Long Breakfast: 2 Feet Hotdog Bun

Yesterday night, I  had went to Jusco for this month grocery shopping .

I decided to stop by to buy  at the bakery shop since the 30% offer had started after 8pm.

I usually purchase  discount buns and breads for the next morning breakfast. Hence, I don’t have to busy myself in the kitchen after a day of grocery shopping.

There was a tray of  2 feet long hotdog bun for RM2.80 ( USD $0.87) each. 

2 slices of hotdogs cut into horizontal halves, some mixed vegetables embedded inside the bun, mayonnaise sprinkle on top, I simply had to buy this bun or else I would regret later!

It is hard to resist such offer and GOSH!

 You should have seen the length of the hotdog!



As you can see from this picture, it is actually a 2 feet long bun, garnished with lots of melted cheese and dried herbs which I believed it was oregano.

Actually, the bun was baked with sprinkled grated cheese and hotdog laid in the middle of the bun, you cannot see from the surface.

I think the cheese was added in while the oven was turn off and the oregano was sprinkled on top before serving. 

There were 20 pieces of hotdog buns on the display shelves when I took 4 buns/

One for me and the other for my kiddo while the other two , I am going planning to heat up in the oven for tomorrow’s breakfast.

By the time I had made my payment at the cashier, I took a glimpse of the shelve and guess what?

There were 2 pieces left, broken into halves. 16 of them were bought off the shelves in minutes.

What a fantastic sale for the bakery outlet! The owner is earning huge profit by offering 30% discount daily.

We had a break at the Jusco food court. 

Bought a cup of milk tea, sat down and chomp down our 1st hotdog with satisfaction! 

This hotdog bun was a REAL treat for both of us after 2 hours of grocery shopping.

If you could bake this 2 feet hotdog, I will buy from you!


CHOW and Cheers!

 Copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

photo: peachpurple

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