Getting External Traffic from Linkedin


What is Linkedin

Linkedin is a well-known social networking website that was designed for people in business, writing and working class to connect each other.

It is also a site where jobless people to look for suitable jobs as according to your country of origin.


You can see the user’s occupation, employment history, education level, company of employment and the websites that he is active in.

Another thing you should know is, ANYONE can join in Linkedin , even though you are a homemaker, a student or a jobless person like me.


There are thousands of International people online and I even had the chance to connect my ex-classmate who had been working Singapore since 1980’s.


Reasons to register Linkein

  1. I had registered Linkedin when I first started my first recipe blog 8 years ago.
  2. Through Linkedin, my recipe blog gets external traffic, people who click onto my blog links and read my articles.
  3. You can see the number of people who had read your posts daily and who had connected you, read your profile and left kind messages in your Message Inbox .
  4. Linkedin doesn’t required any referral links or another user introduction.
  5. You can register it with your email address.





What you can do at Linkedin

There are a few things you can do at Linkedin to help your websites to increase more external traffic.

  1. Share an update– copy and paste your Blogjob post URL link here, your summarize article will appear, press SHARE
  2. Upload Photo– open the JPEG or PNG file of your photo, write a short note, press SHARE
  3. Publish a Post– Type in your article , insert photo and links, press SAVE and PUBLISH. The format is similar to Yahoo Mail Compose email .
  4. Besides that, remember to KEEP IN TOUCH with your new friends at the top, right corner of the page. You can see the user photo, his occupation, the number of years he had worked in the company. Press LIKE or COMMENT. ( I press LIKE)
  5. Invitation Sent Message will appear.
  6. If you are not keen to connect with a certain user, press SKIP, it will lead you to another new user.
  7. Some user do not accept random connections or followers. Hence, you have to fill in the user’s email address and a short message. ( I would skip that since I do not know the user either).






Connect as many connections ( users) if you can because you will have the higher chances to get Linkedin users to read your Blogjob posts.

You can also read their posts on the HOME page. ( I do read some of them which are interesting )


You can also connect the people you want to connect by typing in “BLOGJOB” in the SEARCH box at the top of the page.

There , you can see all the Blogjob users that had connected to Linkedin.

Press FOLLOW to connect them or VIEW to read their profile.


I really like Linkedin very much that had helped to generate external traffic to my Blogjob posts.


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Bitlanders- Slow but Steady

This is my personal review.




Bitlanders, a site that I had long heard from fellow blogjob friends.

This is the site where you post articles, short greetings, commenting on other microblogs, press the “heart” buttons for likes which is also called “buzz” buttons.

The more buzzes you achieved, more GBM or BM (bitcoins ) you will receive.

GBM and BM are alike Blog points but it takes a lot of effort to achieve 1 GBM.

You will need 10,000,000 BM = 1 GBM

That is why I had mentioned “Slow “


Honestly, Bitlanders is alike Facebook and TSU where you post microblogs at least 15 per day but I usually post 5 microblogs, nothing much to blah blah about.




Microblogs are short sentences that you put on your “Wall” just like Blogjob.

Short sentences such as “How are you?” or  “Good night” are the usual greetings you can find on each profile page.

Some may post daily quotes, jokes or questions as microblogs but remember to put in the source of the quotes before publish.



by peachpurple

by peachpurple


Now, there are 2 types of blogs you can choose from:

  1. a normal blog ( 100 words ), post it and share at social media sites, received less than 30 buzzes. I prefer to post normal blogs because I don’t have to use up my GEMS. These GEMS are important for crucial times, so don’t misused the GEMS.
  2. a good content blog (10000 words) but you need to hit the “Review” button and use up your Gems for the admin to review your blog. Once it has been approved, you  will received tens or hundreds of buzzes which will help you to push up your rank.


What is Buzzscore

Buzzscores are the number of times of people press the “buzz” button on your blogs, microblogs , videos and photo gallery.

