How to create site? (mobile version)


Now that most of us are smartphone users in any part of the globe, I’m going to make an easy step-by-step tutorial for creating sites here in blogjob using smartphone. The interface from desktop is different on mobile phones.

Its been days when somebody asked me to write about the whole steps on creating site here. But due to some personal matter, I wasn’t able to do it in this past few days. But here, after three days of being idle, I think it’s time to write about it now.

This is just an easy tutorial with 3 easy steps for creating sites here in blogjob. Please bear with me coz I don’t have good monitor yet so I hope you can still follow my easy steps on creating site using your smartphone.

Steps on creating site:

3 Special Steps: that’s all you need 🙂

1.First step, click the home button on the upper left side of your phone or tablet and the navigator will slide from left.


2.Second Step, look for the “Create Site” button on the navigator and click it.


3.Third step, You will be redirected to the “Create Site” page. Think of a site title and make it as your site name. Remember you can’t change your site name anymore once it is already created. Enter your site name and title name in small letters for the mean time. You can change it when you’re going to customize it later. 


4.Congratulations! You have registered a new site successfully! Now that you have your new site, start making your first blog before customizing your theme. 


Alright! That’s all folks! Let me know which is not clear for you guys. I think I made these steps easy to understand and easy to follow with these “Three Special Steps: that’s all you need” said OSO lol. Enjoy and happy blogging bloggers!

Stay tuned for my next easy tutorial on how to change your themes.


4 thoughts on “How to create site? (mobile version)

  1. I created my first three sites by clicking that “sites” next to “profile”. But when I created the fourth, the “create a site” was missing so I created it from Dashboard. 😊

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