Honest Review on Clixsense

This is the latest site that I had just registered under @jkct01 bro.

He had recommended me to give a shot on this site for a side income, no writing job, just click the ads and wait.

The name is Clixsense.


What is Clixsense?

  • It is a PTC ( paid to click ) site plus a Survey site where you are offered to answer a couple of surveys daily.
  • You can earn money by viewing the versatile advertisements which loads in 10 seconds.
  • You can earn approximately USD$0.001 to $0.02 cents per click.
  • You can earn money through answering the offered surveys which varies from 80 cents to dollars.



Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Time is money drawn by peachpurple



How do you earn at Clixsense?

  1. View at least 25 advertisements daily, which could earn you $0.025 cents.
  2. You could complete the surveys. Answer the surveys honestly.If you input false data, you are less likely to be rejected. No harm trying.
  3. Another way is to click the boxes in Clix Grid. All you have to do is guess which box has money. It is a nature picture turned into check boxes, very tiny of them. You have 10 chances to guess. Everyday, someone will guess correctly.
  4. Complete Tasks. This is a little difficult. You are given a variety of tasks to complete. For example listening to radio station, 





earning coins

earning coins


Quicker way to earn at Clixsense?

  • Who says referral links are useless?
  • Share your referral links at various sites.
  • Write a short summary about this PTC site and insert your referral link.
  • You will earn commissions from your friends when they view the advertisements , complete surveys daily.

The more people registered under your referral link, you are likely to earn faster at Clixsense.

Join in HERE if you are interested to start earning extra income now. 

It is free to join, no register fees or whatever nonsense.


Is it a scam site?

Definitely not. You can ask @jkct01.

He has redeemed his USD$8 which is the minimum payout at Clixsense.

It pays by Paypal.


What are the disadvantages?

  • Only two.
  • You cannot open another tab to surf other sites when you had clicked the advertisements.
  • You have to wait, stay on that page until the bar finished uploading in 10 seconds.
  • Then you are entitled $0.001 per click.
  • It does not support cellphones.
  • It will not load at all. No idea why.
  • Hence, if you are blogging at Blogjob with your cellphone, you could allow the Clixsense ads to load on your PC while you wait.

Has anyone joined Clixsense?

Have you cash out yet?

Any comments?




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Originally drawn by peachpurple