The more buzz score you have in a day shows how interactive you are on the board.

Buzz are alike “like ” button as in Blogjob.

A lot of people misuse the buzz button but nobody cares about it. Consider it spamming the buzz buttons.

The Buzzscore is calculated at the end of the day and you will be given the BM ( which is the bitcoins ) in your “Reward” page.

As for Asian, depending on the country you reside, I have to wait 8.30pm which is USA 8.30am for my Reward page to work out the figure.

I usually buzz those photos that I like, quotes which are innovative and blogs which are useful.

I don’t spam my buzzes.


Increase your GBM or BM (bit coins )

2 ways to do it:

  1. Complete the “Daily Quests”
  2. Complete the “Quests Box”

which are located on the top, right hand side of your wall.

I usually complete them before I head for buzz.




Up to today, the 7th day, I have achieved 1,036,911 bitcoins which equals only 1 GBM.

Got to fight for another 9 GBM in order to cash out USD$10 paypal ( I need 10,000,050 bitcoins )


It is a slow to earn site but steady as it goes up.

If you would like to give a try, please click on my LINK HERE, thanks !

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Tips to Increase Internal and External Traffic to Your Blogs


There isn’t any 100% guarantee tips that would make your traffic flow to your blog posts but I always try to get some useful tips from my fellow writers who are experienced writers online.

I used to have a bub-dad at Bubblews by the username @Javaman74.

He is a 74 years old writer with great experience in writing tips for novice earners, travelling tips and he was a very helpful ” visual dad” to me.



After leaving Bubblews, I concentrated at Blogjob but my traffic was low.



Hence, i decided to stick to  @Javaman74 tips and this is how I managed to earn 150points daily by following diligently his tips.

10 Tips to increase internal and external traffic to your blog posts:

  1. After I had published the first post, I will look into my notification lists; reply to those writers had mentioned me, left comments on my post.


2. Then, I will read the latest posts for those writers who had liked my first post of the day.

Sometimes, I may get a handful of likes depending on the topic.

Sometimes, I may or may not receive any comments.

However, I would invest an hour of my time to read blog posts, definitely leave my insightful comments on at least one of the post that I had read.


3. Next, I share a link of my first post of the day with the share Medias which I must admit, helped my earnings to increase and the traffic flow too.

I share a link at tumblr, linkedin, stumbleupon, facebook, twitter, giggle plus, pinterest and blogger.


4. My next step is to look at the Blogjob main page.

I am pretty picky on the titles.

I read these articles that I fancy or matched my interest.

Approximately, 20 posts to read,  likes and comments which takes two hours of my time.

If I were to click like without reading or leaving comments, that takes around 20 min but I don’t earn much with serial liking.

Out of 20 posts of reading, I earned another 10 points, not much but I can’t complain.


5. Finally, I read my best followers, the writers whom had followed me.

We frequently interact with each other daily on the profile wall or create a private group.

These are Philippines, Italy, Malaysia and USA writers. More followers, more traffic coming in.

I noticed that USA and the Philippines writers gave me my extra boost compare to other Asian writers.


After I had reached my goal of 100 points,I will publish my 2nd post of the day.

That makes 150 points per day, the maximum limit for me.

The same routine goes on again.

Tell , how do you increase your traffic flow to your blog posts?\

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How to Claim your Missing Points for New Post

The first time when I noticed that My Balance points did not increase after I had submitted a blog post, I panic!

That happened a few months ago and I did not realized that I could claim my missing points by filling up the Missing Point Form. ( click here )

The best way to claim your 50 points is to submit the form IMMEDIATELY or on the same day.

If you planned to claim the 50 points after several days or weeks, you might not succeed because I had tried that and failed to claim them.

When I had found out that Missing Point Form does exist, I was too late. I had submitted 3 new blog posts 1 month ago but didn’t claim them immediately.

I tried to submit the form after 1 month but was not entitled which I believed it is hard to trace back for the admin team. It was my fault.

