Tips to reach 150points at Blogjob Daily




Blogjob is a great site for every writer to invest time and effort to earn points and redeem cash through paypal.

Each newbie daily point limits per day is 150 points.

After you had reached 150 points, whatever tasks done after the daily limit, you will not be entitle any further additional points.

I had read some newbies posted questions at Blogjob Forums on how to earn 150 points but some newbies are not familiar with the rules to earn points here.

Hence, I decided to write this blog to answer every newbie questions.

You can earn 150 points daily, achieving your daily goal with simple steps.

Blogjob Points to earn

  • Every time you log in = 2 points per day, regardless how many times you log out and log in again, it is considered once.
  • Update your wall = 1 point, you can update 10 times per day.
  • Like other writers’ wall=  1 point,  you can like different writers’ wall 5 times per day.
  • Upload your latest avatar (your picture on your profile page) = 1 point, 2 times per week.
  • Each new Comment on blogs= 1 point, 25 times per day.
  • Each group Comment= 1 point , 25 times per day
  • Each Forum comment = 1 point each, 10 times per day.
  • Each Forum Reply = 1 point, 25 times per day.
  • New Blog post with minimum 300 words, = 50 points, up to 3 blogs to reach maximum daily limit 150 points.

Hence in order to reach your daily goal , you could follow these steps that I had implemented daily:

  1. Write 2 blogs per day. Remember to write at least 300 words per blog and use either your own images or free to use images from pixabay.  50 points x 2 = 100 points
  2.  Log in = 2 points
  3. Forum comments. 1 point x 10 = 10 points
  4. Group comment. 1 point x 10 = 10 points
  5. Blog comment. 1 point x 10 = 10 points
  6. Like other writers wall . 1 point x 5 = 5 points
  7. Forum comments . 1 point  x 5 = 5 points 
  8. Forum replies. 1 point x 5 = 5 points
  9. Update your own wall . 1 point x 3 = 3 points

Total up= 150 points, your maximum points limit per day.

If you are lazy to write 2 blogs, you could write 1 blog which you earn 50 points and use the other 50 points commenting on forums, blogs and replies.

That could sum up the same points without much headaches.


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Favorite Blogjob Topics


A writer who writes almost 70% of his articles related to a particular topic shows that he is passionate in that category than any other topic.

Sharing your specialize interest at Blogjob generate a huge viewership where the readers have the similar interest too.


So, what is your favorite Blogjob topic ?

What category do you prefer to read?


My favorites

I have top 3 favorites are:

  • Recipes
  • Kids and Parenting tips
  • How to save or increase Traffic and money related blogs

Passion in Asian recipes

Being a fulltime homemaker, I am keen in learning new recipes which I have not cook or bake before.

Learning from the professional could help me to improve my culinary skill but I prefer those with the accurate ingredient measurements and step by step pictures for me to understand better.


Hence, I look for simpler recipes which I don`t have to figure out how the whole cooking/baking process works even without the step by step pictures. I love to read Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesian style recipes that feature spicy sauces or paste which are unique and exquisite.


Passion in Kids and Parenting Tips

Next, I love to read kids related articles. Being parents is an easy peasy task at all.

I have a college teen and school age kid problems like anyone else.

Reading these Blogjob blogs related to kids, teens and parenting tips helped me to improve myself and solve my kids problems.

It is killing 2 birds with one stone.

Gain more knowledge and get rid of the sickening problems.

Some of the tips provided are practical, wise words to enlighten my backwards opinion , parents that shared their successful parenting skills gave me confidence to implement them without fear.


Another interesting topic I love to read is anything related to:

  • How to increase traffic
  • How to increase earnings
  • How to save money
  • Redeem at what time or day is appropriate


I am still learning from experienced Blogjob writers for their tips and advises how to solve the problems I had faced.


In the past, I used to write 8-9 post per day at other sites in order to increase my daily earning.

It is time-consuming and drained out my energy by the end of the day.

After I had read several useful blogs written by  &rapidblue and &kimdalessandro, related to earning money online issues and saving money which I had been seeking for.

They had enlightened me to use some of their methods which had worked out well at the moment.

My current strategy

Currently, , I write 2 blogs per day, spend more time interacting with other Blogjob members.

After posting 2 blogs, I spend most of my time participating Groups, Forums and reading other writers’ blogs which are my cup of tea.

Some may work out well while some don` t show any improvement at all.

