I didn’t know that mashed sweet potatoes could add into pancakes!  I did it today and the results were awesome!         This is a wonderful pancake combination, sweet potatoes with grated coconut. Coconut fragrance with sweet tasting pancakes, my kids were the first to try out this pancakes this morning.     Gonna make some tomorrow since I had some left over pancake batter. Btw, if you are out of coconut milk, replace it with powder milk mix with warm water or fresh milk.   Remember to boil the sweet potato with the skin ( for nutrients) and then, peel the skin, mashed them with the back of a fork.   Let me know how your pancakes turn out. Mine was thin, crispy and smashing good!       Sweet Potato & Coconut Pancake Recipe   Ingredients: 130g plain flour 80g tapioca flour ½ tsp baking soda 1 egg ( beaten ) 4 tbsp sugar 200ml thick coconut milk ( or fresh milk) 300ml water (warm) 400g sweet potato (boiled, peeled, mashed) 80g grated coconut ( desiccated coconut will do)           Method: Sift flours in a big mixing bowl. Add in everything except the grated coconut.   Mix well, make sure all ingredients are well blended. Sieve the batter through a strainer.    If the sweet potato is lumpy, use the spoon to mash and scrap through the strainer. Definitely works!   Now that you have a fine pancake batter, add in grated coconut and mix well. Heat up a pan with a little butter.   […]

Honey Panna Cotta, one of the delicious sweet dessert that I had found in the menu of a restaurant.   Recently, I found out from Martha Stewart website that Pann Cotta means “cooked cream in Italian language, a custard alike sweet dessert which is popular served in Western and Italian restaurants.   Kids love tasty treat especially sweet dessert such as jellies and custard puddings.   Hence, Honey Panna Cotta became my kids favorite custard pudding dessert instead of the usual jellies.   The best part of this recipe is, it requires 3 ingredients and does not use any water at all. No boiling but quick warming up of milk and gelatin. If you are out of gelatin, you could opt for jelly powder instead.   Honestly, it tasted more alike custard pudding with natural honey, sugarless sweet dessert ideal for everyone in the household. I wouldn’t call it a jelly.   I had made Honey Panna Cotta for my kids since the weather is hot and dry. You should try making this simple sweet dessert for your family to cool off the heat instead of gulping down cans of sodas, right?   Recipe for Honey Panna cotta   Ingredients: 500ml milk 100ml honey 30g gelatin 4 strawberries or kiwi for garnish   Instructions: Warm milk in a saucepan. Do not boil it. Add in gelatin and mix well until gelatin dissolves completely. Add in honey. Stir well. Pour the mixture into 4 jelly moulds .Chill in the fridge until firm. Before serving, remove the Panna Cotta out of the mould with a plastic knife.b Place it on a flat plate. Drizzle honey over the edges and garnish with slices of fresh strawberries beside it.   If you wanted to have a bigger share, pour the mixture into small ceramic cups or bowls. If you prefer other tropical fruits such as banana, mangoes or oranges, have a go! Remember to cover the custard pudding with a lid in order to prevent the surface from drying up.   Copyright allrights reserved and photos by peachpurple  

  Need a healthy breakfast? How about a yummy breakfast made from egg rolls, spicy chicken floss and mashed tuna flakes? This is an awesome ready to make breakfast recipe which I had homemade this morning. Initially, I had bought this at the Lavendar bakery outlet which costed RM3.50 = USD $0.90 ( very expensive […]

It is the 2nd week of mid term school holiday. My boy had been having toasted bread, pancakes and sometimes oatmeal porridge for breakfast for the past week. Today, he requested for something different for a change. Everyone would get bored with the same routine breakfast, right? “How about a nutritious breakfast for a change,” I asked him He said ” Yeah! But what is it?” with a curious eyes blinking at me Yesterday, I had bought a bag of round buns which I had initially intended to make burger buns.     Coincidentally, I found a can of tuna in brine ( in the kitchen cupboard ), cucumber and a couple of red tomatoes in the fridge. Patty burgers are highly MSG and salted, pre-manufactured food isn’t an ideal […]

    I got to admit this, my family is a huge fan of dipping cream crackers into hot beverages. My grandmother ( father’s side) had started this practice. She used to break the cream crackers into halves, dip both pieces into the hot coffee and lift up one piece at a time, slurping and […]

  Today, we had something different the the usual bread toast with coffee or tea. This is one of the Malaysians favorite breakfast and snack recipe, Wet Popiah. Popiah is also known as Spring Roll, a delicate flour based wrapper which you can buy in the supermarket. It usually comes in 2 sizes; large and […]