Do remember these tips:

  1. Always check your Balance Points before publish a new post.
  2. When you noticed that your Balance points DID NOT INCREASE after the new blog post had been submitted and published, claim your Missing Points IMMEDIATELY .
  3. It is not too late to claim your 50 points in 24 hours.


How to claim your Missing Points

  1. Fill up the Missing Points Form with:
  2. Your username
  3. Link the post : URL link of your new post (missing point)
  4. Press SUBMIT button
  5. You will receive an acknowledgement page right after the submission.
  6. Remember to save the screen shot of the page in case you need it as an evidence .
  7. You may need it to prove that you had  form if you had not received the entitle 50 points after 48 hours.

I had been experiencing Missing Points 2x a week for the past few months but I don’t mind as long Sir @sheridan did awarded the 50 points into my account very quickly.

However do remember that USA time and Asia time is different.

Do allow Sir Sheridan to wake up before you keep bombarding him with your pleas.

From my experience, it took 12 hours to received the missing 50 points.

Hence, don’t worry.

You will get your points as long you had submitted the Missing Point Form and let Sir Sheridan know about it on his profile wall.

Here are the screen shots that might be helpful to you:


Step 1:

Type in your username and copy, paste the URL link of your new blog post that wasn’t given the 50 points by peachpurple

missingpoint 1

Step 2: Your 50 points is in your account

missingpoint 2

Screen shot by peachpurple

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screenshots by peachpurple

Why New Groups are Low In Comments

This is blog was written based on my review.

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay


We all know that when you created a new group, you will receive 2 points.

Joining a new group gives you 1 point too.

However, why are the groups low in comments?

Have you ever noticed that?

I had created new groups a couple of times, not even a handful.

The number of comments I had received were moderate.

I had found that majority of the recently new groups are low in writers’ comments.

You may find at least 10 writers had joined in the groups but only a few did leave their insightful comments related to the group title.

A few of my friends also agreed that they were sick and tired of joining new groups due to this reason.



Why New Groups with Low Comments

  1. It seems that writers joined in new groups for the purpose of earning 1 point .
  2. Those who had created the new groups were in the desire to earn 2 points.
  3. Furthermore, those titles of the groups were repeated. Ever noticed that?
  4. In addition , majority of the groups comments are a few days old except for the popular groups.

For example; Christmas Food Group, there are 2 identical title of this group.

The first group had 14 members while the 2nd had 7 members.

Why would writers answer the same group title?

.Hence, I decided not to create anymore new groups unless I could come up with a  unique title that has not been created here at Blogjob.




When you should create a New Group

  1. You can check the title first before creating it.
  2. At the search box, type in your desire title and press search.
  3. If the title does not exist, by all means, create it and start earning your 2 points.
  4. However, if your title is similar to the existing ones, please refrain from doing so.
  5. Firstly, your group would not last long because writers are not willing to pay attention to your Group purpose.
  6. Secondly, you are building up a lot of “trash groups”.
  7. Thirdly, the number of writers you had invited, only a small fraction of them had joined in.


Currently, some of my Blogjob friends and I had the same concept; only participate those groups which we had answered and leave new answers again.

You may noticed that I had left 2 or more different comments in the same group title.

Reason is I found many writers leaving their insightful comments and I am keen to keep that group active.

So, if you could, please at least leave one of your comment after you had joined in the group.

Thanks very much.

Let us try keep those useful groups alive.

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photo: pixabay

drawing: peachpurple


How to Retrieve Deleted Post

Today, I did a very stupid mistake.

I wanted to reorganize all of my posts because some of them were duplicated titles, one with contents while the other is empty.

Since both were the same titles, I wanted to delete the empty content post but I had accidentally check the published post and deleted it.


What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

– drawn by peachpurple

What happened?

While the deletion was under processed, I quickly press the back arrow button, hoping to cease the process but failed.

I started to panic!

Quickly, I sent a message to @sheridan seeking for his help in order to retrieve the deleted post because I know there are few comments left by my good readers.

