Bitlanders- Slow but Steady

This is my personal review.




Bitlanders, a site that I had long heard from fellow blogjob friends.

This is the site where you post articles, short greetings, commenting on other microblogs, press the “heart” buttons for likes which is also called “buzz” buttons.

The more buzzes you achieved, more GBM or BM (bitcoins ) you will receive.

GBM and BM are alike Blog points but it takes a lot of effort to achieve 1 GBM.

You will need 10,000,000 BM = 1 GBM

That is why I had mentioned “Slow “


Honestly, Bitlanders is alike Facebook and TSU where you post microblogs at least 15 per day but I usually post 5 microblogs, nothing much to blah blah about.




Microblogs are short sentences that you put on your “Wall” just like Blogjob.

Short sentences such as “How are you?” or  “Good night” are the usual greetings you can find on each profile page.

Some may post daily quotes, jokes or questions as microblogs but remember to put in the source of the quotes before publish.



by peachpurple

by peachpurple


Now, there are 2 types of blogs you can choose from:

  1. a normal blog ( 100 words ), post it and share at social media sites, received less than 30 buzzes. I prefer to post normal blogs because I don’t have to use up my GEMS. These GEMS are important for crucial times, so don’t misused the GEMS.
  2. a good content blog (10000 words) but you need to hit the “Review” button and use up your Gems for the admin to review your blog. Once it has been approved, you  will received tens or hundreds of buzzes which will help you to push up your rank.


What is Buzzscore

Buzzscores are the number of times of people press the “buzz” button on your blogs, microblogs , videos and photo gallery.

The more buzz score you have in a day shows how interactive you are on the board.

Buzz are alike “like ” button as in Blogjob.

A lot of people misuse the buzz button but nobody cares about it. Consider it spamming the buzz buttons.

The Buzzscore is calculated at the end of the day and you will be given the BM ( which is the bitcoins ) in your “Reward” page.

As for Asian, depending on the country you reside, I have to wait 8.30pm which is USA 8.30am for my Reward page to work out the figure.

I usually buzz those photos that I like, quotes which are innovative and blogs which are useful.

I don’t spam my buzzes.


Increase your GBM or BM (bit coins )

2 ways to do it:

  1. Complete the “Daily Quests”
  2. Complete the “Quests Box”

which are located on the top, right hand side of your wall.

I usually complete them before I head for buzz.




Up to today, the 7th day, I have achieved 1,036,911 bitcoins which equals only 1 GBM.

Got to fight for another 9 GBM in order to cash out USD$10 paypal ( I need 10,000,050 bitcoins )


It is a slow to earn site but steady as it goes up.

If you would like to give a try, please click on my LINK HERE, thanks !

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Advantages of being an Online Home Writer



I started to become an online home writer 6 years ago.

My passion of writing started when I had stumbled upon Hubpages, a blogging site where you can earn money from Adsense, Ebay, Amazon and Hub Earning Program.

I wanted to learn how to bake cookies from scratch, so I found delicious cookie recipes at Hubpages.

Then, I learned that I could earn money too by posting my own recipes online.

That is how I indulged myself into writing recipes, posting them at Hubpages and other sites to attract traffic and earn money too.

Working online is the same as being your own boss in your writing world.

You make money from your writings or drawings.

You share your passion or interest online, getting response from international readers who had the same passion as yours.

Getting my first payment from Hubpages was a thrilling feeling. It felt as if I had struck a lottery with a billion of dollars.

I was jumping up and down on my chair when I saw my very first payment in my Paypal account; USD$50, it was a memory figure.

Most professional and well-known authors published their works online too. You can be one of the future well-known writer by giving your best shot in being an online home writer.



Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Time is money drawn by peachpurple



Here are 10 advantages of being an online home writer that you should know

  1. You work at your own space. ( at home or office )
  2. You work at your own desired hours of the day (2 hours or maybe 12 hours!)
  3. You received positive and encouraging comments from your readers. ( Make you feel happy and proud)
  4. You save money on food. ( Whip up a simple meal or snack at home )
  5. You can write anywhere as long there is internet connection (Wifi at shopping mall, restaurants or coffee shop)
  6. You leave insightful comments to other readers. ( You are becoming a mentor)
  7. You use your brain to think of solutions and creative ideas.(Nobody can claim steal them)
  8. You have your own writing style and format .(Nobody to boss you around)
  9. You earn your own money online, use it to pay your expenses. ( You don’t have to stretch out your hand for cash-parents or spouse)
  10. You can write any articles of any category. Write according to your passion and knowledge would bring you more traffic.



Writing is fun and you get to interact with international people whom you don’t see face to face.

Being an online home writer occupies your time rather than being idle at home.

At least, you are doing something, right?


When did you started to become an online writer?


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Drawing originally drawn by peachpurple

Beer Money Nation Review

Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Blogging money drawn by peachpurple

Recently, I had found another blogging online site where you can earn fast money as Blogjob.

It uses WordPress format as Blogjob but a few features are different on the platform.

It is called Beer Money Nation ( popularly known as BMN ). Join HERE 

1 point equals USD$0.01, which is similar to Blogjob.

