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I first got to know ForumCoin when a fellow member of Persona Paper had mentioned that he had earned USD$25 at this site in the shortest time. I was keen to know more after I had read numerous reviews confirming that ForumCoin  is a legit site that pays members.


What is ForumCoin?

It is a website that fellow members create new questions in the forum. They refer questions as “posts”. So, you won’t be reading any articles or posts there, only loads of questions. You can also earn more coins by using your referral code to gather new members to register here. In addition, you are able to use ForumCoin as a virtual currency to buy and sell items or services you offer to international members.


How do you earn money?

At ForumCoins, you earn 1-2 points per comment you left in the forum questions.

These are the coins you can earn:

  • General Chat – Off Topic: 1.5 Coin per topic and per post
  • CGT – Computers, Gaming & Technology : 1.5 Coin per topic and per post
  • Webmaster Questions, Discussion & News: 2 Coin per topic and per post
  • Business, Money & Wealth – BMW Forum: 2 Coin per topic and per post
  • New Member Introductions: 2 Coin per topic and 1 Coin per post
  • Posts in other forum sections also reward Coin, but in smaller amounts, generally 1 or 2 Coin per post and per topic.


25 Coins for every new member you refer to ForumCoin. To count as a referral the member referred must have made at least 20 posts on our forum. Honestly, this is easier to increase your coins in a day.


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How many posts ( questions) you can answer per day?

Each members has the limit to answer 17 posts per day. Which means, each new topic you post online is considered as 1 post and each comment you left in the forum question is considered as 1 post. too. So, out of 17 posts, you have another 15 posts to go. After you had reached 17 posts, you will not earn any more coins even you had exceeded 20 posts. In other words, 17 posts x 2 coins ( maximum), you will earn 34 coins per day.


How do I cash out?

You will need to earn 500 coins in order to cash out USD$5 through Paypal or Amazon gift vouchers or buy a Domain Name. Most members prefer the cash but you have to send your paypal address through PM to the team member. It takes around 14 days to reach 500 coins, you may cash out USD$10 in a month. Not bad and fast earning online.


What is Reputation?

Reputation is the points that you earned when fellow members liked your comments or suggestions. After you had left insightful comments which are helpful, the writer may press a thumbs up button to give you 1 reputation point and rate you. If you leave bad or negative comments, you will receive a thumbs down and minus 1 point . More reputation points indicate that you are a helpful commentor



Currently, my total coins are 420, another 80 coins to reach the minimum cash out. Most people had cashed out several times, so it is a legit site. When I have received USD$5, I will write a blog about it to let you know. So, why wait? Join ForumCoin Now!


Latest Update

With effect from 1st November, all Forumcoin members are allowed to post 10 posts per day. The previous 17 posts had been reduced due to falling rates. You can read more details HERE



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