Beer Money Nation Shutting Down

As the saying goes” All Good Things Come to an End ” and so does earning online sites.

Beer Money nation was first set up by KJ, a student in Louisiana, this year.

I guessed that his hands are all tied up with many obstacles which he had claimed in his post, causing him to finally decided to shut down BMN by next week or so.

What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

What really happened to BMN? – drawn by peachpurple

I was really shocked when I read his post which was alerted my attention on the top of my profile page.

Before I read further, I quickly redeem my 1561 points which I had in hand. Who knows whether I would receive my payment or not but I am not taking any risk now.

After learning my lesson from Bubblews, I was hoping that BMN wasn’t the second one.

Unfortunately, it IS the case.

The admin, KJ claimed that he had some issues with Adsense, couldn’t pay attention to this site since he is a student with limited resources. He claimed that BMN wasn’t a “Huge profit” to him at all.

BMN had a good start, with huge traffic coming in from Blogjob and Forumcoin members to join in. This site is similar to Blogjob because it uses the same WordPress format which is user-friendly.

However, the admin had a hard time to control the spammers which had been sending spamming message. I did reported a spammer to one of the mod and he did took control of the matter.

I was happy to be at BMN because the community members were as friendly as Blogjob, helpful and full of encouragement comments to keep me going.

It is sad, shocking and disappointed that KJ decided to shut it down when this site is still a baby.

I wish KJ and his moderators well, venture elsewhere site with good potential and maybe we might bump each other again somewhere out there.

For those of you who has 215 points, do cash out now. The only payment available is Paypal $2 and $5.

215 points for $2 and 515 points for $5. Other payment methods had been removed. Remember, redeem your points before 8:00 PM CST on Friday

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drawing drawn by peachpurple

Won $5 from Beer Money Nation Drawing Contest

Turkey Drawing that I had won - drawn by peachpurple

Turkey Drawing that I had won – drawn by peachpurple

Good news!

I had won 500points = USD$5 from Beer Money Nation drawing contest!

Yipee! I was thrilled when the admin had announced the drawing contest results.

There was 3 prizes;  the winner gets 500 points  while 2 consolation prizes with 100 points each.

I must admit that it was a good competition to compete with these young talented artists.

These 2 writers at BMN are young adults in mid 20s while I am a housewife with a teenager , almost the same age as them!

The turkey drawing contest was officially announced on 25th November 2015 in order to celebrate Thanksgiving Day which was just a day away.

The criteria was to:

  1. draw a turkey by hand
  2. write BMN somewhere in the picture
  3. put in your username
  4. upload to imgur website
  5. send the link to the comment box in the post where the competition was held.


It took me 3 minutes to draw the turkey since I am familiar with drawing cartoons. Sketching was a breeze for me but the hardest part were taking the photo with my Lenovo cellphone and uploaded it to imgur site.

I got panicked when my cellphone was running low on battery. As you can see, the drawn picture was not very clear but I had managed to snap 2 photos of them and uploaded them as fast as I can.

As for imgur, you are required to register , which was quite fast, in order to keep your images uploaded . For guest user, you need not register the site since you are there to view it. 

At Beer Money Nation, you are able to participate contests and giveaways to win points.

Previously, there was a giveaway contest for best comments to thank for on Thanksgiving day. 3 writers had won with 100 points each. My heartiest congratulation to them!

The best part was getting congratulate response from friends. I felt so delighted and happy with their kind and encouraging comments.

Thank you everyone here and there for your well wishes.

Yes! I have won !


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drawn by peachpurple


Beer Money Nation Review

Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Blogging money drawn by peachpurple

Recently, I had found another blogging online site where you can earn fast money as Blogjob.

It uses WordPress format as Blogjob but a few features are different on the platform.

It is called Beer Money Nation ( popularly known as BMN ). Join HERE 

1 point equals USD$0.01, which is similar to Blogjob.

Here are the tips how you can earn your points:

  1. Every new, original written post = 10p
  2. Every comment on other writer’s post = 1p
  3. Reply comments on your post = 2p
  4. Update your or other writer’s wall = 0.5p
  5. Update your profile = 0.5p
  6. Referral link -someone registers under your link = 50p
  7. Daily log in = 1p
  8. First time register , immediately gets =10p
  9. Approve comment = 1p

Here are my honest review on Beer Money Nation after I had registered on 16-11-2015

drawn by peachpurple

I love BMN =drawn by peachpurple



  • No words limit, as long your post is related to the category chosen. A few writers had published 1 long sentence (approximately 10 words )with an originally taken picture uploaded at imgur, gets approved and earned 10p. However, most writers write at least 100 words for every post.
  • Categories are fixed. Most posts are in the Uncategorized or Off Topic category. Hence, no messy, unorganized categories.
  • You can edit your post when it is still under Pending.
  • Contest and competitions are frequently organized by the admin to encourage writers to join in. Prizes are very eye-catching. I had won 500p (USD$5) for winner of Turkey drawing contest. Consolation prize for 2 person with 100p each (USD$1)
  • Lots of Forumcoin and Blogjob friends had registered. Feel at home with people I know. @grecy095 is the most active and top writer at Beer Money Nation.
  • You can send PM (Private Message) to your friends. It is hidden from the public.
  • Quick to reach redeem points. Minimum required 500p = USD$5, writers are eager to reach goal daily.
  • Redeem points option: Bitcoin, Paypal, Google Wallet and Amazon Gift Card


Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

Good Grief with the cons= drawn by peachpurple


  • Lots of rant posts daily. Some of the posts are very short. Writers are trying to earn 10p just to publish a post. No informative contents.
  • You cannot create your own category.
  • No set featured image. You have to use imgur to upload your image online. Then copy the jpg link of your photo and paste in your post.
  • You cannot edit your post after published.
  • Needs 24-48 to approve your posts. You won’t be able to see all 10 posts at once or the next day. By luck, you may get 5 approved, the rest wait for another day.
  • Spamming comments are rising. Had to report the spammers to the admin.
  • You have to keep track of your published post on your own. You can see the first 12 post under your username but the old posts are hidden.
  • No Forum or groups for writers to join. No discussion here.

Overall, I would say, GO FOR IT! If you are lazy to write 300 words here, go for Beer Money Nation. Lots of writers from are writing 100 words or less on BMN and earning 10p . I must admit that Blogjob gives better earning for writing post (50p).


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Original drawing by peachpurple