoes in the fridge. Patty burgers are highly MSG and salted, pre-manufactured food isn’t an ideal […]

    I got to admit this, my family is a huge fan of dipping cream crackers into hot beverages. My grandmother ( father’s side) had started this practice. She used to break the cream crackers into halves, dip both pieces into the hot coffee and lift up one piece at a time, slurping and […]

  Today, we had something different the the usual bread toast with coffee or tea. This is one of the Malaysians favorite breakfast and snack recipe, Wet Popiah. Popiah is also known as Spring Roll, a delicate flour based wrapper which you can buy in the supermarket. It usually comes in 2 sizes; large and […]

Yesterday, we went to get our tasks done at Starbucks since the power cut off lasted for 9 solid hours.     Fortunately, there wasn’t many people at Starbucks because this new outlet is located at the outskirts area. We had 4 Starrbucks voucher in hand which we had claimed from the Bcard points collected. […]

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