4 Simple Ways to Create Own Images


Every Blogjob writer knows that one is  not allowed to use copyright images

or photos without the site owner’s approval.

We can use free images or photos from free to use websites such as morguefile.com or freedigitalphotos.net



As for me, I had started to use my own images, drawings and photos .

Frankly speaking, I do find that creating my own images are not difficult at all.

This is how I collected my own images in my photo lists:

red peppers taken by peachpurple

red peppers taken by peachpurple

  1. Cellphone built in camera
  • Take photos with my cellphone for all my recipes I had baked and cooked.
  • I took the step by step photos in order to provide readers a better view of how

the instructions are implemented in the tasks.

Therefore, this could prove that the recipes I had posted are real, originally done by me.


Doughnuts baked by peachpurple

Doughnuts baked by peachpurple

2) Take photos with digital cameras

Digital cameras are portable, small in size, convenient to bring along in handbag, backpack and slip into our jeans pocket.

It is easier to snap photos when you walk around the park, shopping mall which you may find them useful for your blog contents.





3) Draw my own images or cartoons.

  • I am a passionate lover for drawings.
  • I started to indulge myself into drawing since my teen days in school.
  • Unfortunately, I do not have the talent in coloring.
  • As you may see, almost half of my post were uploaded with my own drawings.
  • My hand drawn cartoon characters signifies what I think or feel that goes along with the contents. Amazingly, most writers found them comical, superb and I am happy when they appreciate my drawings with compliments.

At least someone appreciate my talent. Thanks !


chg site5

Snapshots on the screen by peachpurple

4) Use MsPaint-

Sorry, I am not good at using MsPaint as some professional writers do.

However, I do use MsPaint for my snapshots on screen.

If you are good at using certain programs , you could create your own images by adding text to

your photos taken or inserting cliparts .

Go ahead create your solely own images that nobody can copy.

Show your creativity as I did on my drawings.




If you are not talented on neither, simply omit the images.

Great articles contents is much important that could draw a great deal of views too .

Do you prefer to include images into your blogs?

Are you talented in drawings or taking photos?


Written , drawn by peachpurple

Copyright by peachpurple

Why New Groups are Low In Comments

This is blog was written based on my review.

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay


We all know that when you created a new group, you will receive 2 points.

Joining a new group gives you 1 point too.

However, why are the groups low in comments?

Have you ever noticed that?

I had created new groups a couple of times, not even a handful.

The number of comments I had received were moderate.

I had found that majority of the recently new groups are low in writers’ comments.

You may find at least 10 writers had joined in the groups but only a few did leave their insightful comments related to the group title.

A few of my friends also agreed that they were sick and tired of joining new groups due to this reason.



Why New Groups with Low Comments

  1. It seems that writers joined in new groups for the purpose of earning 1 point .
  2. Those who had created the new groups were in the desire to earn 2 points.
  3. Furthermore, those titles of the groups were repeated. Ever noticed that?
  4. In addition , majority of the groups comments are a few days old except for the popular groups.

For example; Christmas Food Group, there are 2 identical title of this group.

The first group had 14 members while the 2nd had 7 members.

Why would writers answer the same group title?

.Hence, I decided not to create anymore new groups unless I could come up with a  unique title that has not been created here at Blogjob.




When you should create a New Group

  1. You can check the title first before creating it.
  2. At the search box, type in your desire title and press search.
  3. If the title does not exist, by all means, create it and start earning your 2 points.
  4. However, if your title is similar to the existing ones, please refrain from doing so.
  5. Firstly, your group would not last long because writers are not willing to pay attention to your Group purpose.
  6. Secondly, you are building up a lot of “trash groups”.
  7. Thirdly, the number of writers you had invited, only a small fraction of them had joined in.


Currently, some of my Blogjob friends and I had the same concept; only participate those groups which we had answered and leave new answers again.

You may noticed that I had left 2 or more different comments in the same group title.

Reason is I found many writers leaving their insightful comments and I am keen to keep that group active.

So, if you could, please at least leave one of your comment after you had joined in the group.

Thanks very much.

Let us try keep those useful groups alive.

Copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

photo: pixabay

drawing: peachpurple


How to Retrieve Deleted Post

Today, I did a very stupid mistake.

I wanted to reorganize all of my posts because some of them were duplicated titles, one with contents while the other is empty.

Since both were the same titles, I wanted to delete the empty content post but I had accidentally check the published post and deleted it.


