Hubpages Review


I love Hubpages – drawn by peaachpurple



This is my review on Hubpages, a blogging website which I had been writing for 5 years.

Next year will be the 6th year of blogging, the longest ever for me.

Hubpages is similar to Blogjob, Squidoo, Helium.

My profile page is Peachpurple Hubpages

When you create a new article, it is called “Hubs” which is similar to “Blogs” as to Blogjob.

In this site, you will earn money through different programs or so-called “sites”


Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Earning money at Hubpages drawn by peachpurple


How do you earn money at Hubpages

  • Sign up for Hubpages Earning Program
  • Sign up at Ebay
  • Sign up at Amazon
  • Sign up at Adsense
  • Share your referral links
  • ( Please use my Peachpurple referral Link, appreciated with thanks )
  • Join in Hub Contests
Writing online at Blogjob wasn't easy, drawn by peachpurple

Writing online at Hubpages wasn’t easy, drawn by peachpurple

 What should you do at Hubpages

  1. Write at least 700 words per hub
  2. Include your original images , photos, put the credits under your name
  3. You can use pixabay, freedigitalphotos, any free to use image website , remember to put credit under the site name
  4. You can include video, polls, quiz, recipe layout into your hub
  5. You can include capsules ( links ) to Amazon, Ebay which attracts your readers to click the ads. You earn money from there.
  6. You can use ready-made layouts or templates offered by Hubpages when you “Start a Hub”
  7. You can learn how to use Hubapges through the Learning center which is the FAQ, full of step by step instructions to guide you along.
  8. The community is user-friendly, helpful, leaves insightful comments to each newbies and regular members.
  9. You can Flag down user or Report Spam if you find the comments or hubs are inappropriate , spamming and plagiarism. The buttons are there for you to click on.
  10. Minimum payout USD$50, you can accumulate your monthly earnings. Once your earnings reached USD$50, it will automatically transfer your earnings to your Paypal  on the 28th of the next month.


If you are looking for a long-term earning site, I would recommend you to try Hubpages.

If you are looking for a good site with useful contents, helpful tips, Hubpages is for you.

However, if you are looking for a site to earn quick money in 2 weeks, Hubpages isn’t going to turn you a millionaire that quick.

Have a look at my recipes, crafts and articles at Peachpurple Hubpages and you will understand why I love that site.

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Photo and drawing credits: peachpurple