Man these weeks have been busy at the retail job! Well the holiday season is here, so that means more hours at the J.O.B., which also means less time for blogging 🙁

I got some time and energy to get back into the blogging scene tonight for a few updates 🙂

Working my first Black Friday in retail was insane. My shift was to start at 5 o’clock in the morning!! I was surprised I was able to get up on time and get to work on time. I had my fiance drop me off, so I would not have to deal with the black friday traffic, plus we needed to get to the airport right after I was off.

So, I walk in the store a few minutes before 5 A.M, and it was a MESS from the night before. Macy’s was one of the stores that opened on Thanksgiving night, and I guess it was busy, because when I came there were shoes all over the sales floor like it was someone messy bedroom. Ugh, can not believe customers can be so rude to just throw shoes out of their box that they got it from on the ground. Who raised them? That kind of stuff just ticks me off.

Since it was so busy the night before, all the employees went home to get a few hours of sleep, so in the early morning there was not many employees working. The guests were still coming in to shop though! It was like non stop shopping! Lucky for me, I work in the back, and there was plenty of us in the back, but only one sales person. Kind of an ironic thing, since its ALWAYS reverse that. It wasn’t too bad since there was so many of us in the back, so really there wasn’t too much to do. The worst part was dealing with the rude customers throwing things on the floor and complaining about waiting 10 minutes on black friday, kind of ironic if you ask me.

Any ways, that was my black friday experience. I lived! 🙂

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  1. I hear you! My job itself isn’t particularly busy during the holiday season, but because I’m out of school I have to do something productive. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is productive. However, I have to do something productive that is out of the house and more of a traditional job. I will still blog, but when I’m working retail I have to adjust my schedule to fit those requirements over my blogging requirements.

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