Getting External Traffic from Linkedin


What is Linkedin

Linkedin is a well-known social networking website that was designed for people in business, writing and working class to connect each other.

It is also a site where jobless people to look for suitable jobs as according to your country of origin.


You can see the user’s occupation, employment history, education level, company of employment and the websites that he is active in.

Another thing you should know is, ANYONE can join in Linkedin , even though you are a homemaker, a student or a jobless person like me.


There are thousands of International people online and I even had the chance to connect my ex-classmate who had been working Singapore since 1980’s.


Reasons to register Linkein

  1. I had registered Linkedin when I first started my first recipe blog 8 years ago.
  2. Through Linkedin, my recipe blog gets external traffic, people who click onto my blog links and read my articles.
  3. You can see the number of people who had read your posts daily and who had connected you, read your profile and left kind messages in your Message Inbox .
  4. Linkedin doesn’t required any referral links or another user introduction.
  5. You can register it with your email address.





What you can do at Linkedin

There are a few things you can do at Linkedin to help your websites to increase more external traffic.

  1. Share an update– copy and paste your Blogjob post URL link here, your summarize article will appear, press SHARE
  2. Upload Photo– open the JPEG or PNG file of your photo, write a short note, press SHARE
  3. Publish a Post– Type in your article , insert photo and links, press SAVE and PUBLISH. The format is similar to Yahoo Mail Compose email .
  4. Besides that, remember to KEEP IN TOUCH with your new friends at the top, right corner of the page. You can see the user photo, his occupation, the number of years he had worked in the company. Press LIKE or COMMENT. ( I press LIKE)
  5. Invitation Sent Message will appear.
  6. If you are not keen to connect with a certain user, press SKIP, it will lead you to another new user.
  7. Some user do not accept random connections or followers. Hence, you have to fill in the user’s email address and a short message. ( I would skip that since I do not know the user either).






Connect as many connections ( users) if you can because you will have the higher chances to get Linkedin users to read your Blogjob posts.

You can also read their posts on the HOME page. ( I do read some of them which are interesting )


You can also connect the people you want to connect by typing in “BLOGJOB” in the SEARCH box at the top of the page.

There , you can see all the Blogjob users that had connected to Linkedin.

Press FOLLOW to connect them or VIEW to read their profile.


I really like Linkedin very much that had helped to generate external traffic to my Blogjob posts.


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Beware of Chatabout-Stay Away From It !


I have long heard about this site called “ Chatabout”

It is an online community site where you can earn online by writing short posts,

commenting and  participating offers, surveys, watching videos to achieve points.


I had read a few positive and negative reviews about Chatabout.

Most people were awarded with points , managed to claim their rewards but nobody had mentioned  about being kicked off without notification on the 2nd day.


Upon registration under my friend’s referral, I was awarded 500 points immediately.

I was happy and started to leave comments, follow other writers, participating

surveys, listening to radio,  watching videos to obtain the points.


Writing posts, require 48 hours of access, which means I couldn’t have my posts

published on my profile page.

That is allright with me as long I can carry on commenting and getting my points



By the second day, I had accumulated 550 points.

By the third day, I couldn’t log in with my username and password.

I  thought; it that maybe I had remembered wrong password.

Hence, I click onto “forget password” to obtain the new password.

To my dismay, the message appeared “ this email address doesn’t not exist”

I tried to log in again my email address and password, it says

“ Having trouble to access  email address”



Gosh, this is terrible.

Quickly, I send 2 emails to the admin using “contact” and waited.

Until today, I didn’t receive any messsages and my account is still not accessable.

I tried to register again which I did succcessfully.

Started to comment and write short posts again.



However on the same day, I tried to log in again,

Same problem.

I give up!

This is the 2nd attempt I had tried to register at Chatabout but this site is a scam.

It cheated on my points, deleting my account without any reasons at all.

I have not even had my post published yet.

At least, the admin should give me one good reason for kicking me out of this site TWICE!


So, DO STAY AWAY from Chatabout if you have not register yet.


In addition, my good friend at Blogjob also advised me to forget about this site.

He too had his account deleted for no reason either!

This article is posted based on my experience and opinion.

copyright allright reserved and photo by peachpurple


Difficulties to Interact at Blogjob

Sorry for not being able to blog here at Blogjob for the past few days.

I was extremely busy with spring cleaning from the 1st of February until the first day of Chinese New Year at 8th February.

You may not find me interacting at Blojob often during these period of time but I did post 2 blog posts per day and tried to interact with other bloggers too.


What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

Glitch or Internet Speed Problem

However, I had noticed a huge problem here at Blogjob.

I am not sure whether it is the glitch or the Internet speed problem.

You see, I have no problem in publishing new blog post and rarely had any missing points now.

I do post 2 blog posts daily and tried to interact with other bloggers but the webpage is lagging terribly.