Anyway, it is great to learn new stuff from these wonderful Blogjob writers blogs.

Reading diligently instead of a quick browse do make a huge difference. 

You won` miss out the important points.


What are the topics that catches your attention immediately?

What topic that puts you off ?

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Advantages of being an Online Home Writer



I started to become an online home writer 6 years ago.

My passion of writing started when I had stumbled upon Hubpages, a blogging site where you can earn money from Adsense, Ebay, Amazon and Hub Earning Program.

I wanted to learn how to bake cookies from scratch, so I found delicious cookie recipes at Hubpages.

Then, I learned that I could earn money too by posting my own recipes online.

That is how I indulged myself into writing recipes, posting them at Hubpages and other sites to attract traffic and earn money too.

Working online is the same as being your own boss in your writing world.

You make money from your writings or drawings.

You share your passion or interest online, getting response from international readers who had the same passion as yours.

Getting my first payment from Hubpages was a thrilling feeling. It felt as if I had struck a lottery with a billion of dollars.

I was jumping up and down on my chair when I saw my very first payment in my Paypal account; USD$50, it was a memory figure.

Most professional and well-known authors published their works online too. You can be one of the future well-known writer by giving your best shot in being an online home writer.



Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Time is money drawn by peachpurple



Here are 10 advantages of being an online home writer that you should know

  1. You work at your own space. ( at home or office )
  2. You work at your own desired hours of the day (2 hours or maybe 12 hours!)
  3. You received positive and encouraging comments from your readers. ( Make you feel happy and proud)
  4. You save money on food. ( Whip up a simple meal or snack at home )
  5. You can write anywhere as long there is internet connection (Wifi at shopping mall, restaurants or coffee shop)
  6. You leave insightful comments to other readers. ( You are becoming a mentor)
  7. You use your brain to think of solutions and creative ideas.(Nobody can claim steal them)
  8. You have your own writing style and format .(Nobody to boss you around)
  9. You earn your own money online, use it to pay your expenses. ( You don’t have to stretch out your hand for cash-parents or spouse)
  10. You can write any articles of any category. Write according to your passion and knowledge would bring you more traffic.



Writing is fun and you get to interact with international people whom you don’t see face to face.

Being an online home writer occupies your time rather than being idle at home.

At least, you are doing something, right?


When did you started to become an online writer?


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Writedge Paid Me But That Is The End

I was surprised to check my Paypal account balance when there was an extra cash.

It turned out to be paid by Writedge.

I was taken aback at first because Writedge minimum payout was USD$5 but I had received USD$3.52 instead.

Anyway, I was glad to be paid. Initially, I thought that I could never see the payout for the rest of my life.

However, that is the end of it. No more payments from Writedge anymore.



What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

What really happened to BMN? – drawn by peachpurple

I surf the net, looking for answers.

I found that Writedge and Daily Two Cents had decided to apply a new pay model  immediately with effect from 1st October 2015. Both sites had became Revenue Share sites.

 In other words, Writedge and DTC will not be paying us in future as both writers and authors had to depend on the readers clicks of the ads in order to earn money.

So, for those who does not have any Adsense account , you can still use Amazon links  in your posts to earn money.

Otherwise, you have to apply for Adsense. You need to have 50 posts published to get Adsense approval. It is a good thing that I had Adsense way back 8 years ago.


Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Earning money with Adsense, drawn  peachpurple

How to earn money with Adsense?

After you had obtained your Adsense ID and password, create your own Adsense ads unit.

You can the the step by step instructions in the Adsense site.

All you need to do is copy the HTML code of the ads you had created and paste into Writedge -Advertising section.


What are the reasons behind the decision?

Someone said that the two sisters had been running out of cash , which is another case of Bubblwes and Beer Money nation. All of them said that they had been paying writers out of their own pockets.

I don’t know whether the news is accurate or not, but I must say that I am glad that Writedge and DTC did not close down their sites as the other 2 “B” did.


I did went to have a look at Writedge today. There are some faithful writers still posting their daily articles there. I am sure that both sisters sites will stay on as long as the writers don’t give up n them yet.

I will write maybe once a month because my articles do not perform well at Writedge.

What about you?

Do you write for Writedge or Daily Two Cents?

Are you planning to pull your brakes now?

Please share your thoughts.

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Honest Review on Clixsense

This is the latest site that I had just registered under @jkct01 bro.

