How to start in Blogjob after account approved (Newbie’s Starting Guide)

After transferring to the new server, Blogjob finally opened the registration for new bloggers. Yeah! But lately, they started to change some and one of them is the registration. TO be able to get approved, you need to fill up your profile, and submit resume. If you have joined a blogging site before then that’s great to have the chance to get approved here. Now, If you joined and was able to get your account approved, that’s a great job, Congratulations!!! You’re now ready to start.

My account was approved. What to do now?

Okay, So now that your account was approved, you will notice at the bottom part of your page that you have a daily limit of 100 points. So you can only make a hundred of points per day. You can check the Rewards page for the equivalent points for every task. And I uploaded the screenshot too.


And now, you’re ready to move to the next level. Woohoo! I mean, you’re now ready to:

  • Upload your first Profile picture.
  • Make a shout out or post something on your wall.
  • You can also add new friends or join groups.
  • Join other members in forum discussions and make reading a habit to know what to do and get some ideas there too.
  • Don’t be shy to ask what you don’t know in forums because members here are approachable and willing to help you.
  • You can also visit others’ pages and leave comments.
  • And please don’t forget to check FAQs.

Next, after knowing some of the basics in Blogjob because this can be a part of your daily routine already especia_2lly when you’re starting to love the Blogjob community, you need to create your first Site before you can post your first blog. You don’t have to customize it right away because you can customize it anytime or later after posting your blogs to see how it looks. Then keep sharing your articles.

That’s it! Feel free to ask guys. Good luck!

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