I tried to comment in Groups, Forums, Sites and Members but each comment that I had posted did not refresh the page itself.

When I leave my comments, press the button “Post” , the page stays there for the last 3 minutes.

In order words, the page did not refresh and my points was not credited to my account.

When I hit the reload or refresh button, my comments were gone, I had to retype the comments again.

However, when I tried to log in other websites such as Hubpages, I had no problems with leaving comments on hubs and the page refresh itself after I hit the post button.

I thought maybe it was my laptop problem. Hence, I tried to interact with my smartphone.

Unfortunately, the same results happened. The page still doesn’t refresh on its own. It looks like a glitch from the Blogjob network.


Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

Error message

Furthermore, I had been facing “pop up” page such as “Server error” , “Webpage Error” which I had gave up after numerous of tries.

I knew that the Blogjob was under maintenance a few days ago but the next day, the site was still as bad as ever, still lags , stays stagnant on the same page, the circle arrow keeps circling for ages.



Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

Therefore, for the past 7 hours, I managed to achieve 15 points for leaving comments and interacting.

Usually, it just takes 1-2 hours to reach 50 points for interacting.

Now, it is going to take 1/2 day !!

Anyway, if you couldn’t find me answering your questions, please pardon me because the website page doesn’t refresh after I had posted my comments.

I don’t know what went wrong.

Help anyone?

Btw, I had sent a message to sir sheridan.

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My Incentive at Blogjob


The other day, my FB friends were asking me; “What is your incentive at Blogjob?”

This is an embarrassing question. What is the meaning of “incentive”?

I hit the google search and found out that incentive indicates :

the purpose of a person to do something for a purpose

the object or reasons that encourages you to do something at Blogjob.

Oh I get it now!

So, here are my incentive for writing at Blogjob.



  1. Are you here to write? 
  • Yes, I am here to write about sharing my recipe posts that I had cooked or baked everyday.
  • I do write at Hubpages but more often here than there.
  • All my recipes are original, home cooked and tested by myself.



  1. Are you here to share your words and wisdom?
  • I am not Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare.
  • Sharing my knowledge would be my opinion on certain topics that I am keen or talented in.
  • I would prefer to learn from the veteran writers, experienced Bloggers who are kind to share their tips and tricks on writing online and money earning topics.


  1. Are you here for the honest interaction?
  • Yes, I do interact everyday, at least 10 posts , leaving my comments but the problem is I don’t receive any return comments.
  • There seems to be more “LIKES” than comments. Don’t you think?
  • Hence, sometimes, I just “LIKE” some posts and carry on reading without commenting.
  • Very disappointed but then, 1 point for every “like” and “comment“, I can accept that.


Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

  1. Are you here for the money?

Well, you can’t deny that!

  • Read the redemption posts.
  • Everyone writer who had redeemed his first Blogjob payment or reached 5000 points / 10,000 points would definitely announce his achievement on the wall or blog post.
  • Blogging for earning money is not a guilt but a taste of satisfaction of victory


Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

Good grief, writing isn’t easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

  1. Are you here to cheat the system at every corner?

No, definitely not!

I don’t want my account to disappear for a stupid mistake.

Plagiarism and spamming are the most stupid ideas to apply at Blogjob.

You will lose money and your account once Sir Sheridan had been informed.

So, why take the risk? Be honest with your original work.

Write a blog post as your heart desires. That is the way you do it.

Copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

photos and original drawings b peachpurple



How to Claim your Missing Points for New Post

The first time when I noticed that My Balance points did not increase after I had submitted a blog post, I panic!

That happened a few months ago and I did not realized that I could claim my missing points by filling up the Missing Point Form. ( click here )

The best way to claim your 50 points is to submit the form IMMEDIATELY or on the same day.

If you planned to claim the 50 points after several days or weeks, you might not succeed because I had tried that and failed to claim them.

When I had found out that Missing Point Form does exist, I was too late. I had submitted 3 new blog posts 1 month ago but didn’t claim them immediately.

I tried to submit the form after 1 month but was not entitled which I believed it is hard to trace back for the admin team. It was my fault.

Do remember these tips:

  1. Always check your Balance Points before publish a new post.
  2. When you noticed that your Balance points DID NOT INCREASE after the new blog post had been submitted and published, claim your Missing Points IMMEDIATELY .
  3. It is not too late to claim your 50 points in 24 hours.


How to claim your Missing Points

  1. Fill up the Missing Points Form with:
  2. Your username
  3. Link the post : URL link of your new post (missing point)
  4. Press SUBMIT button
  5. You will receive an acknowledgement page right after the submission.
  6. Remember to save the screen shot of the page in case you need it as an evidence .
  7. You may need it to prove that you had  form if you had not received the entitle 50 points after 48 hours.

