Blogjob Minimum Cashout (Updated)

Some facebook users on different groups were asking how much is the minimum cashout here in Blogjob. I keep on telling them before that the minimum cash out is $5 equivalent to 2,000 points which they can normally reach with in 2 weeks. That’s not bad especially when you’ll make blogjob as your pass time only writing article about your travels and foods or point of views or any random thoughts. This is just enough to share those moments here plus you can post it in your own site powered by wordpress. Just create your site and start writing articles and post it there.

Back to our topic, Minimum cash out was already updated lately. I was surprised that the minimum cash out is no longer $5. So, I changed the screenshot from my phone in my previous blog , “Payment Methods in Blogjob”. Because the screenshot before has a minimum cashout of $5 so I need to update it.

Now, What’s the minimum cashout in Blogjob?

Okay, from $5 it’s already $25. The minimum cash out lately is $25 which is equivalent to 5,000 points and can be reached by a newbie from 34 up to 50 days depending on how active you are. Check the image below you can only cash out $25, $50 and $100. See if how much points do you need to have to withdraw your desired amount.

The Higher points you have, the higher points you’ll redeem. You can reach the highest amount for 3 months but it will be worth it.
5000 points = $25
7500 points = $50
10,000 points = $$100


My first reaction before when I joined here were: “I can’t do this”, “I can’t do that”, “I think it’s impossible for me to achieve this” and so on. But after 4 months, I came back, started to be active and willing to learn everything already. So I know what they feel whenever they hear about the payment and the amount to earn for a long time because I already felt that before. So now, I just keep on telling them that it’s still open.

11 thoughts on “Blogjob Minimum Cashout (Updated)

  1. I’m plannng to try my first cash out on blogjob after i pass the 10.000 point, but i know it will take a looong time cause right now i only have 100 daily limit. 😛
    So for now my target is to get extra daily limit points from the social networkers. Let see if i can make it 🙂

    and btw, i love your blog themes, did you active the like button?
    I can’t find it in here 🙂

  2. My comment was lost.
    Okay, this is what I had written earlier, I earned my first $25 after more than a month. Anyone could do it. I even earned more than $1125 already and for sure a lot of people in here are earned more than that since last year.

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