Selfie Photo for your Avatar- Not Me!



OUT is my avatar image by peachpurple

my cat is my avatar image by peachpurple


You can know the author’s characteristics and preference by looking at the avatar photo that he had used.

Judging from various avatar that I had seen, almost half of the readers used their selfie photo for the avatar.

I am a cat lover. Hence, I use OUT as my avatar image.

Some people find no reasons to hide his own selfie photo as the avatar because they are confident, assured and believed there is nothing wrong to show friends, strangers who they are.

If your selfie photo is presentable, beautiful, handsome or just plainly You are what You are, no problem with uploading it as the avatar image.

The other half don’t, just like me, used nature photos or favorite pet as the main focus.

Different people have their own reasons and purposes.

I prefer not to use my own selfie photo because I was advised from doing so.



  • Prefer to be anonymous
  • Do not wish friends or family members to recognize me
  • The public will know you on the streets but you don’t know them
  • Afraid to be stalked by strangers. ( Paranoid?)
  • Keep profile confidential and low profile as possible.
  • Do not disclose original location, name to the public for safety purpose


Using idols photos, legal or not?

Anyway, do you noticed that there are a huge number of writers used actors, actress,  Kpop idols and anime characters as their avatar photos?

I would like to know, it is legal or illegal to use these copyright photos?

Are they violating any rules by uploading the photos for their avatar image?

Why do you use these idols images?

I could not think of other reasons besides that these actor/ actress / idols and anime photos  could be the writers favorite character.

They must have adored them very much and would like to attract viewers to drop by their  profile page and get them to read their latest articles.

Some people might had used these photos which may mislead readers thinking that this  writer posted articles related to these idols.

However, do not get me wrong.

I do not disagree or agree about using actor/ actress / idols and anime photos on the avatar as I still see many newbies do still used them without having any problems with  their accounts suspended or any problems with their payments.

Do you use your selfie photo as your avatar image?

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Photo by peachpurple