He had recommended me to give a shot on this site for a side income, no writing job, just click the ads and wait.

The name is Clixsense.


What is Clixsense?

  • It is a PTC ( paid to click ) site plus a Survey site where you are offered to answer a couple of surveys daily.
  • You can earn money by viewing the versatile advertisements which loads in 10 seconds.
  • You can earn approximately USD$0.001 to $0.02 cents per click.
  • You can earn money through answering the offered surveys which varies from 80 cents to dollars.



Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Time is money drawn by peachpurple



How do you earn at Clixsense?

  1. View at least 25 advertisements daily, which could earn you $0.025 cents.
  2. You could complete the surveys. Answer the surveys honestly.If you input false data, you are less likely to be rejected. No harm trying.
  3. Another way is to click the boxes in Clix Grid. All you have to do is guess which box has money. It is a nature picture turned into check boxes, very tiny of them. You have 10 chances to guess. Everyday, someone will guess correctly.
  4. Complete Tasks. This is a little difficult. You are given a variety of tasks to complete. For example listening to radio station, 





earning coins

earning coins


Quicker way to earn at Clixsense?

  • Who says referral links are useless?
  • Share your referral links at various sites.
  • Write a short summary about this PTC site and insert your referral link.
  • You will earn commissions from your friends when they view the advertisements , complete surveys daily.

The more people registered under your referral link, you are likely to earn faster at Clixsense.

Join in HERE if you are interested to start earning extra income now. 

It is free to join, no register fees or whatever nonsense.


Is it a scam site?

Definitely not. You can ask @jkct01.

He has redeemed his USD$8 which is the minimum payout at Clixsense.

It pays by Paypal.


What are the disadvantages?

  • Only two.
  • You cannot open another tab to surf other sites when you had clicked the advertisements.
  • You have to wait, stay on that page until the bar finished uploading in 10 seconds.
  • Then you are entitled $0.001 per click.
  • It does not support cellphones.
  • It will not load at all. No idea why.
  • Hence, if you are blogging at Blogjob with your cellphone, you could allow the Clixsense ads to load on your PC while you wait.

Has anyone joined Clixsense?

Have you cash out yet?

Any comments?




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MyKites Review

After Beer Money Nation had closed its’ doors to the public, I found another site which was introduced by @rapidblue .

MyKites is another blogging site that opens to international writers who love to write.

Rest assured, it is a legit site.

Having read @rapidblue short summary, I went to hunt down for reviews and forums related to this site.

Write a kite now! by pixabay

Write a kite now! by pixabay

Summary of MyKites:

  1. The writer is called “Kiter”

  2. Each post is called “Kites”

  3. Each point is called” Kite Flight Points”

  4. You can write maximum 10 Kites per day

  5. Each View, Like and Comment you earn  = 1 Flight Point

  6. Refer to your friends= 50 flight point

  7. You can redeem after you had reached 5000 flight points = USD$16

  8. Submit button is called “Fly”

  9. Minimum 100 characters per Kite


Here are my honest review:

  1. It is easy to write 1 long sentence with 100 characters in a day. I usually write 2-5 kites per day depends on what I can think of.
  2. There is no answer whether I can add referral link or external links to the kites. I had checked the FAQ, but no answer there. I had sent 2x message to the admin, still no answer. The only thing I know is no external link that may harm the readers. 
  3. MyKites pays through Paypal to international writers and by cheque for India writers. This is good news to them.
  4. No spamming allowed, whether in comments or kites. So, you can press the “Report Abuse” button when you find any spamming comments. 
  5. You can press “Likes” or”Dislikes” which is similar to the belated Bubblews. You each 1 flight point for each task.
  6. All newbies are at the “Newbie” level , know as profile status. I had seen a handful of “Beginner” status with at least 5000-7000 flight points. 
  7. It says that you can create or join Groups but I cannot find any buttons to perform that task. 
  8. You can see your earning flight points and number of friends on your profile page, the number twirl like a casino jackpot.
  9. Your referral link is clearly visible, no need to hunt it down. Just below “About Me’.
  10. You can edit your About Me and your profile page anytime you want to. Hence, everyone will know your age and which country you reside in.


If you are interested, Join with me and fly your kites with your daily rants, questions, poems, quotes , whatever that comes into your mind.

Great for writers that hates to write lengthy post.