I had been experiencing Missing Points 2x a week for the past few months but I don’t mind as long Sir @sheridan did awarded the 50 points into my account very quickly.

However do remember that USA time and Asia time is different.

Do allow Sir Sheridan to wake up before you keep bombarding him with your pleas.

From my experience, it took 12 hours to received the missing 50 points.

Hence, don’t worry.

You will get your points as long you had submitted the Missing Point Form and let Sir Sheridan know about it on his profile wall.

Here are the screen shots that might be helpful to you:


Step 1:

Type in your username and copy, paste the URL link of your new blog post that wasn’t given the 50 points by peachpurple

missingpoint 1

Step 2: Your 50 points is in your account

missingpoint 2

Screen shot by peachpurple

copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

screenshots by peachpurple

17 Points Deducted , Again

What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple


I sure am glad to have posted a thread at the Blogjob Forum.

I wanted to know the reasons why I had been deducted 1 point for  unapproved comment or deleted comment which I did not do.

Having 3 points deducted in 1 week is acceptable but I couldn’t stand it when I had log into my account to encounter -17 points deductions at once.

There you go again, 17 points deducted again for a reason which I had to investigate.

I am grateful that Sir Sheridan had taken the initiative to explain the few possibilities behind the deductions:

  1. the post that I had left comments was deleted by the author of the post.
  2. Short posts, duplicate contents and plagiarism posts were removed from this site which I had commented.
  3. The entire blog post was deleted by the author on purpose.
  4. The author had closed his Blogjob account and removed all his blog posts.

However a couple of days ago, my blog points were deducted 17 points at once.

Hence, I went to check at MyKites instead of Blogjob.



Low earning puts writer off, drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple


My 6th sense was right.

A fellow blogger from Blogjob had posted an article at MyKites that she had deleted all her blog posts and closed her account here which had resulted to my points of deductions.

A day later, several Blogjob writers had highlighted points deductions on another thread forum too.

You can see the reasons of her actions at MyKites which she had posted. ( Click onto Mykites which will lead to her post)

By now, you should know who the author was.




I am sure there is a misunderstanding of the comments that a writer had left on this author’s blog post.

Although the writer had apologized to the author for her “untactful” comment, which I had not read and I don’t know which post was that about, some of us here are being “punished” for an unfair reason.

Although I couldn’t say who is right or wrong because what I had read was a one side story as I have not heard the other party reasons, I learnt a lesson that one should not act aggressively without pondering the consequences.

I sincerely hope not to encounter another BIG blow of points deduction again.

Please reconsider before you take any actions, there are other writers out here who are innocent.


As a fellow MyKites writer had said ”

 Money is not everything in this world. Your health your mind is what’s important. Fighting and bickering won’t do any good. Let go and move on”

I agree with her.


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drawings originally drawn by peachpurple


Why New Groups are Low In Comments

This is blog was written based on my review.

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay


We all know that when you created a new group, you will receive 2 points.

Joining a new group gives you 1 point too.

However, why are the groups low in comments?

Have you ever noticed that?

I had created new groups a couple of times, not even a handful.

The number of comments I had received were moderate.

I had found that majority of the recently new groups are low in writers’ comments.

You may find at least 10 writers had joined in the groups but only a few did leave their insightful comments related to the group title.

A few of my friends also agreed that they were sick and tired of joining new groups due to this reason.



Why New Groups with Low Comments

  1. It seems that writers joined in new groups for the purpose of earning 1 point .
  2. Those who had created the new groups were in the desire to earn 2 points.
  3. Furthermore, those titles of the groups were repeated. Ever noticed that?
  4. In addition , majority of the groups comments are a few days old except for the popular groups.

For example; Christmas Food Group, there are 2 identical title of this group.

The first group had 14 members while the 2nd had 7 members.

Why would writers answer the same group title?

.Hence, I decided not to create anymore new groups unless I could come up with a  unique title that has not been created here at Blogjob.




When you should create a New Group

  1. You can check the title first before creating it.
  2. At the search box, type in your desire title and press search.
  3. If the title does not exist, by all means, create it and start earning your 2 points.
  4. However, if your title is similar to the existing ones, please refrain from doing so.
  5. Firstly, your group would not last long because writers are not willing to pay attention to your Group purpose.
  6. Secondly, you are building up a lot of “trash groups”.
  7. Thirdly, the number of writers you had invited, only a small fraction of them had joined in.


Currently, some of my Blogjob friends and I had the same concept; only participate those groups which we had answered and leave new answers again.

You may noticed that I had left 2 or more different comments in the same group title.

Reason is I found many writers leaving their insightful comments and I am keen to keep that group active.

So, if you could, please at least leave one of your comment after you had joined in the group.

Thanks very much.

Let us try keep those useful groups alive.

Copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

photo: pixabay

drawing: peachpurple


Selfie Photo for your Avatar- Not Me!



