Getting External Traffic from Linkedin


What is Linkedin

Linkedin is a well-known social networking website that was designed for people in business, writing and working class to connect each other.

It is also a site where jobless people to look for suitable jobs as according to your country of origin.


You can see the user’s occupation, employment history, education level, company of employment and the websites that he is active in.

Another thing you should know is, ANYONE can join in Linkedin , even though you are a homemaker, a student or a jobless person like me.


There are thousands of International people online and I even had the chance to connect my ex-classmate who had been working Singapore since 1980’s.


Reasons to register Linkein

  1. I had registered Linkedin when I first started my first recipe blog 8 years ago.
  2. Through Linkedin, my recipe blog gets external traffic, people who click onto my blog links and read my articles.
  3. You can see the number of people who had read your posts daily and who had connected you, read your profile and left kind messages in your Message Inbox .
  4. Linkedin doesn’t required any referral links or another user introduction.
  5. You can register it with your email address.





What you can do at Linkedin

There are a few things you can do at Linkedin to help your websites to increase more external traffic.

  1. Share an update– copy and paste your Blogjob post URL link here, your summarize article will appear, press SHARE
  2. Upload Photo– open the JPEG or PNG file of your photo, write a short note, press SHARE
  3. Publish a Post– Type in your article , insert photo and links, press SAVE and PUBLISH. The format is similar to Yahoo Mail Compose email .
  4. Besides that, remember to KEEP IN TOUCH with your new friends at the top, right corner of the page. You can see the user photo, his occupation, the number of years he had worked in the company. Press LIKE or COMMENT. ( I press LIKE)
  5. Invitation Sent Message will appear.
  6. If you are not keen to connect with a certain user, press SKIP, it will lead you to another new user.
  7. Some user do not accept random connections or followers. Hence, you have to fill in the user’s email address and a short message. ( I would skip that since I do not know the user either).






Connect as many connections ( users) if you can because you will have the higher chances to get Linkedin users to read your Blogjob posts.

You can also read their posts on the HOME page. ( I do read some of them which are interesting )


You can also connect the people you want to connect by typing in “BLOGJOB” in the SEARCH box at the top of the page.

There , you can see all the Blogjob users that had connected to Linkedin.

Press FOLLOW to connect them or VIEW to read their profile.


I really like Linkedin very much that had helped to generate external traffic to my Blogjob posts.


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4 Simple Ways to Create Own Images


Every Blogjob writer knows that one is  not allowed to use copyright images

or photos without the site owner’s approval.

We can use free images or photos from free to use websites such as or



As for me, I had started to use my own images, drawings and photos .

Frankly speaking, I do find that creating my own images are not difficult at all.

This is how I collected my own images in my photo lists:

red peppers taken by peachpurple

red peppers taken by peachpurple

  1. Cellphone built in camera
  • Take photos with my cellphone for all my recipes I had baked and cooked.
  • I took the step by step photos in order to provide readers a better view of how

the instructions are implemented in the tasks.

Therefore, this could prove that the recipes I had posted are real, originally done by me.


Doughnuts baked by peachpurple

Doughnuts baked by peachpurple

2) Take photos with digital cameras

Digital cameras are portable, small in size, convenient to bring along in handbag, backpack and slip into our jeans pocket.

It is easier to snap photos when you walk around the park, shopping mall which you may find them useful for your blog contents.





3) Draw my own images or cartoons.

  • I am a passionate lover for drawings.
  • I started to indulge myself into drawing since my teen days in school.
  • Unfortunately, I do not have the talent in coloring.
  • As you may see, almost half of my post were uploaded with my own drawings.
  • My hand drawn cartoon characters signifies what I think or feel that goes along with the contents. Amazingly, most writers found them comical, superb and I am happy when they appreciate my drawings with compliments.

At least someone appreciate my talent. Thanks !


chg site5

Snapshots on the screen by peachpurple

4) Use MsPaint-

Sorry, I am not good at using MsPaint as some professional writers do.

However, I do use MsPaint for my snapshots on screen.

If you are good at using certain programs , you could create your own images by adding text to

your photos taken or inserting cliparts .

Go ahead create your solely own images that nobody can copy.

Show your creativity as I did on my drawings.




If you are not talented on neither, simply omit the images.

Great articles contents is much important that could draw a great deal of views too .

Do you prefer to include images into your blogs?

Are you talented in drawings or taking photos?


Written , drawn by peachpurple

Copyright by peachpurple