Wikinut New Decision

I had been writing for Wikinut since 2012.

It was heart devastated for me to receive the recent news from Wikinut in my incoming message box.



Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

No more earning at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

The Breaking Point

Wikinut has finally been going through a hard time as other sites; Writedge, Daily Two Cents and Squidoo did.

These writing online sites could not afford to continue to let the show goes on when they are facing financial problems.

The main reason is MONEY, other reasons are sub excuses to make the whole issue sounded  very critical and pitiful.

With effect from 10/Dec/2015, Wikinut had ceased the revenue share for new pages, views and writers activities. That is their new decision.

In other words, all writers will NOT BE PAID from now onwards.

New pages and old pages found at Wikinut will be viewed as FREE and the writers do not earn a single cent.

Every pages submitted will be done as free will , no obligation.

Wikinut had suddenly became a “Free Authors Community” where the revenue share program had been ceased.



Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

No more payment- drawn  by peachpurple


For those writers with out standing balance of pound 5, they will be paid by Wikinut as promised.

However, if your balance is less than pound 5, then you can consider your balance is wasted, will not be paid to you.

I have a few cents in my account balance, considered the money as a donation to Wikinut.

They will making the final payment on 10/Jan/2016 which is fair and square to all writers.




What can I do now? drawn by peachpurple


What can the existing writers do now?


  1. Carry on writing and posting pages as always but bear in mind that you are doing this in good will. Do not expect to be paid by Wikinut.
  2. Stop posting but keep your old pages here. Allow readers to read your pages which may link to your blogs or website. You may create external traffic at Wikinut too.
  3. Stop participating Wikinut. Stop writing, reading. Backup all your existing pages and delete them. Either close your account or leave it there just in case you may return one day.



Salute to the Moderators

Although it is sad to see Wikinut as a non paying writing site, I must SALUTE to all the hardworking moderators.

They had been working hard to answer assorted question, reading all pending pages before publishing them and rejected the non comply to the rules pages.

Steve Kinsman and Mark Gordon Brown had been my best moderator during my stay at Wikinut.

They had given me a lot of encouragements to write better pages.

They had provided me a lot of tips to revamp my pages to be the STAR PAGE.

a Star Page is considered a good page with rich contents to be featured at the main page.

My pages had been there quite often.

Whenever I had problems, I seek for their help by posting messages to them.

No doubt, they would reply to me in the next day without fail.

Instead the  original founder (Andrew) and technical lead (Sam) were not active at all which was really disappointing and a let down.



I will backup all my pages at Wikinut and remove the good, quality pages from there.

I will retain the not well received pages and retain my account.

I will visit Wikinut once a month to read my favourite writers’ pages that I had been following.

Last but not least, I wish Wikinut the best and don’t give up easily.

Don’t close the site, please.


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