What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

– drawn by peachpurple

What happened?

While the deletion was under processed, I quickly press the back arrow button, hoping to cease the process but failed.

I started to panic!

Quickly, I sent a message to @sheridan seeking for his help in order to retrieve the deleted post because I know there are few comments left by my good readers.

Honestly, I do not wish to give them -1 point for comments that had been deleted. 

In addition, I quickly updated my profile page, explaining my blunder to the public and seek their apologies.

Finally, I sat down and think. 

I realized that there is a way to retrieve my deleted published post after all.

Where does your file goes after you had deleted it?

The recycle bin, right?

Hence, I went to WordPress dashboard to find the trash.

No doubt, my published post was still there.

Here is how you could retrieve your deleted post in a jiffy.

by peachpurple

by peachpurple

  • Go to” My Sites
  • Select the” Site “that you had deleted the post
  • Go to Dashboard
  • Go to “All Posts “under Posts( on your left hand side bar)


by peachpurple

by peachpurple


  • Select Trash ( Just above the post titles)
  • Check the box for the post that you wanted to retrieve



by peachpurple

by peachpurple

Select “Restore” under “Bulk Actions

Press Apply

You will noticed that your trash is empty now.

Go back to ” My Site

Select the site where the post was first located.

There it is! Your deleted post has returned!

All the contents and images are still intact.

All your friends’ comments and your replies are still intact.

Thank goodness there is a trash can in WordPress.


Hence, I had learned my lesson for today.

Think before you act.

Let me know if this post is helpful or not.

Thanks for reading!


Copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

Snapshots by peachpurple

Drawing by peachpurple

Selfie Photo for your Avatar- Not Me!



OUT is my avatar image by peachpurple

my cat is my avatar image by peachpurple


You can know the author’s characteristics and preference by looking at the avatar photo that he had used.

Judging from various avatar that I had seen, almost half of the readers used their selfie photo for the avatar.

I am a cat lover. Hence, I use OUT as my avatar image.

Some people find no reasons to hide his own selfie photo as the avatar because they are confident, assured and believed there is nothing wrong to show friends, strangers who they are.

If your selfie photo is presentable, beautiful, handsome or just plainly You are what You are, no problem with uploading it as the avatar image.

The other half don’t, just like me, used nature photos or favorite pet as the main focus.

Different people have their own reasons and purposes.

I prefer not to use my own selfie photo because I was advised from doing so.



  • Prefer to be anonymous
  • Do not wish friends or family members to recognize me
  • The public will know you on the streets but you don’t know them
  • Afraid to be stalked by strangers. ( Paranoid?)
  • Keep profile confidential and low profile as possible.
  • Do not disclose original location, name to the public for safety purpose


Using idols photos, legal or not?

Anyway, do you noticed that there are a huge number of writers used actors, actress,  Kpop idols and anime characters as their avatar photos?

I would like to know, it is legal or illegal to use these copyright photos?

Are they violating any rules by uploading the photos for their avatar image?

Why do you use these idols images?

I could not think of other reasons besides that these actor/ actress / idols and anime photos  could be the writers favorite character.

They must have adored them very much and would like to attract viewers to drop by their  profile page and get them to read their latest articles.

Some people might had used these photos which may mislead readers thinking that this  writer posted articles related to these idols.

However, do not get me wrong.

I do not disagree or agree about using actor/ actress / idols and anime photos on the avatar as I still see many newbies do still used them without having any problems with  their accounts suspended or any problems with their payments.

Do you use your selfie photo as your avatar image?

Copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

Photo by peachpurple

Wikinut New Decision

I had been writing for Wikinut since 2012.

It was heart devastated for me to receive the recent news from Wikinut in my incoming message box.



Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

No more earning at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

The Breaking Point

Wikinut has finally been going through a hard time as other sites; Writedge, Daily Two Cents and Squidoo did.

These writing online sites could not afford to continue to let the show goes on when they are facing financial problems.

The main reason is MONEY, other reasons are sub excuses to make the whole issue sounded  very critical and pitiful.

With effect from 10/Dec/2015, Wikinut had ceased the revenue share for new pages, views and writers activities. That is their new decision.

In other words, all writers will NOT BE PAID from now onwards.

New pages and old pages found at Wikinut will be viewed as FREE and the writers do not earn a single cent.

Every pages submitted will be done as free will , no obligation.

Wikinut had suddenly became a “Free Authors Community” where the revenue share program had been ceased.



Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

No more payment- drawn  by peachpurple


For those writers with out standing balance of pound 5, they will be paid by Wikinut as promised.

However, if your balance is less than pound 5, then you can consider your balance is wasted, will not be paid to you.

I have a few cents in my account balance, considered the money as a donation to Wikinut.

They will making the final payment on 10/Jan/2016 which is fair and square to all writers.




What can I do now? drawn by peachpurple


What can the existing writers do now?


  1. Carry on writing and posting pages as always but bear in mind that you are doing this in good will. Do not expect to be paid by Wikinut.
  2. Stop posting but keep your old pages here. Allow readers to read your pages which may link to your blogs or website. You may create external traffic at Wikinut too.
  3. Stop participating Wikinut. Stop writing, reading. Backup all your existing pages and delete them. Either close your account or leave it there just in case you may return one day.



Salute to the Moderators

Although it is sad to see Wikinut as a non paying writing site, I must SALUTE to all the hardworking moderators.

They had been working hard to answer assorted question, reading all pending pages before publishing them and rejected the non comply to the rules pages.

Steve Kinsman and Mark Gordon Brown had been my best moderator during my stay at Wikinut.

They had given me a lot of encouragements to write better pages.

They had provided me a lot of tips to revamp my pages to be the STAR PAGE.

a Star Page is considered a good page with rich contents to be featured at the main page.

My pages had been there quite often.

Whenever I had problems, I seek for their help by posting messages to them.

No doubt, they would reply to me in the next day without fail.

Instead the  original founder (Andrew) and technical lead (Sam) were not active at all which was really disappointing and a let down.



I will backup all my pages at Wikinut and remove the good, quality pages from there.

I will retain the not well received pages and retain my account.

I will visit Wikinut once a month to read my favourite writers’ pages that I had been following.

Last but not least, I wish Wikinut the best and don’t give up easily.

Don’t close the site, please.


Share – Don’t Copy. 

Copyright 2015 peachpurple All Rights Reserved.

Please do not copy and paste these photos and my original drawings in this article elsewhere without written permission from me. Thank you.


Tips to reach 150points at Blogjob Daily




Blogjob is a great site for every writer to invest time and effort to earn points and redeem cash through paypal.

Each newbie daily point limits per day is 150 points.

After you had reached 150 points, whatever tasks done after the daily limit, you will not be entitle any further additional points.

I had read some newbies posted questions at Blogjob Forums on how to earn 150 points but some newbies are not familiar with the rules to earn points here.

Hence, I decided to write this blog to answer every newbie questions.

You can earn 150 points daily, achieving your daily goal with simple steps.

Blogjob Points to earn

  • Every time you log in = 2 points per day, regardless how many times you log out and log in again, it is considered once.
  • Update your wall = 1 point, you can update 10 times per day.
  • Like other writers’ wall=  1 point,  you can like different writers’ wall 5 times per day.
  • Upload your latest avatar (your picture on your profile page) = 1 point, 2 times per week.
  • Each new Comment on blogs= 1 point, 25 times per day.
  • Each group Comment= 1 point , 25 times per day
  • Each Forum comment = 1 point each, 10 times per day.
  • Each Forum Reply = 1 point, 25 times per day.
  • New Blog post with minimum 300 words, = 50 points, up to 3 blogs to reach maximum daily limit 150 points.

Hence in order to reach your daily goal , you could follow these steps that I had implemented daily:

  1. Write 2 blogs per day. Remember to write at least 300 words per blog and use either your own images or free to use images from pixabay.  50 points x 2 = 100 points
  2.  Log in = 2 points
  3. Forum comments. 1 point x 10 = 10 points
  4. Group comment. 1 point x 10 = 10 points
  5. Blog comment. 1 point x 10 = 10 points
  6. Like other writers wall . 1 point x 5 = 5 points
  7. Forum comments . 1 point  x 5 = 5 points 
  8. Forum replies. 1 point x 5 = 5 points
  9. Update your own wall . 1 point x 3 = 3 points

Total up= 150 points, your maximum points limit per day.

If you are lazy to write 2 blogs, you could write 1 blog which you earn 50 points and use the other 50 points commenting on forums, blogs and replies.

That could sum up the same points without much headaches.


Copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

original drawn by peachpurple ( DO NOT use my drawing elsewhere!)

photo taken by peachpurple



Favorite Blogjob Topics


A writer who writes almost 70% of his articles related to a particular topic shows that he is passionate in that category than any other topic.