Honestly, I do not wish to give them -1 point for comments that had been deleted. 

In addition, I quickly updated my profile page, explaining my blunder to the public and seek their apologies.

Finally, I sat down and think. 

I realized that there is a way to retrieve my deleted published post after all.

Where does your file goes after you had deleted it?

The recycle bin, right?

Hence, I went to WordPress dashboard to find the trash.

No doubt, my published post was still there.

Here is how you could retrieve your deleted post in a jiffy.

by peachpurple

by peachpurple

  • Go to” My Sites
  • Select the” Site “that you had deleted the post
  • Go to Dashboard
  • Go to “All Posts “under Posts( on your left hand side bar)


by peachpurple

by peachpurple


  • Select Trash ( Just above the post titles)
  • Check the box for the post that you wanted to retrieve



by peachpurple

by peachpurple

Select “Restore” under “Bulk Actions

Press Apply

You will noticed that your trash is empty now.

Go back to ” My Site

Select the site where the post was first located.

There it is! Your deleted post has returned!

All the contents and images are still intact.

All your friends’ comments and your replies are still intact.

Thank goodness there is a trash can in WordPress.


Hence, I had learned my lesson for today.

Think before you act.

Let me know if this post is helpful or not.

Thanks for reading!


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Snapshots by peachpurple

Drawing by peachpurple

Tips to reach 150points at Blogjob Daily




Blogjob is a great site for every writer to invest time and effort to earn points and redeem cash through paypal.

Each newbie daily point limits per day is 150 points.

After you had reached 150 points, whatever tasks done after the daily limit, you will not be entitle any further additional points.

I had read some newbies posted questions at Blogjob Forums on how to earn 150 points but some newbies are not familiar with the rules to earn points here.

Hence, I decided to write this blog to answer every newbie questions.

You can earn 150 points daily, achieving your daily goal with simple steps.

Blogjob Points to earn

  • Every time you log in = 2 points per day, regardless how many times you log out and log in again, it is considered once.
  • Update your wall = 1 point, you can update 10 times per day.
  • Like other writers’ wall=  1 point,  you can like different writers’ wall 5 times per day.
  • Upload your latest avatar (your picture on your profile page) = 1 point, 2 times per week.
  • Each new Comment on blogs= 1 point, 25 times per day.
  • Each group Comment= 1 point , 25 times per day
  • Each Forum comment = 1 point each, 10 times per day.
  • Each Forum Reply = 1 point, 25 times per day.
  • New Blog post with minimum 300 words, = 50 points, up to 3 blogs to reach maximum daily limit 150 points.

Hence in order to reach your daily goal , you could follow these steps that I had implemented daily:

  1. Write 2 blogs per day. Remember to write at least 300 words per blog and use either your own images or free to use images from pixabay.  50 points x 2 = 100 points
  2.  Log in = 2 points
  3. Forum comments. 1 point x 10 = 10 points
  4. Group comment. 1 point x 10 = 10 points
  5. Blog comment. 1 point x 10 = 10 points
  6. Like other writers wall . 1 point x 5 = 5 points
  7. Forum comments . 1 point  x 5 = 5 points 
  8. Forum replies. 1 point x 5 = 5 points
  9. Update your own wall . 1 point x 3 = 3 points

Total up= 150 points, your maximum points limit per day.

If you are lazy to write 2 blogs, you could write 1 blog which you earn 50 points and use the other 50 points commenting on forums, blogs and replies.

That could sum up the same points without much headaches.


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original drawn by peachpurple ( DO NOT use my drawing elsewhere!)

photo taken by peachpurple



Advantages of being an Online Home Writer



I started to become an online home writer 6 years ago.

My passion of writing started when I had stumbled upon Hubpages, a blogging site where you can earn money from Adsense, Ebay, Amazon and Hub Earning Program.

I wanted to learn how to bake cookies from scratch, so I found delicious cookie recipes at Hubpages.

