Today’s Breakfast: Brioche With Kaya Cream

brioche kaya cream

brioche kaya cream by peachpurple

What is a brioche?

Frankly speaking, I thought this mini buns are the same as any other burger buns!

No, brioche is originally came from France, the French people made this bread with eggs and butter, soft and fluffy when you punch it down, rich and tender buttery taste, unlike the usual plain tasteless burger buns.

Making Brioche with Kaya And Cream I really wanted to make this Brioche for a long time. Seeing those Western restaurant serving Brioche for breakfast looks so classic and high class to me. You can either make your own Brioche but I would rather cut down the hassle, waiting for the bread to rise is an agony for me.

Hence, I bought a bag of Brioche from the bakery shop, not expensive and prepare the Kaya with cream fillings for today’s breakfast.

With a teapot of hot tea and mini tea cups, I had made a “High Class” Brioche breakfast which made our morning meal a little different from usual.

Quick and easy to prepare, simply delicious and would definitely make another Brioche breakfast again.


Here is the simple recipe for Brioche With Kaya and cream


½ tub whipping cream

5 brioche buns ( buy at bakery shops or use the normal mini buns )

½ jar Egg Kaya ( The brown one or the green one )


Handmade Pandan Green Kaya- by peachpurple

Handmade Pandan Green Kaya- by peachpurple



  1. Whip cream consistently sing a hand held whisk until it forms a high peak. Set aside.
  2. Cut off the top of brioche and save it.
  3. Dig out a little bread from the top of brioche. Finn it with a tsp of KAYA and some whipped cream.
  4. Cover back the top of the cut off caps.
  5. Serve with hot tea or coffee.
  6. Yield: 4-5 persons


What’s the different with the cream found in supermarket?

Whipping cream- Less fat, suitable for adding sauces and desserts.

Single cream: Usually used for pouring and adding to sauces or soups.


Have you ever tried Brioche? What is your favorite fillings?

Do share with me your recipes. I would love to learn from yours.

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  1. This sounds fantastic! I will be bookmarking this to show my wife later. If we make it, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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