17 Points Deducted , Again

What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple


I sure am glad to have posted a thread at the Blogjob Forum.

I wanted to know the reasons why I had been deducted 1 point for  unapproved comment or deleted comment which I did not do.

Having 3 points deducted in 1 week is acceptable but I couldn’t stand it when I had log into my account to encounter -17 points deductions at once.

There you go again, 17 points deducted again for a reason which I had to investigate.

I am grateful that Sir Sheridan had taken the initiative to explain the few possibilities behind the deductions:

  1. the post that I had left comments was deleted by the author of the post.
  2. Short posts, duplicate contents and plagiarism posts were removed from this site which I had commented.
  3. The entire blog post was deleted by the author on purpose.
  4. The author had closed his Blogjob account and removed all his blog posts.

However a couple of days ago, my blog points were deducted 17 points at once.

Hence, I went to check at MyKites instead of Blogjob.



Low earning puts writer off, drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple


My 6th sense was right.

A fellow blogger from Blogjob had posted an article at MyKites that she had deleted all her blog posts and closed her account here which had resulted to my points of deductions.

A day later, several Blogjob writers had highlighted points deductions on another thread forum too.

You can see the reasons of her actions at MyKites which she had posted. ( Click onto Mykites which will lead to her post)

By now, you should know who the author was.




I am sure there is a misunderstanding of the comments that a writer had left on this author’s blog post.

Although the writer had apologized to the author for her “untactful” comment, which I had not read and I don’t know which post was that about, some of us here are being “punished” for an unfair reason.

Although I couldn’t say who is right or wrong because what I had read was a one side story as I have not heard the other party reasons, I learnt a lesson that one should not act aggressively without pondering the consequences.

I sincerely hope not to encounter another BIG blow of points deduction again.

Please reconsider before you take any actions, there are other writers out here who are innocent.


As a fellow MyKites writer had said ”

 Money is not everything in this world. Your health your mind is what’s important. Fighting and bickering won’t do any good. Let go and move on”

I agree with her.


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drawings originally drawn by peachpurple


MyKites Review

After Beer Money Nation had closed its’ doors to the public, I found another site which was introduced by @rapidblue .

MyKites is another blogging site that opens to international writers who love to write.

Rest assured, it is a legit site.

Having read @rapidblue short summary, I went to hunt down for reviews and forums related to this site.

Write a kite now! by pixabay

Write a kite now! by pixabay

Summary of MyKites:

  1. The writer is called “Kiter”

  2. Each post is called “Kites”

  3. Each point is called” Kite Flight Points”

  4. You can write maximum 10 Kites per day

  5. Each View, Like and Comment you earn  = 1 Flight Point

  6. Refer to your friends= 50 flight point

  7. You can redeem after you had reached 5000 flight points = USD$16

  8. Submit button is called “Fly”

  9. Minimum 100 characters per Kite


Here are my honest review:

  1. It is easy to write 1 long sentence with 100 characters in a day. I usually write 2-5 kites per day depends on what I can think of.
  2. There is no answer whether I can add referral link or external links to the kites. I had checked the FAQ, but no answer there. I had sent 2x message to the admin, still no answer. The only thing I know is no external link that may harm the readers. 
  3. MyKites pays through Paypal to international writers and by cheque for India writers. This is good news to them.
  4. No spamming allowed, whether in comments or kites. So, you can press the “Report Abuse” button when you find any spamming comments. 
  5. You can press “Likes” or”Dislikes” which is similar to the belated Bubblews. You each 1 flight point for each task.
  6. All newbies are at the “Newbie” level , know as profile status. I had seen a handful of “Beginner” status with at least 5000-7000 flight points. 
  7. It says that you can create or join Groups but I cannot find any buttons to perform that task. 
  8. You can see your earning flight points and number of friends on your profile page, the number twirl like a casino jackpot.
  9. Your referral link is clearly visible, no need to hunt it down. Just below “About Me’.
  10. You can edit your About Me and your profile page anytime you want to. Hence, everyone will know your age and which country you reside in.


If you are interested, Join with me and fly your kites with your daily rants, questions, poems, quotes , whatever that comes into your mind.

Great for writers that hates to write lengthy post.


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