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Beer Money Nation Shutting Down

As the saying goes” All Good Things Come to an End ” and so does earning online sites.

Beer Money nation was first set up by KJ, a student in Louisiana, this year.

I guessed that his hands are all tied up with many obstacles which he had claimed in his post, causing him to finally decided to shut down BMN by next week or so.

What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

What really happened to BMN? – drawn by peachpurple

I was really shocked when I read his post which was alerted my attention on the top of my profile page.

Before I read further, I quickly redeem my 1561 points which I had in hand. Who knows whether I would receive my payment or not but I am not taking any risk now.

After learning my lesson from Bubblews, I was hoping that BMN wasn’t the second one.

Unfortunately, it IS the case.

The admin, KJ claimed that he had some issues with Adsense, couldn’t pay attention to this site since he is a student with limited resources. He claimed that BMN wasn’t a “Huge profit” to him at all.

BMN had a good start, with huge traffic coming in from Blogjob and Forumcoin members to join in. This site is similar to Blogjob because it uses the same WordPress format which is user-friendly.

However, the admin had a hard time to control the spammers which had been sending spamming message. I did reported a spammer to one of the mod and he did took control of the matter.

I was happy to be at BMN because the community members were as friendly as Blogjob, helpful and full of encouragement comments to keep me going.

It is sad, shocking and disappointed that KJ decided to shut it down when this site is still a baby.

I wish KJ and his moderators well, venture elsewhere site with good potential and maybe we might bump each other again somewhere out there.

For those of you who has 215 points, do cash out now. The only payment available is Paypal $2 and $5.

215 points for $2 and 515 points for $5. Other payment methods had been removed. Remember, redeem your points before 8:00 PM CST on Friday

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drawing drawn by peachpurple

Won $5 from Beer Money Nation Drawing Contest

Turkey Drawing that I had won - drawn by peachpurple

Turkey Drawing that I had won – drawn by peachpurple

Good news!

I had won 500points = USD$5 from Beer Money Nation drawing contest!

Yipee! I was thrilled when the admin had announced the drawing contest results.

There was 3 prizes;  the winner gets 500 points  while 2 consolation prizes with 100 points each.

I must admit that it was a good competition to compete with these young talented artists.

These 2 writers at BMN are young adults in mid 20s while I am a housewife with a teenager , almost the same age as them!

The turkey drawing contest was officially announced on 25th November 2015 in order to celebrate Thanksgiving Day which was just a day away.

The criteria was to:

  1. draw a turkey by hand
  2. write BMN somewhere in the picture
  3. put in your username
  4. upload to imgur website
  5. send the link to the comment box in the post where the competition was held.


It took me 3 minutes to draw the turkey since I am familiar with drawing cartoons. Sketching was a breeze for me but the hardest part were taking the photo with my Lenovo cellphone and uploaded it to imgur site.

I got panicked when my cellphone was running low on battery. As you can see, the drawn picture was not very clear but I had managed to snap 2 photos of them and uploaded them as fast as I can.

As for imgur, you are required to register , which was quite fast, in order to keep your images uploaded . For guest user, you need not register the site since you are there to view it. 

At Beer Money Nation, you are able to participate contests and giveaways to win points.

Previously, there was a giveaway contest for best comments to thank for on Thanksgiving day. 3 writers had won with 100 points each. My heartiest congratulation to them!

The best part was getting congratulate response from friends. I felt so delighted and happy with their kind and encouraging comments.

Thank you everyone here and there for your well wishes.

Yes! I have won !


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drawn by peachpurple


Beer Money Nation Review

Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Blogging money drawn by peachpurple

Recently, I had found another blogging online site where you can earn fast money as Blogjob.

It uses WordPress format as Blogjob but a few features are different on the platform.

It is called Beer Money Nation ( popularly known as BMN ). Join HERE 

1 point equals USD$0.01, which is similar to Blogjob.

