Beware of Chatabout-Stay Away From It !


I have long heard about this site called “ Chatabout”

It is an online community site where you can earn online by writing short posts,

commenting and  participating offers, surveys, watching videos to achieve points.


I had read a few positive and negative reviews about Chatabout.

Most people were awarded with points , managed to claim their rewards but nobody had mentioned  about being kicked off without notification on the 2nd day.


Upon registration under my friend’s referral, I was awarded 500 points immediately.

I was happy and started to leave comments, follow other writers, participating

surveys, listening to radio,  watching videos to obtain the points.


Writing posts, require 48 hours of access, which means I couldn’t have my posts

published on my profile page.

That is allright with me as long I can carry on commenting and getting my points



By the second day, I had accumulated 550 points.

By the third day, I couldn’t log in with my username and password.

I  thought; it that maybe I had remembered wrong password.

Hence, I click onto “forget password” to obtain the new password.

To my dismay, the message appeared “ this email address doesn’t not exist”

I tried to log in again my email address and password, it says

“ Having trouble to access  email address”



Gosh, this is terrible.

Quickly, I send 2 emails to the admin using “contact” and waited.

Until today, I didn’t receive any messsages and my account is still not accessable.

I tried to register again which I did succcessfully.

Started to comment and write short posts again.



However on the same day, I tried to log in again,

Same problem.

I give up!

This is the 2nd attempt I had tried to register at Chatabout but this site is a scam.

It cheated on my points, deleting my account without any reasons at all.

I have not even had my post published yet.

At least, the admin should give me one good reason for kicking me out of this site TWICE!


So, DO STAY AWAY from Chatabout if you have not register yet.


In addition, my good friend at Blogjob also advised me to forget about this site.

He too had his account deleted for no reason either!

This article is posted based on my experience and opinion.

copyright allright reserved and photo by peachpurple


Peachpurple is a homemaker, writes for Hubpages, Wikinut, Persona Paper


  1. I didn’t find it to be a scam, but I ended up getting a virus from one of the games I downloaded from there. Then they reduced points that we get for various things. Some people were just about to cash out and then they found out they needed double the points to do it after they changed their point system.

  2. I have already joined the site quite long time ago but not working on it at all. I have heard both positive and negative comments about chatabout, I just went there and took a look two months ago.

    I am doing fine there, and got paid five times so far. I also heard from someone who have got paid a few times, but just suddenly couldn’t login again. There are also many members who get paid all the time consistently. I am not sure when my luck will be gone, I just enjoy spending time as I can. 🙂

    • They do that whenever the member is going to redeem or too fast to reach redemption. Check your post you have published there. I bet it´s still there but they got rid of your name on it.

  3. I was once a member there until one day I couldn´t logged in and I did what you did, too. Then I checked my published posts and they were and still are there but they got rid of my name but my featured photos said it all. The photos have my copyright name on them. So I say, CHATABOUT IS A SCAM SITE. BEWARE!!! Sorry that you have experienced that too Peachy.

  4. They’re not a scam, but they have a lot of rules that people break without knowing. I’ve been a member of Chatabout for a long time and I’ve never had a problem with them.

    Although I do agree that it isn’t fair to punish people for violating rules that are not listed in the FAQs or Rules page.

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