Yesterday, we went to get our tasks done at Starbucks since the power cut off lasted for 9 solid hours.     Fortunately, there wasn’t many people at Starbucks because this new outlet is located at the outskirts area. We had 4 Starrbucks voucher in hand which we had claimed from the Bcard points collected. […]

Good morning to everyone I am having my breakfast now from yesterday’s buns purchase. Bought my favorite Buns, cream cheese and garlic buns at a very low price. There was a 30% off for all assorted buns, breads and pastries on the shelves. Too bad that cakes and muffins were excluded from the offer.   […]

What do you do when you have constipation?   Drink 8 glasses of water daily Consume more fibre food- cereal, muesli, bran, etc Consume more vegetables and fruits Take laxatives Insert enamas into your anus   What if none of them works for you?   My family is prone to having constipation. I agree that we don’t drink 8 glasses of water daily because we drink too much hot beverages such as tea and coffee.   Recently, I found out that sweet potatoes did helped us to induce better bowel movements after we had consumed at least 2 medium sweet potatoes per person.   Sweet potatoes- Japanese type- deep purple in color but with yellowish inner flesh are high in:   There are several ways to consume sweet potatoes but I found that steaming or boiling sweet potatoes are the easiest way out to to them in the shortest time.   These are the step by step instructions how to steam sweet potatoes Soak the sweet potatoes into a basin of water. Use a brush ( new toothbrush or scrub ) to scrub off the dirt on the surface of the sweet potatoes. You may noticed that the purple skin drop off while you scrub, that is a normal process. You need not peel off the purple skin. It is high in fibre when you eat with the skin attached. Sweet potato yellow/ white skin is sticky. Use a kitchen knife to slice off any rotten parts. Cut each sweet potato into halves. This will ensure that it cooks quicker . Place the steamer with water over the gas stove. Gas mark low fire. Steam at least 30 minutes. Use a stainless steel form to poke into them. If it feels easily to poke in, soft, they are ready to consume. If it feels semi-hard, its ok. You can transfer them to the slow cooker and further cook for another 2 hours. Otherwise, further steam for another 20 minutes under high fire.   How do you know the Sweet Potatoes are ready to eat: Sweet potatoes inner flesh should look dark pale yellowish in color. When poked, the flesh should be very soft like mash potato     copyright allrights reserved and photos by peachpurple        

  Quick Breakfast: Hotdog Bread   This is my lazy breakfast for today; Hotdog Bread. It is very easy to prepare, quick and consume less time as I need to prepare breakfast and packed a lunch box for my boy for his recess time, a break time of 10 minutes to chow down his lunch. Recess […]

  We had Dim Sum and Steamed Bao buns for a quick breakfast at a new food court near our residential area. Bao and Dim Sum are popular breakfast or tea time snack among the Chinese people in Malaysia and Singapore.   Just in case you aren’t familiar with  Steamed Bao bun, it is a […]

I was looking for fruit juice in the hypermarket today but I gave up the idea of buying any of those NO SUGAR ADDED fruit juice labels on those displayed carton boxes. Without additional sugar added to the natural sweetness they say? I cannot believe those ads. Think carefully, it does not make any sense […]

  Poop donuts? Would you eat a chocolate poop on the donut? No way! It would be insane! It is not a REAL poop. It’s just Nutella Chocolate that looks similar to a poop.     This afternoon, I was at Tesco, bought a Nutella Doughnut at Big Apple for my snack time. I love Big Apple Donuts, because they are delicious, sweet of course I simple LOVE the generous spread of chopped nuts and chocolates! Each doughnuts cost RM2.50 ( USD$0.57 )       I was about to take my first bite when my hubby said to my son; “Look, your mommy is eating Poop Doughnut!” “Eeeewww! Smelly mommy ! Eating Dog poop!” Bad daddy, although I knew he was just kidding. He just had to say something nasty when I am eating my favorite donut.     Look closely at the above picture… Does the Nutella chocolate REALLY looks similar to a doggie poop? The way it swirl to the tip gives anyone a “bad” impression.   Geez…if you focus your imagination, it does look similar to a dog poop but I don’t care! I took no notice of his ridiculous remark, sunk my teeth into the tasty chocolate doughnut . […]