Then, I learned that I could earn money too by posting my own recipes online.

That is how I indulged myself into writing recipes, posting them at Hubpages and other sites to attract traffic and earn money too.

Working online is the same as being your own boss in your writing world.

You make money from your writings or drawings.

You share your passion or interest online, getting response from international readers who had the same passion as yours.

Getting my first payment from Hubpages was a thrilling feeling. It felt as if I had struck a lottery with a billion of dollars.

I was jumping up and down on my chair when I saw my very first payment in my Paypal account; USD$50, it was a memory figure.

Most professional and well-known authors published their works online too. You can be one of the future well-known writer by giving your best shot in being an online home writer.



Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Time is money drawn by peachpurple



Here are 10 advantages of being an online home writer that you should know

  1. You work at your own space. ( at home or office )
  2. You work at your own desired hours of the day (2 hours or maybe 12 hours!)
  3. You received positive and encouraging comments from your readers. ( Make you feel happy and proud)
  4. You save money on food. ( Whip up a simple meal or snack at home )
  5. You can write anywhere as long there is internet connection (Wifi at shopping mall, restaurants or coffee shop)
  6. You leave insightful comments to other readers. ( You are becoming a mentor)
  7. You use your brain to think of solutions and creative ideas.(Nobody can claim steal them)
  8. You have your own writing style and format .(Nobody to boss you around)
  9. You earn your own money online, use it to pay your expenses. ( You don’t have to stretch out your hand for cash-parents or spouse)
  10. You can write any articles of any category. Write according to your passion and knowledge would bring you more traffic.



Writing is fun and you get to interact with international people whom you don’t see face to face.

Being an online home writer occupies your time rather than being idle at home.

At least, you are doing something, right?


When did you started to become an online writer?


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Drawing originally drawn by peachpurple

MyKites Review

After Beer Money Nation had closed its’ doors to the public, I found another site which was introduced by @rapidblue .

MyKites is another blogging site that opens to international writers who love to write.

Rest assured, it is a legit site.

Having read @rapidblue short summary, I went to hunt down for reviews and forums related to this site.

Write a kite now! by pixabay

Write a kite now! by pixabay

Summary of MyKites:

  1. The writer is called “Kiter”

  2. Each post is called “Kites”

  3. Each point is called” Kite Flight Points”

  4. You can write maximum 10 Kites per day

  5. Each View, Like and Comment you earn  = 1 Flight Point

  6. Refer to your friends= 50 flight point

  7. You can redeem after you had reached 5000 flight points = USD$16

  8. Submit button is called “Fly”

  9. Minimum 100 characters per Kite


Here are my honest review:

  1. It is easy to write 1 long sentence with 100 characters in a day. I usually write 2-5 kites per day depends on what I can think of.
  2. There is no answer whether I can add referral link or external links to the kites. I had checked the FAQ, but no answer there. I had sent 2x message to the admin, still no answer. The only thing I know is no external link that may harm the readers. 
  3. MyKites pays through Paypal to international writers and by cheque for India writers. This is good news to them.
  4. No spamming allowed, whether in comments or kites. So, you can press the “Report Abuse” button when you find any spamming comments. 
  5. You can press “Likes” or”Dislikes” which is similar to the belated Bubblews. You each 1 flight point for each task.
  6. All newbies are at the “Newbie” level , know as profile status. I had seen a handful of “Beginner” status with at least 5000-7000 flight points. 
  7. It says that you can create or join Groups but I cannot find any buttons to perform that task. 
  8. You can see your earning flight points and number of friends on your profile page, the number twirl like a casino jackpot.
  9. Your referral link is clearly visible, no need to hunt it down. Just below “About Me’.
  10. You can edit your About Me and your profile page anytime you want to. Hence, everyone will know your age and which country you reside in.


If you are interested, Join with me and fly your kites with your daily rants, questions, poems, quotes , whatever that comes into your mind.

Great for writers that hates to write lengthy post.


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