OUT is my avatar image by peachpurple

my cat is my avatar image by peachpurple


You can know the author’s characteristics and preference by looking at the avatar photo that he had used.

Judging from various avatar that I had seen, almost half of the readers used their selfie photo for the avatar.

I am a cat lover. Hence, I use OUT as my avatar image.

Some people find no reasons to hide his own selfie photo as the avatar because they are confident, assured and believed there is nothing wrong to show friends, strangers who they are.

If your selfie photo is presentable, beautiful, handsome or just plainly You are what You are, no problem with uploading it as the avatar image.

The other half don’t, just like me, used nature photos or favorite pet as the main focus.

Different people have their own reasons and purposes.

I prefer not to use my own selfie photo because I was advised from doing so.



  • Prefer to be anonymous
  • Do not wish friends or family members to recognize me
  • The public will know you on the streets but you don’t know them
  • Afraid to be stalked by strangers. ( Paranoid?)
  • Keep profile confidential and low profile as possible.
  • Do not disclose original location, name to the public for safety purpose


Using idols photos, legal or not?

Anyway, do you noticed that there are a huge number of writers used actors, actress,  Kpop idols and anime characters as their avatar photos?

I would like to know, it is legal or illegal to use these copyright photos?

Are they violating any rules by uploading the photos for their avatar image?

Why do you use these idols images?

I could not think of other reasons besides that these actor/ actress / idols and anime photos  could be the writers favorite character.

They must have adored them very much and would like to attract viewers to drop by their  profile page and get them to read their latest articles.

Some people might had used these photos which may mislead readers thinking that this  writer posted articles related to these idols.

However, do not get me wrong.

I do not disagree or agree about using actor/ actress / idols and anime photos on the avatar as I still see many newbies do still used them without having any problems with  their accounts suspended or any problems with their payments.

Do you use your selfie photo as your avatar image?

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Photo by peachpurple

Wikinut New Decision

I had been writing for Wikinut since 2012.

It was heart devastated for me to receive the recent news from Wikinut in my incoming message box.



Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

No more earning at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

The Breaking Point

Wikinut has finally been going through a hard time as other sites; Writedge, Daily Two Cents and Squidoo did.

These writing online sites could not afford to continue to let the show goes on when they are facing financial problems.

The main reason is MONEY, other reasons are sub excuses to make the whole issue sounded  very critical and pitiful.

With effect from 10/Dec/2015, Wikinut had ceased the revenue share for new pages, views and writers activities. That is their new decision.

In other words, all writers will NOT BE PAID from now onwards.

New pages and old pages found at Wikinut will be viewed as FREE and the writers do not earn a single cent.

Every pages submitted will be done as free will , no obligation.

Wikinut had suddenly became a “Free Authors Community” where the revenue share program had been ceased.



Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

No more payment- drawn  by peachpurple


For those writers with out standing balance of pound 5, they will be paid by Wikinut as promised.

However, if your balance is less than pound 5, then you can consider your balance is wasted, will not be paid to you.

I have a few cents in my account balance, considered the money as a donation to Wikinut.

They will making the final payment on 10/Jan/2016 which is fair and square to all writers.




What can I do now? drawn by peachpurple


What can the existing writers do now?


  1. Carry on writing and posting pages as always but bear in mind that you are doing this in good will. Do not expect to be paid by Wikinut.
  2. Stop posting but keep your old pages here. Allow readers to read your pages which may link to your blogs or website. You may create external traffic at Wikinut too.
  3. Stop participating Wikinut. Stop writing, reading. Backup all your existing pages and delete them. Either close your account or leave it there just in case you may return one day.



Salute to the Moderators

Although it is sad to see Wikinut as a non paying writing site, I must SALUTE to all the hardworking moderators.

They had been working hard to answer assorted question, reading all pending pages before publishing them and rejected the non comply to the rules pages.

Steve Kinsman and Mark Gordon Brown had been my best moderator during my stay at Wikinut.

They had given me a lot of encouragements to write better pages.

They had provided me a lot of tips to revamp my pages to be the STAR PAGE.

a Star Page is considered a good page with rich contents to be featured at the main page.

My pages had been there quite often.

Whenever I had problems, I seek for their help by posting messages to them.

No doubt, they would reply to me in the next day without fail.

Instead the  original founder (Andrew) and technical lead (Sam) were not active at all which was really disappointing and a let down.



I will backup all my pages at Wikinut and remove the good, quality pages from there.

I will retain the not well received pages and retain my account.

I will visit Wikinut once a month to read my favourite writers’ pages that I had been following.

Last but not least, I wish Wikinut the best and don’t give up easily.

Don’t close the site, please.


Share – Don’t Copy. 

Copyright 2015 peachpurple All Rights Reserved.

Please do not copy and paste these photos and my original drawings in this article elsewhere without written permission from me. Thank you.