Make a living: Earn While Blogging and Socializing

It’s Summertime here in Philippines!!!

Home based jobs or online jobs are in demand now. Many are looking for these kind of jobs all over the globe, not only in the Philippines. Some of these jobs might be Online Tutoring, Blogging, Reviewing calls, etc. Of course If you’re going to ask for an online job, those that are stated earlier are some of the Real and legit Online jobs that pays. Online Investment is different from online job please don’t get confused with that if you’re asking for earning sites. 🙂

An online job is NOT like giving fake offers and links to get $5/view. What kind of job is that? It’s no good. I just saw that kind of tactics in one of the Facebook groups yesterday. I told them that it’s fake and it’s a scam site so they should not waste their time from it. Then one of the group member asked if I have any kind of online job because many are looking for it. So I shared one earning site for them.

Make a living: Earn While Blogging and Socializing

Blogjob is an earning site which let’s you earn in different ways and pays you for writing articles/blogs, socializing or interacting with other members and sharing articles. Every published blogs, interactions and referred views are equivalent to points as a reward. And points in Blogjob are traded to dollars ($_$) and sent through your Paypal, Bitcoin wallets or can be traded to gift cards.

Earn through Blogging

Before you can publish blogs/articles, you have to create and customize your site in blogjob. They will pay you for writing about your personal experiences, random thoughts, trending topics, travels, ideas, food recipes, hobbies, movie reviews, product reviews, music, health tips, events and anything under the sun.

Earn while Socializing

Blogjob gives you reward points for every interactions and referred views from the links you had shared. Earn from posting or updating your status, changing profile picture, logging in, leaving comments, joining groups, joining forum discussions, adding friends and many more.


This is a fun way of expressing your thoughts and discuss it with other members. And you can also track how many views you have. So if you’re Interested, Join now before they close the registration again.

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