Got my points back

Got my missing Points back πŸ™‚

Sometimes we can’t avoid making any kind of mistakes in our lives. Just be thankful when it happens and feel great when you know that you were able to learn the lesson from it.

Three days ago, I missed 100 points because I accidentally deleted two of my blogs. If you’re asking how it happened. It’s because I’m using my phone and it responds late sometimes and it hangs.

Before I published my two blogs from my drafts, I only have 15 points because I’m not so active that day because I’m the baby sitter. You know, it’s summer, so my niece is here in our house for her vacation.

Back to the main topic. I started to copy and paste my blogs from my Google Keep to Blogjob’s blog editor and ready to post after editing some words, paragraphs, heading and inserting images. I got 50 points and that’s the normal thing to happen every after hitting the publish button. Then I still did the other tasks from the other tab on my phone. Β I left some comments in other’s posts that I was mentioned and checked my other notifications.

Then I decided to post again my second blog for that day. I was able to edit it and inserted the image for my food related blog then hit the publish button but it’s taking a long time to publish then I knew that my phone issue is back. It hangs again so I waited for it. After few minutes of waiting, I just saw many notifications on my screen that time I still got 50 points but what surprised me is the two -50 on my notifications. See image below. Two of my blogs were deleted. Oh no! Instead of having +50 points, I was deducted another 50 points from my balance. I immediately checked my trash and tried to restore them but I didn’t get my points back.


So I reported this to sheridan same day. Then on the next day, one of my blogs before reset didnt get 50 points again. So I tagged the admin about it and that 50 points was sent to me on the next day and the missing points on the previous day wasnt retreived so I was not expecting to get it anymore. But I still asked if is it like that , that when you restore it, you’re not able to retrieve your points anymore.

But last night, after eating I checked my notifications here and saw the floating notification ,100 Β points for blog post. Yay! I’m so thankful sheridan gave it back. Finally! Next time I will not be clicking my phone when it hangs again. I might be deleting all my blog posts there.


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