How to cashout in Blogjob (bitcoins)

How to cash out in Blogjob (Bitcoins)

I already wrote about redeeming points here in blogjob through Bitcoins. But this time, I’m going to share these four step-by-step tutorials from redeeming points here in Blogjob to coinbase, coinbase to and to instant cashout through cardless ATM of Security Bank. This will just serve as a guide and I know it is helpful to my kababayan or Pinoy members here and others who want to try redeeming their points through bitcoins. I know some or most of the new members here from bitlanders would love this too. Time to earn for bitcoins again guys 😀

1. How to redeem Points in Blogjob through Bitcoins?

(Blogjob to Coinbase)
You can just click the link below for the full tutorial of redeeming points here.
TAKE NOTE: You should have a COINBASE ACCOUNT. It’s the only bitcoin wallet accepted by Blogjob to send your payments. Just put the email address that you used to create your coinbase account.

How to cash out in Blogjob through bitcoins

I’m already used to receiving bitcoin payments from different earning sites before. But I haven’t tried receiving payment through coinbase yet. I prefer choosing this payment method rather than Paypal because I can transfer it through my bitcoin wallet, account, then withdraw it through a cardless ATM.

2. How to transfer funds from Coinbase to

(Coinbase to

Just click the image below for the full step-by-step tutorial. This will guide you how to transfer funds from your coinbase account to your account.


3. How to withdraw funds to 24/7 egive cash cardless atm (instant)

( to 24/7 egive cash instant withdraw)

Click the image below for the full the steps on withdrawing your funds through 24/7 egive cash instant cash out.



4. How to get your money in Security bank cardless atm. 

(Pick up your money in any Security Bank branch)

And for the last tutorial, just click the image to see the steps on how to get your cash through Security Bank cardless ATM. No need to have an account and no need for any cards. With just few press on the machine, you can already get your cash.


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