Favorite Blogjob Topics


A writer who writes almost 70% of his articles related to a particular topic shows that he is passionate in that category than any other topic.

Sharing your specialize interest at Blogjob generate a huge viewership where the readers have the similar interest too.


So, what is your favorite Blogjob topic ?

What category do you prefer to read?


My favorites

I have top 3 favorites are:

  • Recipes
  • Kids and Parenting tips
  • How to save or increase Traffic and money related blogs

Passion in Asian recipes

Being a fulltime homemaker, I am keen in learning new recipes which I have not cook or bake before.

Learning from the professional could help me to improve my culinary skill but I prefer those with the accurate ingredient measurements and step by step pictures for me to understand better.


Hence, I look for simpler recipes which I don`t have to figure out how the whole cooking/baking process works even without the step by step pictures. I love to read Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesian style recipes that feature spicy sauces or paste which are unique and exquisite.


Passion in Kids and Parenting Tips

Next, I love to read kids related articles. Being parents is an easy peasy task at all.

I have a college teen and school age kid problems like anyone else.

Reading these Blogjob blogs related to kids, teens and parenting tips helped me to improve myself and solve my kids problems.

It is killing 2 birds with one stone.

Gain more knowledge and get rid of the sickening problems.

Some of the tips provided are practical, wise words to enlighten my backwards opinion , parents that shared their successful parenting skills gave me confidence to implement them without fear.


Another interesting topic I love to read is anything related to:

  • How to increase traffic
  • How to increase earnings
  • How to save money
  • Redeem at what time or day is appropriate


I am still learning from experienced Blogjob writers for their tips and advises how to solve the problems I had faced.


In the past, I used to write 8-9 post per day at other sites in order to increase my daily earning.

It is time-consuming and drained out my energy by the end of the day.

After I had read several useful blogs written by  &rapidblue and &kimdalessandro, related to earning money online issues and saving money which I had been seeking for.

They had enlightened me to use some of their methods which had worked out well at the moment.

My current strategy

Currently, , I write 2 blogs per day, spend more time interacting with other Blogjob members.

After posting 2 blogs, I spend most of my time participating Groups, Forums and reading other writers’ blogs which are my cup of tea.

Some may work out well while some don` t show any improvement at all.

Anyway, it is great to learn new stuff from these wonderful Blogjob writers blogs.

Reading diligently instead of a quick browse do make a huge difference. 

You won` miss out the important points.


What are the topics that catches your attention immediately?

What topic that puts you off ?

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