Here are the tips how you can earn your points:

  1. Every new, original written post = 10p
  2. Every comment on other writer’s post = 1p
  3. Reply comments on your post = 2p
  4. Update your or other writer’s wall = 0.5p
  5. Update your profile = 0.5p
  6. Referral link -someone registers under your link = 50p
  7. Daily log in = 1p
  8. First time register , immediately gets =10p
  9. Approve comment = 1p

Here are my honest review on Beer Money Nation after I had registered on 16-11-2015

drawn by peachpurple

I love BMN =drawn by peachpurple



  • No words limit, as long your post is related to the category chosen. A few writers had published 1 long sentence (approximately 10 words )with an originally taken picture uploaded at imgur, gets approved and earned 10p. However, most writers write at least 100 words for every post.
  • Categories are fixed. Most posts are in the Uncategorized or Off Topic category. Hence, no messy, unorganized categories.
  • You can edit your post when it is still under Pending.
  • Contest and competitions are frequently organized by the admin to encourage writers to join in. Prizes are very eye-catching. I had won 500p (USD$5) for winner of Turkey drawing contest. Consolation prize for 2 person with 100p each (USD$1)
  • Lots of Forumcoin and Blogjob friends had registered. Feel at home with people I know. @grecy095 is the most active and top writer at Beer Money Nation.
  • You can send PM (Private Message) to your friends. It is hidden from the public.
  • Quick to reach redeem points. Minimum required 500p = USD$5, writers are eager to reach goal daily.
  • Redeem points option: Bitcoin, Paypal, Google Wallet and Amazon Gift Card


Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

Good Grief with the cons= drawn by peachpurple


  • Lots of rant posts daily. Some of the posts are very short. Writers are trying to earn 10p just to publish a post. No informative contents.
  • You cannot create your own category.
  • No set featured image. You have to use imgur to upload your image online. Then copy the jpg link of your photo and paste in your post.
  • You cannot edit your post after published.
  • Needs 24-48 to approve your posts. You won’t be able to see all 10 posts at once or the next day. By luck, you may get 5 approved, the rest wait for another day.
  • Spamming comments are rising. Had to report the spammers to the admin.
  • You have to keep track of your published post on your own. You can see the first 12 post under your username but the old posts are hidden.
  • No Forum or groups for writers to join. No discussion here.

Overall, I would say, GO FOR IT! If you are lazy to write 300 words here, go for Beer Money Nation. Lots of writers from are writing 100 words or less on BMN and earning 10p . I must admit that Blogjob gives better earning for writing post (50p).


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Original drawing by peachpurple


Write at Blogjob for Money or Hobby

Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Time is money drawn by peachpurple

I am extremely amazed the daily articles posted at Blogjob are truly entertaining to read.
I have to admit that majority blogjob writers are great at writing personal rants, special events, writer opinions on politics, product  reviews, health related articles and especially Asian/Western recipes which I love most.
I love to write Blogjob in order to share with everyone whatever knowledge I have and topics that I have deep passion in.
You may read some of my blogs that provide tips and advice to guide readers to solve common encountered problems related to health and parenting self help.
Article writing helps one another in various topics.
Writing online at Blogjob wasn't easy, drawn by peachpurple

Writing online at Blogjob wasn’t easy, drawn by peachpurple

Write as a hobby or money purpose
Some writers write at Blogjob as a hobby, to exchange knowledge, to learn how to improve their writing skills or knowledge or maybe to kill their boredom because they feel lonely, no one to talk to since they are living far apart from friends or family.
Writing at this site  not only helps the lonely writers to gain International friends , the authors are able to interact with each other without verbal communications involved.
However, I write at Blogjob for the sake of earning extra pocket money which I believed that I am not the only one doing so.
This is my honest answer which I am sure most writers are here for this purpose.
To earn sufficient points to cash out money for personal usage.
drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple

Points to achieve
It is not difficult to write various articles to reach the minimum payout of $25 ( 5000 points ) at Blogjob.
You will earn 1 point for :
  • each comment submitted in blogs you read,
  • another author’s wall page,
  • your own wall update
  • Log in ( 2 points )
  • joining a new group
  • accept new friendship
  • like the group you had participated

The best part is earning 50 points for a new blog posted with at least 300 words.

A blog is an article or a post.

With the maximum limit of 150 points per day, it is easy to hit the goal with 2 blogs and 50 activities in several hours.


Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Writing for money not a hobby?

It would be unfair to admit that writing here is solely to earn the points for the sake of cashing out the money.

I do enjoy writing here because I share my hobbies and passion with everyone too.

Writing recipe blogs are my hobby, sharing my successful attempts in baking cakes, cookies and daily cooking homemade meals for my family.

I do feel happy when people read my recipes, complimented my cooking and baking skills which I do not received at home. You will feel that your effort is being appreciated by someone else, nothing had gone wasted at all.

Most of us must had started off  writing blogs as a hobby but eventually it turned out to be an obsession in earning money to ease your financial problems.

Time is money, money is never enough.


Do you write at Blogjob as part of your hobby or for the sake of earning money?

Appreciate your honest answer.

originally written by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple