How to Activate the LIKE button on my site?

Β All social media sites now has a like button, right? And whenever we see something new or nice, whether it’s a picture or any personal or inspirational thoughts, we are hitting the like button, aren’t we? It feels good when we know someone likes our posts no matter what it is. The good thing is, we can have that button on every articles that we publish in wordpress too.

I tried to activate this button on my sites weeks ago and it feels good when someone likes any posts that I published. I’m happy to read my gmail notification from wordpress about it when someone likes one of my article. It means that they opened and read them. I know you’ll feel the same too once you activate it on your site.

One day, one of the members here noticed the like button on my sites and asked how I was able to activate it. Well, @hara here’s the answer to your question sweetie. I’ll make this easy tutorial for you and for those who wants to get their LIKE button on their sites too. πŸ™‚


Activate like button on your site

How to Activate the LIKE button on my site?


1. First, go to your site and go to your dashboard.

Your site's Dashboard

Β 2. Next, click your jetpack and go to your settings.

Jetpack Settings

3. Then check “LIKE” on the list under Jetpack settings.

Check LIKE on the list

4. Click the box above the list (Bulk Action) then click Activate. Then hit the Apply button.

Activate LIKE button

5. And you’re done! You successfully activated your LIKE button πŸ™‚

Like button successfully activated

How to activate LIKE button on my site?

Uploaded by saori sam on 2016-05-04.

That’s all guys I hope you easily activated your like button on your site with this easy tutorial. Feel free to ask if ever you have a question regarding this. Happy blogging and happy liking guys! Let me know if you have some suggestions too. πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “How to Activate the LIKE button on my site?

  1. I just noticed when I like blogjob articles my personal account appeared, not my blogjob account. I use gmail for my personal blog and yahoo for blogjob. 😊

  2. Good morning Sweetmuffins. I am very happy to accept your friendship request. Your tutorials are fantastic, very well written and illustrated and also informative. As I am a fairly new member, I will access them often enough to start my blogging as soon as I figure out my niche. Have a great day and week.

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