Sharing your specialize interest at Blogjob generate a huge viewership where the readers have the similar interest too.


So, what is your favorite Blogjob topic ?

What category do you prefer to read?


My favorites

I have top 3 favorites are:

  • Recipes
  • Kids and Parenting tips
  • How to save or increase Traffic and money related blogs

Passion in Asian recipes

Being a fulltime homemaker, I am keen in learning new recipes which I have not cook or bake before.

Learning from the professional could help me to improve my culinary skill but I prefer those with the accurate ingredient measurements and step by step pictures for me to understand better.


Hence, I look for simpler recipes which I don`t have to figure out how the whole cooking/baking process works even without the step by step pictures. I love to read Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesian style recipes that feature spicy sauces or paste which are unique and exquisite.


Passion in Kids and Parenting Tips

Next, I love to read kids related articles. Being parents is an easy peasy task at all.

I have a college teen and school age kid problems like anyone else.

Reading these Blogjob blogs related to kids, teens and parenting tips helped me to improve myself and solve my kids problems.

It is killing 2 birds with one stone.

Gain more knowledge and get rid of the sickening problems.

Some of the tips provided are practical, wise words to enlighten my backwards opinion , parents that shared their successful parenting skills gave me confidence to implement them without fear.


Another interesting topic I love to read is anything related to:

  • How to increase traffic
  • How to increase earnings
  • How to save money
  • Redeem at what time or day is appropriate


I am still learning from experienced Blogjob writers for their tips and advises how to solve the problems I had faced.


In the past, I used to write 8-9 post per day at other sites in order to increase my daily earning.

It is time-consuming and drained out my energy by the end of the day.

After I had read several useful blogs written by  &rapidblue and &kimdalessandro, related to earning money online issues and saving money which I had been seeking for.

They had enlightened me to use some of their methods which had worked out well at the moment.

My current strategy

Currently, , I write 2 blogs per day, spend more time interacting with other Blogjob members.

After posting 2 blogs, I spend most of my time participating Groups, Forums and reading other writers’ blogs which are my cup of tea.

Some may work out well while some don` t show any improvement at all.

Anyway, it is great to learn new stuff from these wonderful Blogjob writers blogs.

Reading diligently instead of a quick browse do make a huge difference. 

You won` miss out the important points.


What are the topics that catches your attention immediately?

What topic that puts you off ?

Copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

original drawn by peachpurple ( DO NOT use my drawing elsewhere!)

photo taken by peachpurple


Writedge Paid Me But That Is The End

I was surprised to check my Paypal account balance when there was an extra cash.

It turned out to be paid by Writedge.

I was taken aback at first because Writedge minimum payout was USD$5 but I had received USD$3.52 instead.

Anyway, I was glad to be paid. Initially, I thought that I could never see the payout for the rest of my life.

However, that is the end of it. No more payments from Writedge anymore.



What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

What really happened to BMN? – drawn by peachpurple

I surf the net, looking for answers.

I found that Writedge and Daily Two Cents had decided to apply a new pay model  immediately with effect from 1st October 2015. Both sites had became Revenue Share sites.

 In other words, Writedge and DTC will not be paying us in future as both writers and authors had to depend on the readers clicks of the ads in order to earn money.

So, for those who does not have any Adsense account , you can still use Amazon links  in your posts to earn money.

Otherwise, you have to apply for Adsense. You need to have 50 posts published to get Adsense approval. It is a good thing that I had Adsense way back 8 years ago.


Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Earning money with Adsense, drawn  peachpurple

How to earn money with Adsense?

After you had obtained your Adsense ID and password, create your own Adsense ads unit.

You can the the step by step instructions in the Adsense site.

All you need to do is copy the HTML code of the ads you had created and paste into Writedge -Advertising section.


What are the reasons behind the decision?

Someone said that the two sisters had been running out of cash , which is another case of Bubblwes and Beer Money nation. All of them said that they had been paying writers out of their own pockets.

I don’t know whether the news is accurate or not, but I must say that I am glad that Writedge and DTC did not close down their sites as the other 2 “B” did.


I did went to have a look at Writedge today. There are some faithful writers still posting their daily articles there. I am sure that both sisters sites will stay on as long as the writers don’t give up n them yet.

I will write maybe once a month because my articles do not perform well at Writedge.

What about you?

Do you write for Writedge or Daily Two Cents?

Are you planning to pull your brakes now?

Please share your thoughts.

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drawing originally drawn by peachpurple