Won $5 from Beer Money Nation Drawing Contest

Turkey Drawing that I had won - drawn by peachpurple

Turkey Drawing that I had won – drawn by peachpurple

Good news!

I had won 500points = USD$5 from Beer Money Nation drawing contest!

Yipee! I was thrilled when the admin had announced the drawing contest results.

There was 3 prizes;  the winner gets 500 points  while 2 consolation prizes with 100 points each.

I must admit that it was a good competition to compete with these young talented artists.

These 2 writers at BMN are young adults in mid 20s while I am a housewife with a teenager , almost the same age as them!

The turkey drawing contest was officially announced on 25th November 2015 in order to celebrate Thanksgiving Day which was just a day away.

The criteria was to:

  1. draw a turkey by hand
  2. write BMN somewhere in the picture
  3. put in your username
  4. upload to imgur website
  5. send the link to the comment box in the post where the competition was held.


It took me 3 minutes to draw the turkey since I am familiar with drawing cartoons. Sketching was a breeze for me but the hardest part were taking the photo with my Lenovo cellphone and uploaded it to imgur site.

I got panicked when my cellphone was running low on battery. As you can see, the drawn picture was not very clear but I had managed to snap 2 photos of them and uploaded them as fast as I can.

As for imgur, you are required to register , which was quite fast, in order to keep your images uploaded . For guest user, you need not register the site since you are there to view it. 

At Beer Money Nation, you are able to participate contests and giveaways to win points.

Previously, there was a giveaway contest for best comments to thank for on Thanksgiving day. 3 writers had won with 100 points each. My heartiest congratulation to them!

The best part was getting congratulate response from friends. I felt so delighted and happy with their kind and encouraging comments.

Thank you everyone here and there for your well wishes.

Yes! I have won !


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drawn by peachpurple