What are the Payment methods in Blogjob?

Many are interested of joining this unique platform. Especially when I introduced this site to other facebook groups. Aside from “What is Blogjob?”, “How to earn there?”. “Are there many Filipinos on that site?”, one of the most frequently asked is the “What are their Payment methods?” question.

Okay, Blogjob pays their members through Paypal and Bitcoins and you can also trade it to some gift cards too that are available here in Blogjob. Plus! Wait for up to 12 hours only for your payments to receive.

Payment Methods

1. Get paid through Paypal
Maybe some of you has a paypal account already. It’s been a payment processor for almost all earning sites. So don’t hesitate to get started here.

2. Get paid through Bitcoins (Coinbase Bitcoin wallet Only)
If you want to encash your money easily without fees, Choose Bitcoin payment. Don’t worry, you can still turn that into Peso guys. You’ll only use Coinbase to receive the payment from blogjob. I’m going to show you how to do that.

First, You’ll need to create a:
a. Coinbase account and
b. Coins.ph account

Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet (Use this to receive your Bitcoin Payments)

You’ll use this in receiving your payments then transfer it to your Coins.ph account. Don’t worry there’s no fee in transferring or sending funds to other bitcoin wallet , any amount. Yey! Just wait for atleast 30 minutes up to one hour for the funds to transfer.

Coins.ph Bitcoin wallet (Use this to convert your received payment into Peso)

After receiving your payments from Coinbase to your Coins.ph, you can already convert it to peso. And you can withdraw it Instantly 24/7. But to be able to use the 24/7 instant withdraw, you need to verify your Coins.ph account with 1 valid ID. If you want to know more about the helpful and best services of Coins.ph, click here.

One thought on “What are the Payment methods in Blogjob?

  1. Coinbase and Coinsph is free. Other Bitcoin Wallet providers charge a very small fee. 👍 I don’t like PayPal fee! So, I will choose Bitcoin to redeem BlogJob rewards in the future.

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