  My son was craving for donuts today. He requested me to buy some donuts at the Tesco bakery shop for him before he comes back from school. I decided to try my hands on making homemade Potato Donut with a donut cutter I had recently  bought from  Tesco. Donuts are usually made of flour, sugar, milk , butter, egg and yeast. If you want a fluffy spongy donut, it is essential to use high protein flour or super fine flour that has  the additional baking powder and high protein wheat that aids in producing fluffy donuts.   Here is how I did it: Potato Donut Recipe   Ingredients: 180g high protein flour (6.34 ounce) 100g potato flakes (3.52 ounce) 1 tbsp castor sugar a pinch of salt ½ tsp baking powder 11g instant yeast ( 1 packet ) 1 large egg 220ml fresh milk (0,46 pint) 1 tbsp mil powder 30g butter (1.05 ounce)     Method to bake: Combine all ingredient in a cake mixer. Beat with high speed until form a smooth dough. Turn to floured surface knead and roll out, cut out with doughnut cutter. Leave to rise for 30 minutes. Deep fry the doughnuts into preheated oil until cooked and golden in color. Drain well. Sprinkle with castor sugar while hot. (optional) When cool completely, sprinkle with melted chocolate. (optional)   Tips: If you cannot finish these doughnuts in a single day, do chill them in the fridge and heat up in a toaster the  next morning for breakfast.   Do you buy doughnuts? Do you bake doughnuts on your own? […]

Are you running out of ideas what breakfast to prepare for your love ones in the morning? I used to wake up in the morning with a gloomy face. “What’s for breakfast?” is the first sentence that pops into my mind rather than brewing myself a cup of hot coffee. Bread. Yes, bread is a versatile ingredient that is easy […]

Benefits: Sweet potato may look ugly from the outer skin layer surface. Some are reddish or brownish skin with lots of earth on them . This humble tuber is full of beta carotene, similar to carrots and pumpkins. The benefits of consuming sweet potatoes are: it aids to reduce the chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases reduces heart attack, high blood pressure, the top disease that everyone fears. Sweet Potato is a natural anti-oxidant that we could rely on instead of spending money of supplement pills or anti-biotic. It is also an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C for easy bowel movement.   A new snack Recently, I had been purchasing bags of sweet potatoes as there was a price cut which I just can’t miss. Today, I found a new recipe for a warm snack for daytime or supper. It is really a sweet filling yummy snack that you should try You won’t regret trying out  this easy snack which is healthy and cheap. Savory Baked Sweet Potato Recipe Prep time: 10 min Bake time: 30 min Yield: 3-4 person Ingredients: 3 medium sweet potato, boiled and peeled 1 tsp butter 1 tsp chopped onions 2 pieces ham or bacon, minced 1/2  tsp minced ginger salt and pepper 3 tbsp milk chopped spring onions ( garnish )   Method of making: Scrub sweet potato skin, boil in a pot of water until soften.  Peel of skin, mash with the back of a fork and set aside. Heat up frying pan with butter, fry chopped onion until fragrant. Add in minced bacon and ginger. Stir fry for 1-2 min. Add in salt and pepper to taste.  Turn off heat. Heat up oven 180C. Mix mashed potato with cooked ingredients and milk.  Mix well until all ingredients are well combined. Transfer the sweet potato mixture into a heat-proof dish and bake for 30 min. Serve hot with garnish chopped red cherries. You can add chopped raisins or cherries. Super yummy !!! Enjoy! […]

  I had 4 slices of a day old bread left on the shelf. I could not decide whether to turn them into ham sandwiches or mayonnaise egg bread. Too plain and boring for the kids.   Hence, I decided to turn them into Yogurt Bread Pudding for a change. This unique bread has a lot of nutritional value, yet still tastes delicious. It is a quick and easy process that takes around 30 minutes to bake.   I was afraid this Yogurt Bread Pudding may disappoint me but it turned out awesome! I was speechless by the soft texture, spongy bread mixture with yogurt. One of its kind of bread.   How To Bake Yogurt Bread Pudding? This Yogurt Bread Pudding recipe contains the least butter compare to all bread recipes that I had baked. I think 1 teaspoon of butter to spread 4 slices of bread will suffice. In addition, a cup of low fat yogurt is added. Small amount of sugar used. Raisins and optional red cherries to add in the nutritional value. However, 4 eggs are required to induce moist and tender bread pudding. Do not be stingy on the eggs. Insufficient eggs may result to hard and chewy texture. A perfect choice for breakfast idea or teatime dessert that goes well with hot beverages.     Here is the recipe for Healthy Yogurt Bread Pudding ============================= Prepare time: 10 min Baking time: 30 min Ready to serve time: 40 min Yield: 4 persons ============================ Ingredients Needed: 4 slices of a day old bread 1 tsp butter 30g chopped raisins 4 eggs 5 tbs sugar 150g ( 1 cup ) Low fat yogurt- Apricot or Strawberyy taste Optional- chopped red cherries   Step-by-step methods: Preheat oven at 180C Grease bread pan. Trim off bread crust. Spread butter over 4 slices of bread. Cut them into cubes or squares. […]

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