Here are the tips how you can earn your points:

  1. Every new, original written post = 10p
  2. Every comment on other writer’s post = 1p
  3. Reply comments on your post = 2p
  4. Update your or other writer’s wall = 0.5p
  5. Update your profile = 0.5p
  6. Referral link -someone registers under your link = 50p
  7. Daily log in = 1p
  8. First time register , immediately gets =10p
  9. Approve comment = 1p

Here are my honest review on Beer Money Nation after I had registered on 16-11-2015

drawn by peachpurple

I love BMN =drawn by peachpurple



  • No words limit, as long your post is related to the category chosen. A few writers had published 1 long sentence (approximately 10 words )with an originally taken picture uploaded at imgur, gets approved and earned 10p. However, most writers write at least 100 words for every post.
  • Categories are fixed. Most posts are in the Uncategorized or Off Topic category. Hence, no messy, unorganized categories.
  • You can edit your post when it is still under Pending.
  • Contest and competitions are frequently organized by the admin to encourage writers to join in. Prizes are very eye-catching. I had won 500p (USD$5) for winner of Turkey drawing contest. Consolation prize for 2 person with 100p each (USD$1)
  • Lots of Forumcoin and Blogjob friends had registered. Feel at home with people I know. @grecy095 is the most active and top writer at Beer Money Nation.
  • You can send PM (Private Message) to your friends. It is hidden from the public.
  • Quick to reach redeem points. Minimum required 500p = USD$5, writers are eager to reach goal daily.
  • Redeem points option: Bitcoin, Paypal, Google Wallet and Amazon Gift Card


Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

Good Grief with the cons= drawn by peachpurple


  • Lots of rant posts daily. Some of the posts are very short. Writers are trying to earn 10p just to publish a post. No informative contents.
  • You cannot create your own category.
  • No set featured image. You have to use imgur to upload your image online. Then copy the jpg link of your photo and paste in your post.
  • You cannot edit your post after published.
  • Needs 24-48 to approve your posts. You won’t be able to see all 10 posts at once or the next day. By luck, you may get 5 approved, the rest wait for another day.
  • Spamming comments are rising. Had to report the spammers to the admin.
  • You have to keep track of your published post on your own. You can see the first 12 post under your username but the old posts are hidden.
  • No Forum or groups for writers to join. No discussion here.

Overall, I would say, GO FOR IT! If you are lazy to write 300 words here, go for Beer Money Nation. Lots of writers from are writing 100 words or less on BMN and earning 10p . I must admit that Blogjob gives better earning for writing post (50p).


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Original drawing by peachpurple


Hubpages Review


I love Hubpages – drawn by peaachpurple



This is my review on Hubpages, a blogging website which I had been writing for 5 years.

Next year will be the 6th year of blogging, the longest ever for me.

Hubpages is similar to Blogjob, Squidoo, Helium.

My profile page is Peachpurple Hubpages

When you create a new article, it is called “Hubs” which is similar to “Blogs” as to Blogjob.

In this site, you will earn money through different programs or so-called “sites”


Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Earning money at Hubpages drawn by peachpurple


How do you earn money at Hubpages

  • Sign up for Hubpages Earning Program
  • Sign up at Ebay
  • Sign up at Amazon
  • Sign up at Adsense
  • Share your referral links
  • ( Please use my Peachpurple referral Link, appreciated with thanks )
  • Join in Hub Contests
Writing online at Blogjob wasn't easy, drawn by peachpurple

Writing online at Hubpages wasn’t easy, drawn by peachpurple

 What should you do at Hubpages

  1. Write at least 700 words per hub
  2. Include your original images , photos, put the credits under your name
  3. You can use pixabay, freedigitalphotos, any free to use image website , remember to put credit under the site name
  4. You can include video, polls, quiz, recipe layout into your hub
  5. You can include capsules ( links ) to Amazon, Ebay which attracts your readers to click the ads. You earn money from there.
  6. You can use ready-made layouts or templates offered by Hubpages when you “Start a Hub”
  7. You can learn how to use Hubapges through the Learning center which is the FAQ, full of step by step instructions to guide you along.
  8. The community is user-friendly, helpful, leaves insightful comments to each newbies and regular members.
  9. You can Flag down user or Report Spam if you find the comments or hubs are inappropriate , spamming and plagiarism. The buttons are there for you to click on.
  10. Minimum payout USD$50, you can accumulate your monthly earnings. Once your earnings reached USD$50, it will automatically transfer your earnings to your Paypal  on the 28th of the next month.


If you are looking for a long-term earning site, I would recommend you to try Hubpages.

If you are looking for a good site with useful contents, helpful tips, Hubpages is for you.

However, if you are looking for a site to earn quick money in 2 weeks, Hubpages isn’t going to turn you a millionaire that quick.

Have a look at my recipes, crafts and articles at Peachpurple Hubpages and you will understand why I love that site.

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Photo and drawing credits: peachpurple