Weird Connection


Have you ever encounter weird connection when you are outdoor?

Today, I was at another residential area, visiting an old relative at her home.

Her residential area is located 30minutes from my house, different phone number, different username and different modem.

Now , at the moment, the adsl line of her modem was blinking which means there was something wrong with the internet line.

I had tried turning off the modem switch, on it again, still the ADSl light kept blinking.


Hence, I changed to another spare modem that she had in hand.

Unfortunately, the same result occurred.

I helped her to make a report by calling the telephone center.


Indeed, after the telephonist had checked her line is faulty , spontaneously produced a report number which I had jotted down. It will take 24 hours to 48 hours to fix the internet problem.

It seemed that the internet port had been disconnected or “jumped” which required the technician to fix it.

After I had put down the phone, I tried to go online buy switching on my cellphone wlan.

Immediately, it connected to my home internet line.

Although the modem was turned off, I could use my cellphone to connect the wifi connected to my home modem which was 30minutes from my relatives house.

Isn’t it weird?

I managed to have this weird connection and blogging right now online at Blogjob without the modem on.


Miracle isn’t it?

I wanted to make sure that the modem username and password were not mine, I had switched the modem on and went into the settings.

Thank goodness , those were hers.

Ironically, this is not the first time I could connect WIFI to home modem when I am out.

I think it is connected to my cellphone WLAN.

Anyway, I had better shut off WLAN and disconnect it.

Otherwise, strangers would be able to access to my WIFI.


Have you ever encountered such weird connection?

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photo by pixabay