Persona Paper is Shutting Down

Persona Paper is shutting down.

It is having the same problems as other sites (BBW, BMN, WE, DTC, WN ) that we had known which had closed down last year.

Everyone is blaming on the ads revenue and we can’t blame them for making this final decision.

Writing online at Blogjob wasn't easy, drawn by peachpurple

Writing online  wasn’t easy, drawn by peachpurple

What I have to say

To be honest, I had been writing at Persona Paper since January 2015.

It is almost a year and I am ashamed to admit that I HAD NOT REDEEM any money yet.

The minimum payout is USD$20 but I had earned USD$6 until today.

I do not mind if I am not being paid at all because I had not contributed much at this site.

Persona Paper is alike Mykites and the dead BBW.

I like the writing format, the community harmony and personally, I was surprised that the level of spamming is extremely low. The team management had done well on this part.



Why I don’t write at Persona paper Often

  1. The only disadvantage is the low earning which had disperse some of its’ writer from writing posts daily.
  2. Another problem was the popping advertisement which had caused my laptop OS failure several times.

According the Norton Anti Virus, it was malware virus from this site because every time I log in Persona paper, the ads kept blocking my view.

Hence with this ads problem, I had cut down on my visits there.

Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

The reasons

Some writers had seen the signs of Persona paper facing some problems for quite some time.

People are pinpointing at Adsense as the main cause to had driven Persona Paper to step into the coffin.

When people reads posts, some may click on the ads to generate revenue to the site. I don’t click to ads on any site because I don’t trust these ads.

Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Kind admin

  1. Although the admin had mentioned that she wasn’t sure who will receive the payments, I am sure that she will try to send out payments via Paypal for those with high amount in pending at the moment.
  2. It was kind of the admin to inform that those writers who are earning less than USD$20 payout, may or may not receive payments too if there is sufficient funds.
  3. Furthermore, writers are given ample time to back up their posts which was kind of the team to be so helpful.



Anyway, I am glad to say, I had enjoyed my stay at Persona Paper, although I don’t contribute much posts there due to the abovementioned reasons.

In addition, I won’t be backing up any of my posts either since majority are rants and nonsense article.

Let us not stop writing at whatever sites that had left us.

I will be focusing on Blogjob and Hubpages everyday and hope to meet some of our Persona paper friends here.


Bon Voyage Persona Paper!

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Why I Don’t Often Write at Persona Paper

Writing online at Blogjob wasn't easy, drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple

I started to join at Persona paper in early January 2015.

At first, I was pretty active there since Bubblews had been cheating on me since October 2014.

I had to find other baskets to invest my eggs, so I was recommended by a fellow friend to try Persona paper out.

Since the minimum payout is USD$20, I thought that I could cash out fast but something had been bothering me so much.

You see, I use my laptop and sometimes my cellphone to log in Persona Paper site.

The biggest problem is the ads on the site and the so-called malware virus.

Both my laptop and cellphone are protected with anti-virus software which I had downloaded for free.

Whenever I log into my account, search for articles to read, the pages kept pooping out messages that my gadgets are infected with virus in Malay language: “Whatsapp Anda Sudah Lupuk” with the whatsapp green logo.

I had to close the site, start “Full Scan” to make sure there aren’t any virus. Unfortunately , it was confirmed a malware virus.


What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple

I wasn’t the only one having this problem because when I typed in the message, there are several forums discussing about this message pop ups.

I had to download Malwarebytes in my cellphone to scan and delete the ads virus.

As for my laptop, I had to reformat the whole OS and refrain from using this Persona Paper again.

In the Google chrome Extensions, I found a couple of odd plugins which I had not downloaded.

Removed those odd plugins and restart my laptop. Checked again the extensions, confirmed they are gone.

However, once I start to log in Persona Paper, the pop up ads popped again and the odd plugins reappeared in the Google Chrome extensions.

This is really annoying and tiring. I did the Full Scan and removed the malware virus again.

Now, I use my cellphone to log in this site but not often.

The most is once a week, the least, once a month.

I don’t intend to close my account yet  because my earnings has accumulated to USD$8.

I don’t want to give up yet until I could find a way to stop those malware virus from attacking my laptop.

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